Love was there that i couldn't see

Love was there that i couldn't see

So i had a dream that i liked it,i wish i could see it again,and i thought i should write it here!U r a 16-17 years old girl,u have black wavy and really long hair and honey eyes,u live the best years of ur life right now,ur popular,successful studen,person..blah blah blah GREAT!!


Chapter 2


Morning 6:00
U wake up as always early,u run in the shower,sit there till u wake up,u get out,dry ur hair and brush ur teeth.U run into ur room,to pick something to wear,today u were feeling so good 4 some reason so u pick something cute/sexy!Really short blue jean shorts and a tight strapless white shirt!When u put them on ur u check really fast ur bag to see if u have everything and storm out!
On ur way to school
Is there something wrong?Ur in such a rush,u hear someone behind u,as u walking.U stop kinda scared but the voise is familiar,so familiar,u slowly turn around.OMG DYLAN!! u yell and run to hug him.He wasent expecting that so u crashed on him.WOW (ur name) haha,i never thought u would be so..happy to see me,he said hugging u back tight.Of course,aww i've mist u,u say puling back.He laughs.Dylan is ur best guy friend,u know him so many years u cant even remember.His awesome,such a nice and cool guy.How r ya?,u ask.Good yet without u not so good,i've mist u too,he said.I havent see u 4 a long time,especially with..he paused a bit,Connor around,he said.Things with Connor and him arent so good,Connor is always jealous when Dylan is around u.U laugh.Dylan u know that Connor dosent control me,or who i talk,hang out with and stuff,u said.I know but it dosent seem like that we havent talk 4 a long time,if it wasent him then what was it?,he said.He was right,it was Connors fault,u looked down.Hey c'mon (ur name) its cool,i understant,he said.Thank u,u said.C'mon lets go,he said.U walked 2gether.When u got there Sarah and Isabel ran to u.Hey Dylan!,they both said,Dylan was quiet a nice guy yet he had eyes only 4 one girl,u knew it and u always stant 4 him.Hey he said.I should go now i hope we will talk again at lunch,Sure u said and smile.Bye,he said and walked away.So what happened with Connor,they asked.I told u from the phone but everything its ok,he was just jealous-As always Isabel cut u off.Yes,u said and laughed.U walked around,talking about many things,laughing and stuff.Where is he?Sarah asked.Who?u and Isabel asked.The new guy.whats his name?Josh.Yeah,u said.Well i dont know,he must be here,around,making new friends probably,Isabel said.U all looked around.U spot him talking with someguys,one of them Dylan.Thats great u thought,his a nice guy.It was time to get in.First class:English.U were sitting close to the girls,Sarah at ur left,Isabel at ur right.Connor who is at ur class was infront of Sarah,throwing glances and smiling at u.So cute.Josh was at the back sitting close to Dylan,u think that they are doing pretty well,ur happy 4 both of them.Times goes on,u have a lot of classes with the girls,Connor and Josh with Dylan.

U sit with the girls when Dylan comes.Can i sit too?,he asks.Of course,u say.He laughs and sits down.So i see ur doing well with the new guy huh?,u ask.Yeah,Josh his a cool guy,he says.Ohh wait can i bring him here,he asks.Sure u all say.He leaves and comes back with him.Hey,Josh says.Hi,the girls say a bit more excited that they were supposed to be.Im Josh,he says shaking hands with Isabel and Sarah.U all sit 2gether talking,geting to know him more.Till Connor with his friends come.Hey baby Connor says kissing u on ur cheek.Hey,u say.Making friends?,he asks looking at Josh and then glaring Dylan.Dylan smiles to himself and turns around.U look at him.He smiles.Can i talk with u 4 a sec?,he asks.U look at ur friends they nod so u get up and walk with Connor.Whats up?,u say.I think u know,he says.That ur acting weird and rude right now,yes i do,u say.(ur name),he says holding ur arms,im sorry ok,u always say that Connor,u always act like that,u stop him.Dont,why can u just try to be friends with Dylan,his my friend,he can be urs too.U know i cant,im just too jealous,he was always spenting more time with u at the begging,i thought he was trying to take u away from me,i hated him 4 doing that,he said.His not,even if he did u know i love U,u said.He smiles,ur right im being a total azz right now,lets go back,he said.U walk back.Can i sit with u guys?he asks kindly,they all nodd,so as Dylan with Josh.He smiles,he acts like a little kid now.U talk a bit,Connor and Dylan talk to each other too.Look man im sorry 4 being an azz,Connor said,Its ok bro i understant,i was spenting more time with (ur name),that u did and u were her bf,Dylan laughed.Connor did the same.Friends?Connor asked,friends Dylan said shaking hands with him.U were so happy,finaly ur bf and ur best guy friend are ok now.And Josh too.He was a bit silend tho,he was just looking around and looking at u!

At the end
Ur walking home,when someone calls ur name behind u.U turn around and see Dylan and Josh walking up.Hey guys,u said.Where r u going?At my place,to sit and watch the game tonight,Dylan says.Great,teams?u ask.(ur fav team) and (another one),Josh says.Im glad 4 u,u said.(ur name),im glad 4 u too,finaly ur stubborn bf stoped hating me,Dylan said,Yeah,u laughed.Would u like to come?he asked.Sure,u said.Awesome kk come at 6:30,he said.Kk see ya guys.Bye they said and walked away.U walked to ur house.U saw ur parents car outside,OMG they r back,u said and run.Ur father is a pilot and ur mother a flight attendant,they r always away,so u pretty much have the house by ur own,ur mother opens the door.(ur name)!she screams and hugs u.Mother,u hug her tight,u dad comes too.Dad,u say and hug him too,he kisses ur 4head,my girl,he says.How r ya?u say.Good,honey u?good mom,r u staying?No honey,we have to go again soon,ur dad says.Come,u walk in talk,eat,u do ur homework,and its time 4 them to go again.Why so soon,i dont understant,u say.Its ur job honey,we will come back soon i promise,ur mother says.U kiss them they take some bags and leave.U run upstairs to take a shower.After the shower,u wear some comfortable clothes and go.U knock on Dylans door,he opens the door,(ur name),come in,he says,his really happy ur here.U walk in.In the living room,he says.U go in,Josh is there sitting on the couch.Hey (ur name),he says.Hi Josh.I'll go bring somethings b4 it starts,Dylan says.U sit nxt to Josh.Whats ur fav team?u ask,(teams name).Mine too!,u said.Dylan comes in,with potato chips and beers.U laugh.He sets them down,opens the bags,few beers and u have a wonderfull night!

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