Harry Potter - The Lovely Bones

My name is Ginny Weasley, I was fourteen when I was murdered. My family has the pieces to solve my murder, but they can't put them together. I live in the in-between, thinking my life/death is amazing, but I'm still haunted by my murderer. It's been three years, no one knows where I am, or whether I'm alive. But a new friend, an old friend comes into the story. There is hope for me, but danger for her.

Chapter 1

My death

"Hey mom, look at me!" I whirled around on my broom and shot the quaffle. It zoomed right passed Ron, my brother. My mom clapped. "Nice!" Ron complemented. "Your turning into a real Weasley." He put his arm around me. Ron was fifteen, I'm the youngest. Was the youngest, that would be Ron now. "Two weeks till we go back to school, what do you think, ready for your fourth year?" I nodded my head, yes. "Well, just to let you know, it was the worst year of my life." Ron said as we were walking back to the house. "Why? Cause Hermione didn't go to the ball with you?" I teased. "Oh stut up." He shoved me. I pushed him back. "Get inside you two" Mom yelled at us, trying to break-up a fight that hadn't even started yet.

We went in the house where my whole family was preparing for dinner. "How'd she do?" Fred asked. "Quite well. Quite well." Ron told him. "Ready for the Gryffindor quidditch team?" "I think so. I might need a little more practice." I was unsure. "What are you trying out for Gin?" Bill asked "Chaser" "Like my dad." Harry joined in. "Hi Harry" I waved awkwardly. "Hey" was all he said. "Listen, Ron," He turned away from me, barely aknowlaging that I was there. My face fell. "I got a letter from Hermione just now. She wanted me to ask you if you wanted to meet up with her in Diagon Alley." He and Ron ran up to Ron's room. I helped mom shuck corn, when i was peeling off the husk quite slowly, mom came up to me. "He's cute," I looked up at her, have no idea what she was talking about. "I hope he likes you as much as you him-" "Mom." I said in a hoarse whisper, warning her to shut up about my crush on Harry. "It's fine Ginny, I'm not making fun of you." She gave me a quick wink and walked away. She made her way over to the twins, then started disscussing something with them.

Hermione said that if I wanted Harry to notice me, I'd treat him like a normal person and not to act like the crazy fangirl that I am. I smelt the roast beef that was in the pot. It smelled amazing. I not only smelled meat, but onions, and garlic, maybe even some rosemary. Not many like the smell of garlic but I do. I helped the twins set the table, I had to make sure it was perfect. When no one was looking I picked up Ron's plate and licked it then set it back down. Mom put the food on the table. "Boys, dinner" she called upstairs. I heard heavy footsteps come running down the stairs for the only reason that they live, food. It's typical teenage boy behavior, trust me I would know.

Dinner was a very noisy affair. I couldn't even get a word in. Everyone was in their own conversation. Mom and dad about Percy's new job in Egypt. Harry and Ron about Hermione's letter. Fred and George about their last year at Hogwarts, what they were going to do, and how they would tourture the teachers. Bill was talking to his new girlfriend, Fluer Delacore. She nearly spilled her food on herself, but Bill caught her plate before it happened. She looked at him lovingly and tucked a piece of his ginger hair behind his ear. I stuck out my tounge slightly as I dipped my bread in the beef broth, not because thier love was gross, but because Fluer wasn't eactly my favorite person in the world. She's rude, but not knowingly. I know that she doesn't do it on purpose but it's still insulting. She told me that my hair was to straight, and too red. She's dating a ginger! I told her to get used to it, she got annoyed and walked away.

While I was washing the dishes, I overheard Ron ask Harry, "So, what are you going to do about Cho?" "I dunno. I might ask her out. Show my trure Gryffindor." "Well you better. You've liked her for how long now?" I couldn't hear them anymore, their voices were muffled by the sound of running water, coming from the sink. I rinced the sudds off the plate and attempted a drying spell. I ended up cracking the plate insted. I threw the two shards in the garbage and grabbed my cloak. I couldn't find where mom went, so i grabbed a piece of paper and parchment.
I wrote:

Going for a walk, see you in an hour.

That's all, my last words. I stepped out the door, and the wind instantly caught my face. It blew my hair behind me. The cool breeze felt nice as I walked across the yard, through the tall wheat grass and cat tails. I didn't want to risk hearing any more about Harry and Cho. It's Cho all the time with him now. Cho, Cho, Cho, he never shuts up about her and I'm getting irritated with it. So is Hermione, she wrote me that she's all he talks about in his letters. He is one love sick little puppy.

I tired my brain of Harry as I walked down the dirt road. I came near to a slanted, round little tower house. I hadn't realized that I walked this far to the Lovegood's home. There was many people about a half-mile outside of his house. "The fair." I said to myself. "Ahh, Ginny!" A voice startled me, I peered over my left shoulder. "Oh. Hi, Mr. Lovegood." I said joyfully, thanking that it was someone I knew. "Your Luna's friend right?" He approched me. I nodded. "Your the Weasley girl." He waved his finger at me. "Yes, sir." I answered delightfully. I've always liked Luna, this man couldn't be much different since he raised her. His expression changed, "Would you like to come in?" he stepped aside to show me the door. "Luna would be so happy to see you." He kept his hands close to his chest while talking. "Sure."

I followed him to the house, the door creaked loudly, he lead me to a chair and gave me a cup of tea. "While your waiting my dear." He smiled oddly. "Oh, thank you." I took the steaming cup gladly. The hot tea felt good on my top lip. "Luna is just upstairs." With that he slowly took off up the stairs, watching me every step. That was fairly strange, but so was Luna. Maybe they don't get a lot of company? I wondered. I sat in that little chair for a while, then remembered what Luna had told me. "I'm going to my aunt's house for the entire summer. We're going to try and find the nargles. I won't get get back until the day before we get on the train."

Why did he take me here if Luna wasn't here? I began to fear the worst. Then I suddenly found something over my head. I could see through it, but I couldn't breathe. Someone was trying to smother me with a plastic bag. I elbowed them in the stomach, they released their grip long anough for me to pull the bag of myself and jump out of the chair. But they gripped the back of my shirt and pulled me to the ground. Mr. Lovegood was trying to kill me. That's why he told me to come in the house, he wanted to kill me. I rolled onto my side as a crowbar nearly smashed in my sckull. I screamed as I ran, I was almost to the door when his hands grabbed me again. I was thrown into the stairs. I took of up the stairs, when the baceball bat hit the back of my head it only hurt me for a second, it would hurt my family for a lifetime.

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