WTF?That's someting that doesn't happen everyday.(Harry Potter story)

My best friend and I wrote this and when we came up with a story line we were a bit hypo so it's kinda weird.It's a Harry Potter story about two muggles that find Hogwarts.

Chapter 2

Do you know who doesn't like being told what to do?Me.

by: Teagzi
Mum telling us to stay out the river was the worst thing she could have done.When I was younger she took me to the park and she told me not to go on the big slide and the second she turned around I did and broke my wrist,smart right?

Anyways, the second our families had disapeared into the trees I turned to Mikayla and screamed"SWIMMING TIME!!!!"

Once changed into bikini's we waddled out knee deep into the water."Frick it's cold!"Mikayla said."Then go under it'll get warmer."I said
"Yes!!!!!!!!"most our fights end in someone ending up being pushed, this time it was Mikayla.She fell under the water screaming and when she jumped out she started spitting."What are you doing?"I asked trying not to laugh,"I swallowed a bug."she answer still spitting and I cracked up laughing and she pushed me over and then had a water fight.

I swam down stream a bit to look for a spot where we could dive and spotted a weird light on the riverbed."Kayla!Come check this out!"I had to shout her name four times before she swam over."Ohh it's pwetty!"She said staring at the light"Wanna go find out what it is?"I asked taking a deep breath and diving down without waiting for her.

"It didn't look this deep from the top."I thought to myself still swimming down, I flicked my head around for a second Mikayla was still following me and I could see the top.Runnning out of air I swam faster and suddenly popped up at the top, hold up a second I don't remember turning over.

Mikayla popped up gasping for breath"How did we get here?"She asked looking around, we were in the middle of a freaking lake!How did that happen."Look over there,"I said pointing"I think that is the is the edge."

The water was freezing and we were really far away from the edge, this is going to take a while.We kicked along at a slow but steady past and finally made it.I rubbed water off my face and looked around up ahead was a castle.

"What the frig is going on?"Mikayla sounds confused and so was I."Looks like we aren't in Kanas anymore,"I said trying to quote the wizard of Oz"We'll head towards the castle thing up there."I decided in my usual role of decision maker "Yeah sure Teagz we'll just skip happily up to the creepy castle that we got to through a magic portal in the lake." I hate it when she doesn't listen "Do you see anywhere else we can go?"I snapped"Come on!"

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