WTF?That's someting that doesn't happen everyday.(Harry Potter story)

My best friend and I wrote this and when we came up with a story line we were a bit hypo so it's kinda weird.It's a Harry Potter story about two muggles that find Hogwarts.

Chapter 3

Alan Rickman??!!

by: Teagzi
"Teagz I need a towel!!!"
"Shut up Mikayla!"
"But I'm coooold!"
"Ohmigods shut up!"

We had just gone through a magical portal and all Mikayla could think about was how cold she was, while I was worrying.How did we get here?And how the Hell are we meant to get back?What the frick is this place?Those are all questions I need to know the answer to.Another thing about me is I don't like not knowing stuff ever, it annoys me.

A familer voice cut off my thoughts"Well at least Sybill managed to predict something that acutually happen." I screamed and turned quickly at the same time as Mikayla.

A thin man with sallow skin and a large, hooked nose was standing behind(well now in front I guess)us. He had shoulder-length, greasy black hair which framed his face in curtains. His cold, black eyes resembled dark tunnels, ohmygods it's Alan Rickman!!

Mikayla's mouth had dropped and she was staring at Alan and I elbowed her in the face causing her to snap back to reality."Ohmygod Alan can I have your autograph?!!?!!"she screamed, I slapped my forehead, she sure can play it cool.

Alan looked confused but chose to ignore Mikayla"Follow me."he said sounding exactly like he did as Snape(eeep!) and walk through a big set of doors and into the creepy castle.Lagging behind a bit with Mikayla I said"He's hiding his age well he doesn't look 65 more like 40 haha." all she could say back was "mhmm."stars struck much?

We were led to an ugly statue of a gargoyle and Alan said something to it and the statue moved revaling stairs and I finally worked out where we are, Alan Rickman, the creepy castle, the lake, the statue,"Oh my f-ing god Mikayla!We're at Hogwarts!!!!And-and-and your not Alan Rickman!!Your Snape as in Severus Snape!!!The half blood prince!Sev!Snivellus!!Ohmigod I love you!I knew everyone could trust you!By the way you are way better than Potter just sayin-"It was Mikayla's turn to shut me up, I would have keep babbling if she hadn't cupped her hand over my mouth.

I looked down, totally embarassed."Professer Dumbledore is up there waiting for you, he will explain everything."Snape said and he conjured up two black(pfft black how did everyone know that) towels and left."Alright, let's go."Mikayla said removing her hand from my mouth and taking my hand."I just met Snape, ohmygod I just met snape."I said in a dazed voice as I walked up the stairs.

We stepped into a large circular room with many windows and portraits of old headmasters and headmistresses and a number of spindly tables with delicate looking silver instruments, as well as a massive collection of books.Dumbledore was sitting behind his desk wearing crimson-red robes and half-moon spectacles.Oh my gosh he's alive!

"Good evening girls take a seat, you two are muggles, born in the year 1996 and are currently 15 years of age correct?"He asked, Mikayla looked towards me for what to do and I was sitting wide-eyed staring at the greatest wizard of all time.Mikayla sighed, realizing I was going to be of no use and nodded in confirmation.

"Just as I thought."Dumbledore continued,"A few weeks ago Professer Trelawney subconsciously prophecised that two girls would arrive at the castle soaking wet and from a different time already aware of the wizarding world to help Harry Potter defeat Lord Voldermort."

"Excuse me sir but when you say different time...?"Mikayla asked."It is, at this point in time, the Summer of 1996."Dumbledore answered.It's the year I was born!I did some quick thinking and said something for the first time"So sir are you saying right now is Harry's 6th year and the year that you well um die?"I instantly regreted the last part discussing some ones death was not something I enjoy.

"Yes, Harry and the other students in his year shall be begining there sixith year at the end of the summer, tonight I am going to the Dursely's to collect Harry and take him to the burrow."Dumbledore obviously didn't want to talk about his death either,"I am sure you two will have many questions, so ask away."

"Have you seen the movies or read the books that are in our time?"
"No, I would quite like to but I have not yet mastered the ability of time travel and I doubt i ever will."

"Were you aware that when you were portrayed by Michael Gambon he went for a sort of bohemian look, including a fez-like tasselled hat along with long and flowing robes that seem to have subtle Indian/Arabian type influences and what are your feelings on that?I thought it looked pretty good."Dumbledore chuckled when I hit Mikayla for saying that.I don't think he cares how the actor portraying him dresses.

"When and how are we meant to get back to our time?"
"That I am not quite sure about, I am afraid the prediction said you will be able to return when the Lord Voldermort is defeated and I am assuming that you will go back the way you came, speaking of that how did you two get here?"
I turned to Mikayla,"Well we were camping in the summer of 2011 and Mikayla and I went swimming in a river and spotted this strange light in the riverbed and we swam down to look at it and ended up in the lake."Dumbledore got a thoughtful look on his face and Mikayla took advantge of the silence to ask another question.

"Can I meet Ron?"For what seemed like the millionth time today I slapped my forehead, how did I not see that coming.Before Dumbledore could even think about how to answer that I cut in;"What are we meant to do until Voldermort dies?"
"I think it would be best if we put you into the care of Mrs. Weasley,"I could see Mikayla mouth 'Yes!',"for the time being, as Mr Potter will be there as well as Miss Weasley who is the same age as you."

"And back to the whole helping Harry thing; what are two muggles who can bearly even defend themselves from other muggles, supposed to do to help defeat one of the most powerful wizards of all time."I asked.
"Well that you shall have to work out for yourselves."He said smiling."Oh and it might be best if the other students are not aware of how much you know about them."I blushed at that, I practically spend all day on my computer stalking them.

Man this is going to be great, if I die my mum's going to be p^ssed.

"Sir could we go to the library?It's sort of been my dream since I heard of hogwarts."I said.

After we left Dumbledore's office Mikayla and I dried off and were given purple wizards robes(!!!)to wear.

The Library was amazing!It contains tens of thousands of books on thousands of shelves no wonder Hermione spent some much time here!I sat at one of the many study tables and grabbed a pile of random books to flick through while Mikayla played with her hair.

"What are you doing?We are in massive wizards library and your playing with your hair!"I wasted my time by saying as she wasn't even listening to me.

"Do you think Ron minds younger girls?It's not like our age difference is miles apart he's only a year older.He's only gone out with Lavender and Hermione and that's not even happened yet-ohh maybe I could steal Lav-Lavs idea and kiss him after he wins the quidditch match or something."
"Kayla you haven't been born yet and he's almost seventeen and your saying it's not miles apart!And do you want Hermione to hate you?"I snapped back, why must she love Ron!
"Your just jealous that the boy you love will never like you because your a muggle!"
"No!!"and I hit her with the large book I was reading(it was a book on dragons eeeeep!!!).
"Jealooous."she said with a patronizing smile on her face."Fvck up and don't come crying to me when Hermione hates your guts!"I said hitting her again.

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