Love was there that i couldn't see

Love was there that i couldn't see

So i had a dream that i liked it,i wish i could see it again,and i thought i should write it here!U r a 16-17 years old girl,u have black wavy and really long hair and honey eyes,u live the best years of ur life right now,ur popular,successful studen,person..blah blah blah GREAT!!


Chapter 1

The new kid

''Sarah''! i screamed as a saw my best friend.(ur name)!Hi! she screamed too geting up from her chair,runing towards me.Last night we talked to the phone and said to meet at the mall.So here we are at the mall,its 9:47 am.She waited for me at the cafeteria.(ur name),u are late,again!,she said rolling her eyes.I know,i know,im sorry,i couldnt get up,i slept at 12 o'clock last night,i was reading!!,u said feeling kinda quilty.Reading?why?schools are closed today! she said looking curious.I know that but u know me,i always do,i wanna be good,u said.Ok lets go then,she said happy taking your hand and puling you.She dragged u to her table.Want anything? she asked.No im ok,lets go girl what are we waiting for? u yelled.Right,she said leaving the money on the table,taking her coffee and her bag.So u walked around the mall,looking the stores,talking,laughing everything a girl does with her best friend(s) when their out!U were walking around for 4 hours,it was 1:23 pm! Wow,u said exhausted,Lets go sit somewhere.Yeah,lets go to a restaurant to eat something,what do u say? she asked looking hopefully u will say yes.Someones hungry! you said grinning.Starving! she said,duhh we are walking for,she stopped and looked at her watch,4 hours! she shouted.OK lets go! u said laughing while she dragged u in to ur favourite restaurant!U
wanted to sit close to the window but suddenly u felt her hand to ur wrist.U turned around and looked at her,she was kinda sad now.Sarah whats wrong? u asked worried.Can we go sit somewhere-far from everyone actually,she said in a low tone.Yes of course,u said.You sat in a corner,far from everybody.Sarah,is something wrong?,u asked coz you were worried.She was so happy,dragging u around,throwing u clothes to try on and all of the sudden she just stopped talking,smiling she frowned.(ur name),i didnt tell anything earlier coz i didnt want u to worry about me,she said looking down at her hands.Whats wrong baby?tell me,u said u really want to know.Its Kevin,we-we broke up yesterday,she said looking so sad.What?how?why?what happened? u said shocked,everything was fine Kevin,Sarah's boyfriend is such a good guy and he really loves her there is no way he did that,u thought.I dont know what happened,he just changed so much since last time u saw him he became,cold and distanced u know,i asked him whats wrong and he said that he wanted to break up with me,then he said he wanted some time to think and...she start crying now.Ohh hun im so sorry,u said geting up and siting close to her,huging her.She turned to u,buried her face to ur chest and cried more.You caressed her hair and let her cry a bid more.She stopped and pulled away laughing now.She wiped away her tears.Its ok now,she said blusing.You're ok? u said.Yeah she said sobbing a bit and then she smiled.U went to ur seat and gave her a napkin smiling.B***rd,im gonna make u pay for this she mumbled shaking her hand while taking the paper.She unfold it and then looked at u,u were just staring ready to laugh.She burst out laughing first tho.Lets order now ok?u said.Yep still starving here! she said.So u guys order,talked till the food came and continue talking for hours.U let the money on the table again and went to her car.U put your bags back,sat in and left.U put some music on loud and start singing and having fun in the car on ur way home.U went to her house it was about 3:57 pm.U ran into her room took off the stuff u bought and start trying them on,u put music again and start dancing,singing you felt like little girls again!U were happy that you made her feel better and forget what happened with Kevin.When u sat down,tired u put ur favourite movie on,pop corn and relaxed on her bed.You talked some more,laughed did other things too till it was 7:50.Then u were siting in the living room when the door bell rang.Who is it you both ask each other.U both got up and went to the door.Who is it?Sarah asked.Its-its Kevin,the person behind the door said.Kev-she said,her eyes wide open.What do u want?she said tenced up.Sarah i need to talk to u please open,he said.She opened the door just a little.Sarah,he said coming closer please let me talk to u.Ok she said what?U hit her arm.Ok come in,she said opening the door all the way now.He walked in.Hi,he said,Hey u said back.Sarah closed the door and turned to him,he stood there looking at her with his shoulders up and his hands in his pockets.Sarah...he sorry he said,she turned her head.Please hear me out would ya?Ok she said.Umm guys u stopped them why dont u go to the living room talk in peace u know ill go to the kitchen leave u 2 along if u need anything..u said.Ok they both said.They went in the living room,sat down,u went in the kitchen put a glass of juice and tried to listen.U couldnt hear much so u just drank ur juice and leaned on the counder in the middle of the kitchen.After what seemed like hours u heard giggles.Hmm maybe their together now and their having fun! u thought.Wait! u thought again frightened i cant get out of here.The only door is the door in-tha-you stopped,ur eyes wide open now.Living room,u said.U start laughing a bit with inappropriate ideas in ur mind.(ur name)! u can come in now Sarah shouted.OK u said you need anything?you asked.A con-Kevin said but was stoped by Sarah.Kevin!!??She said.What? he laughed.U walked in and saw them huging each other happy.Awww so cute,u said.They laughed looked each other and kissed.U smiled seen ur friend happy and look at the time 11:30 pm.Guys i got to go u said.Ok bye! they both said still kissing.U took ur stuff and left.U walked back home.U opened the door,opened the lights,sat ur bag down and went to ur room.U let your bags down and took some towels to take a shower.U took a nice,hot,long shower and when u came out u put on a very ligh pink t-shirt and black shorts.U dry your hair and went downstairs.U were kinda hungry so u took some fruits to eat.U sat on the couch,took the plate on your lap and ate some.You opened the TV,looking for something to see b4 go 2 sleep.There was nothing really.You sighed and got up.You went to the kitchen,put the plate in the fridge and closed the lights.You went upstairs into ur room and turned on the little light on the nightstand.You lie on the bed when..shiznick!!!u say.You got up and went 2 the bathroom to brush ur teeth,remove ur make-up and stuff.When u finished u returned to ur room and lie down again,set ur alarm clock,turned off the light and zzZZzzZZzzZZ...

Morning around 6:00 ur pov
Driiiiiiiing,driiiiiiiiiing!!! AGHHHH!!! what tha? i said as i looked around.Huhh omg i have to get up!I have to take a shower and check my books b4 leaving! i said in panic as i got up runing around to take some towels and go to the shower.I was runing silly so i can be ready on time,but..i always do that i have so much time and yet i panic!So stupid,i thought.

Normal pov
U ran in the shower,thankfully the water was warm and sat there till u felt like ur awake.You got out,wrap yourself in a towel and your hair and went to ur bedroom to pick up an outfit.You choose a skinny blue jean with a white strapless shirt that went down to ur lower back,black panties and the right bra!You put them on and went to the bathroom again,dry ur hair good,u put make-up on,eye liner,pensil,maskara,everything so perfect!You ran into ur room again to put on your shoes.You took ur bag,checked if u have everything right and ran down the stairs.H3ll no! u say,shiznick i cant find my frikkin phone!You look everywhere for it.You ran to the hall to go upstairs.A-ha! there u r u litlle..u say.How stupid,right infront of me on the nightstant and i didn't see it.Gosh!!u say and ran down again.You take ur keys and left.The school was a few blocks away so u walked everyday.Is good anyway.(ur name)!u see Sarah waving at u.Hey!u say cheerfully as u walk to her.OMG OMG OMG (ur name)!,i have to tell u about last night!H3ll yeah u do,ill die if u dont,u say as ur holding her arms to keep her on the groung,She was jumping,up and down,up and down,up and down!What happened?u ask.Well first we r 2gether again,i know that i saw u last night and i heard Kevin!,u say.She blushes.2th he told me why he brock up with me and i understant him.Why?u ask.He..well u know already he has problems with his parents and stuff,they kept fighting and fighting and he was mad,he didn't want to hurt me,or tell me he thought that i would get scared,hurt and stuff so thats why he left,he then realized that he cant live without me,that he made a mistake and he kept begging me all night for forgivness!Was sx the sorry?u say laughing.Yes,i punished him!she says proud.How? u look at her curious.Teehee i didn't let him finish!!!! A-HA u b***!Haha i know,she says happy,udk why!Well hey i got news,she says,what kind of news?u ask,we have a new boy at school!she says excited.Why r u so excited about it,u got Kevin back,let the other girls pass,u say softly pushing her to pass.Hey u got Connor! I know but im curious.So am i,she says,lets go see.Ur walking to the halls,a lot of people r talking about this new guy,for some reason most of them r girls.As ur walking some emo girls pushed u,runing.Hey Lizza come,come!His so hot!one girl said.Lets go quick!the other girl,that u guess is Lizza.What tha?Sarah said,he must be...nice.Yeah guess so,u say.HEY!(un name),Sarah,someone yelled.You turn around.Isabel!!u say happy.Hey girls,she said as she came to u.U hugged each other.How r u?u ask.Great u?Great.OMG (ur name).Sarah there is...A new guy here we know,u and Sarah say in unison.Yeah and his so hot! Isabel says,u must see him!she takes ur hands and drags u in the halls fast.You stopted outside from schools principal office.They were a lot of girls.What tha h3ll?Whos this guy?u say annoyed.B4 Isabel can anwser u feel big,warm arms arpound ur waist and someone buried his head to ur sholder.Hey babe,a deep male voice said.You look at Isabel and Sarah who both stare kinda shocked up.You turn around and see ur bf Connor.Hey,u say and smile at him.What r u doing here?Waiting to see the emo girls romeo?he said.What?u say.Tha new guy.Ohh yeah,u say.Bad girl,he says taking ur face in his hands and kissing u.Not my fault they drag me here,u say pointing at Isabel and Sarah.They turn around whistling,who,us?No-no-no,they said.Connor looked at u.Yes they did,u said giving them an evil smile.Connor glared at them,they ran off.Hey Sarah,he yelled.She tourned around,good thing that ur leaving,Kevin wouldn't be happy if he knew,ohh and congrats for yesterday,now i have to look at Kevins whimpering face all day.Shut up Connor,Sarah said and hit his arm.He laughted.Connor was a football player,like a tower nxt to u and pretty much everyone.He is like twice the size of u.Not to dark brown hair,and amazing green eyes.Lets go babe,unless u want to see that dude,he said kinda annoyed.No-no,u said.Alright,he smiled,put his arm around you and start walking.You were in the midle of the hall when suddenly,girls stop talking,screaming,giggling and walked away to their lockers.Finally,Connor said,u 2 turned around.Their were still people walking aroung,some whispers saying "his out,his out"You looked curious to see who tha h3ll was that guy every girl was talking about.You couldn't see for a moment but then...then u did.It was a boy with black short hair.An emo boy,he had black eye shadow all around his eyes,beautiful crystal clear blue eyes.He was tall,very tall like Connor,maybe a bit more,he was wearing a tight black t-shirt and of course AGAIN black skinny jeans and converse,he was hot!Kinda pale skin,and he was built too even though skinier that Connor.He was way more built that him.He kept walking,everyone was staring.Idiots!,stop its not nice.When he came close to u and Connor he looked at Connor first and then u.His beautiful crystal clear blue eyes right through urs.He left.What tha?Connor said.Hey dude did u see that guy?Some of his friends asked.Yeeaahh.Who tha h3ll is he?We dont know,he didn't say a word,and in the office we could barely hear his voice,they kept talking.See u later,u said to Connor.Kk see ya hun,he said.U walked to ur locker,put ur stuff in and took what u need.First class Chemistry,ewww.U walked a bit to find Sarah and Isabel.You did.OMG (ur name) did u see him?,they asked.Yeah,u said,he past right infront of me.UGHH such a cutie!Sarah said.Yeah well lets go guys,class is starting,u said.Right,thay said.You were with Isabel in the class 2gether,close to each other.Then u notice the new guy walking in.Omg,Isabel squeaked,holding ur hand so tight it was like she was ready to break it.Uhh Izz?u said looking at her.Ohh sorry dear,she said caressing your hand while she gave u a huge smile.You like him dont you?u said to tease her.No,i only like his eyes look at them,u kept talking as he was talking with the teacher.Your right,u said.Then u saw him walking were u were,u looked to ur right and saw that the chair was empty.Shiznick!u thought.Ohh I like him?Isabel said to tease u.Shut up!,u said.He came and sat nxt to u.Clumsily.Boys u though.Talk to him,Isabel said.What?u said nervous,c'mon his new he dosent know anyone here.Ok,u said.You looked at the teacher,she was busy writing symbols on the board.You turned to him,hi!,u said nervous.He looked at u,hi,he said back.Whats ur name?u asked,u felt like a total kid,stupid,u thought.Josh,he said,his voice was deep,kinda like Connors.Nice to meet u Josh im (ur name),u said giving ur hand,he shake it,nice to meet u too.So whe-Ms (ur last name)! please be quiet,Ms Greene said,u looked at her and nod.Josh looked at the board.You turned a bit just to look at him with ur right eye,he did the same.He start chuckling a bit,so did u.Ehum..Ms Greene cleard her throat.You both stoped.You turned to Isabel.So?she whispered.Later,u said.

So,what happened,what did he say?Isabel asked.Who said what?Sarah said.The new guy,Isabel replied.HUH,did u talk to him?Sarah asked u.She did,Isabel said.Nothing really he just told me his name,i tried to talk to him more but Ms.Greene yelled.Whats his name?they both asked.Josh,u said.Nice,Sarah said puting on a rpeface.Sarah!! knock it off ur scaring me,Isabel said.Awww so cute!,u said.She smiled sweetly back to u.Where is he now?Sarah said looking around.Sarah,hey Kevin said coming close to u guys.Hey Kevin,Sarah said geting up to hug him.Hey guys,he said to u and Isabel.Hi!u replied (wow that was boring)So..he said puting his hands in his pockets.You told everybody!Sarah suddenly yelled so loud everyone around turned to look at ur table.'Bout what?Kevin said trying to look like he didn't know.Ughhh Kevin!she said.It was like she was ready to burst.Like smoke was ready to come out of her ears.Shi*t u whispered to Isabel.U were just looking each other starlet,with wide eyes.Ok,ok sorry babe,really sorry but u know that it-it-it was..he couldn't even talk,he was scared Sarah was so angry,u've never seen her like that!IT WAS WHAT? she shouted.Sarah,girl relax,u and Isabel tried to calm her down,c'mon relax.Relax?everybody will say that im a b....h right now!she said,No they dont babe i dare them to say that,Kevin said coming slowly closer.She made a sad face,Aww hunny come here,Kevin said opening his arms to hug her.U wanted to laugh so much,she was like a baby.U start chungling very slow and u turn around u couldn't watch anymore.Then u saw Josh coming in sitting alone.Maybe i should talk to him.I mean his along,he knows nobody.I'll be his friend if he wants and i'll help him find more,he seems like a nice guy,u thought.U walked there and u stand infont of him.He was looking down,his hair covering his eyes.He looked up.U smiled,hey u said.Hey (ur name),he said.Their was an akward silence,u just looked each other.Umm can take a seat?u say laughing a bit.Ohh yeah sorry,he said laughing too.Its ok,u say sitting down.So i think we were about to start a conversation b4 Ms.Greene yelled at me.Yeah i think we were.Wher did u come from?I mean i've never seen u around here b4 i think.No im from around here,do u know the school that is not too far but not too close either from (ur town,neighborhood whatever u like)?Yeah i do,huh ur from there?u ask surprised.Yeah,he says smiling.Idk i-i dont remember seen u,even though i know kids from that school,u say.I think i might saw u once with some girls there,he said.Maybe!u say smiling.U keep talking a bit more,his a really nice guy,he might seem dark,loner and stuff but his ok!

At the end
Its time to go home finally.(ur name)!Sarah yells runing to catch u.So whats up?Whats up what ?u say.With Josh.U were talking all the time with him,Connor didn't and i dont think he does like it,she said.Well 1st if Connor has a problem he should come and say it in my face,to me,u say pointing at ur self,not sending my friends.2th we were just talking,he is actually from that school at (ur town,neighborhood),and his a nice guy.3rd...where tha h3ll is Connor?u say looking around.Behind ya.Sarah says.Ur eyes go wide,u turn around,he has his arms crossed and his eyebrow rased.He has such an annoying smile right now.In ur face?he asks.Yeah in my face,u say puting ur hands to ur waist.He grins.Come ill take ya home.B-shhh he says and takes ur bag.U smile.U go to his car,as a gentleman he opens the door for u,he goes to his side gets in and shuts the door.U look each other.(ur name),i..i dont have a problem with u or him i..Then?u stop him.Why did u sent Sarah to tell me what u should personally come say.He roles his eyes.I didn't finish.As i said i dont have a problem with u or him i was just jealous ok,i didn't see u,and when i did u were busy talking to him,laughing and stuff how couldn't i?he says looking sad and a bit apologizing.Sorry but u know his new as i was once,i know how it is knowing nobody,and i just wanted,know him better his ok and his from (ur towns, neighborhoods school)!u say.He smiles.Its ok i should say sorry,he says caressing your cheek,ur so kind and u always want to help people,he kisses u sweetly.He puls away and u both smile.Lets go.To the way home,ur both silent,holding each other hands.Outside from ur house,b4 u get out of the car,he kisses u passionately.I love u,he says.I love u too Connor,u say.U give him one more little kiss just to tease him and u get out.U walk to ur door,his still waiting for u to go inside.U turn to him and wave senting him a kiss too.He smiles and drives away.U leave ur bag to eat something,after u do,u do ur home work,talk to the phone with Sarah and Isabel u do whatever u want.

U brush ur teeth,brush ur hair,u put on ur bj's and go to ur room.WOW what a day! u say.I met a new guy,his hot but stop (ur name) u have a bf the best bf in the world,u think and giggle,he told me he was jealous so cute...breaths.U had a msg on ur phone right then,u take it.From mah boy Connor.Its says "goodnight love".Goodnight baby,u write back.U close ur phone and go to sleep.

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