Love was there that i couldn't see

Love was there that i couldn't see

So i had a dream that i liked it,i wish i could see it again,and i thought i should write it here!U r a 16-17 years old girl,u have black wavy and really long hair and honey eyes,u live the best years of ur life right now,ur popular,successful studen,person..blah blah blah GREAT!!


Chapter 3

Not what you always think.

Ur pov
Things couldnt be better,everything is just so perfect.I have the best life,the best friends,the best boyfriend,everything-EVERYTHING!I couldnt ask for more.Sure i might live all these without my parents especialy my mother by my side,to tell her everything,how i feel,what i think or how i feel having Connor in my life,how amazing,sweet and good he is,how good he makes me feel with the things he says to me,but my life is perfect.
I wrote those things to my diary this morning,i didnt have the chance last night.
It was Friday,last day today,i was thinking while walking with the girls around.I didnt feel like talking much today,i was still tired.I doupt if Dylan and Josh will come,after having them screaming as are team was wining,and driking beers,which i doupt they did,maybe the carpet on the froor and a little the couches did.Huh,boys,boys,boys!SNAPIsabel with her fingers infront of my face brought me back.Are u ok girl?she asked.Yeah im fine,just tired from yesterday,i said.I told them i went to Dylan's to watch the game,and of course that Josh was there.(ur name),please dont get me wrong or anything but..Sarah said.I looked at her,paying attention,waiting 4 what she was about to say.I think Josh likes u,she said.I was shocked.I stoped and turned to her looking her straight to the eyes.I wasent mad just shocked.She,somehow was always right,what if she was now?What?i said.Please dont get mad i just think he likes u,it dosent mean that he does just..u know,she said.Sarah why would i get mad at u?Relax u didnt say anything bad.I thought about what i just said.Yes it could be bad and if it wasent it could GET!(ur name),i have to agree with Sarah,Isabel said,i see the way he looks at u,in class,at lunch,everywhere,she said.I was shocked.Not scared,but what if its true?Can it possibly change something?What if Connor find out,im sure as h3ll Josh would be dead.I laughed a bit.Thats a good thing with Connor,yes his jealous and yes he could kill any boy who would turn and look at me,but thats what i like about him,thats what makes me feel good,he cares,he wants me only 4 himself.(ur name)?Sarah said.Did u hear us?Yes girls i did,i said.And..?Isabel said,what r u going to do?I dont know,he-he didnt say anything or tried,so..i said.I love Connor,he is perfect,but now Josh comes in and,i dont know what i feel about him,i see him as a friend,nothing more,i whispered.I think,i said to my self.
Normal pov
So lets change the subject.Isabel said,taking r hands.OMG guys,Sarah screamed.Their is a party tomorow,and we r all invited.Whose party?u said.Ohh yeah,Isabel said,Scooter's having a party.How come we're invited?u said.He said it to everybody,so Kevin heard it and said it to me.Hey!Sarah suddenly stoped,looking at Isabel serious.How did u know?she said.Isabel blushed.Well..she started.Spit it out Izz,u said.Well Scooter came to me,and said that his having a party and that i can bring my friends with me if i want to.Is that all he said?Sarah looked mischievously at Isabel,u did the same circling her.Scooter is one of the most popular guys,he never goes personaly to a girl to say something like that,u said and look at Sarah.Spit it out Isabel,she shouted.Ok-ok he said that he really wants me to come,coz he has something important to say to me,Isabel finally spit it.OMG!!u and Sarah started screaming and jumping around from her!!People were staring with looks like they were saying ur crazy!U must go,u said,u really do,Sarah said.Ok i will,Isabel blused looking down and then.Not like i was planing not to,she said and squeak.U walked to the classes,It was kinda boring today,and lunch,u saw Connor just a little,he said he was going too.Great!!Dylan came late.He knew and he was going,so as Josh..Ughh..hope he dosent do anything weird,u thought.Is not that u dont like him,u just dont like him as he does.U think some voice said it again in ur mind.
After school
After school u disated with the girls u would stay to ur place,so u can have a girls night,to prepare ur clothes,shoes,of course nails and things GIRLS DO!.
Ur siting with the girls on ur bed talking,laughing,with the music on,Hey Isabel what do u think Scooter wants to say to u?Sarah says to teass her a bit.I dont know,she says trying to avoid the conversation that Sarah is trying to open.What-C'mon Sarah let it go,she dosent wanna talk about it,u said.Why dont u tell us what r ur plans with Kevin 2morow?U asked to teass her back.She got that and was silent for a bit.Well...she said,i dont know,i guess having a good time,she said shooting a dirty look at Isabel and u.Some things never change,Isabel said,u roll ur eyes.C'mon guys!!Sarah yelled.What about u (ur name)?Huh?What r u planing to do with Connor?she asked u knew where she was taking it.U dont plan things like that Sarah they just come by their own,planing it sucks!u said.Isabel shook her head in agreement.Sarah was silent looking starlet and like she was thinking.Yeah..i..i guess ur right,she said really quiet but u heard her.Okay guys lets stop here,Isabel said,lets just dont cause any trouble or fight,and u continued whatever u were doing b4.
Dylan's pov
I was siting in my room,listening to some music,when i thought i should call Josh.Guys like him r weird to me,i aint emo or goth or whatever he is but his a cool guy.I picked up my phone and called him.After waiting 5 seconds he picked it up.Hey man,he said.Hey dude what's up?i said.Nothing really,he said.Okay..i thought not like i was expecting him to doing something anyway.Hey man listen do u know that there is a party 2morow?i said.Yep,i heard that why?jeez do u care at all,i though again.Well r u going?Nahh..i dont know,i dont know anybody there,besides...he paused.What?i asked.Ehh..nothing i-i dont know,he said.Well u know me,im gonna go there,besides u told me at school u will,ohh and u know Kevin,Connor,Kevin's girl Sarah and Connor's (ur name),Isabel..i said.I heard him taking a deep breath.Ok ill come,ur right im sorry for saying that i know nobody,he said.No its ok i know what u meant by that,its fine,i said.It didnt bother me that he said that,i really knew what he meant and i understant him.Great dude,see ya then,i said.Later he said.We hang up.Boy is he weird,i said as i jump on my bed turning the music on again.
Josh's pov
(ur name) is going to be there,shes going to be there.Crap.This is going to be hard,i thought.What tha hell Josh,i got up shaking my head.Why,why am i thinking of this,of her,all the time?i falling for her?is that it?Im falling in love with her?I cant,i mean,she has Connor,he-he loves her,and cares for her,his perfect in her eyes, not.Actually i dont even know if i am something to her.But i cant stop,thinking of her,her beautiful smile and her amazing eyes,gosh!!I kept walking left and right in my room,so many things in my mind.I know i love her.I do,i have 2 do something about it though,try to tell her,or leave it,she has a perfect life,me geting involve is going to ruin everything.Its a risk,she might respont but..if she dosent im going to lose her as a friend too.Why am i punished like that?...

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