WTF?That's someting that doesn't happen everyday.(Harry Potter story)

My best friend and I wrote this and when we came up with a story line we were a bit hypo so it's kinda weird.It's a Harry Potter story about two muggles that find Hogwarts.

Chapter 10


by: Teagzi
“Agggh!” I screamed slamming the door. Damn! I thought my mum back in my whatever it is was bad.

It became clear that she was definitely not my mother straight away. Mikayla think’s she died and gone to hell. I think we are in another dimension…

My ‘mum’ is a total cow, we get in fights over everything. It started off fine, she was grumpy and anti-social and gave Mikayla and I some money to buy clothes and other things we needed. I got reminded of how crappy fashion was back now. Then mu-- I mean Mel, took us to her small and cute house.

“There is your room, put your stuff there and come down to the lounge, down those stairs.” she ordered and then swang her hips all the way down a hall.

I glanced at Mikayla and went inside our room. I was expecting dead bodies and snakes but it was just an ordinary room with pale purple walls and two beds.

Mikayla dumped her bags, “Melanie is scary…”
“I know, well let’s go find the scary witch.” I said back.
“Don’t worry, she won’t hurt us, I think. She just seems like a rude meenie that is meen.”

We found the stairs Melanie was talking about and climbed down. Same as our room I was expecting it to be scary, but it was just a tiny little basement living room. Melanie was sitting on a small table across from a cat. That poor little thing must be horrified, he was kinda cute too. I want to pat that kitty!

I ran to it and got glared at before I could even get my hand close enough. So I frowned and sat on the ground next to Mikayla.

Cue awkward silence.

“Soo…. Dumbledore said you would explain…” Mikayla said attempting to break the silence and that staring contest that had started between me and Melanie.
“Well, for starters, I doubt you are my daughter, ginger, so that means plain brown hair with freckles is Teagan. Do you know how boring you look? Something must be wrong with me for letting you go anywhere look so.. Natural and childlike.”

“Umm.. Okay..” was all I could manage.
“Hey! Don’t say that, prat!” Mikayla said, outraged, “Teagz is amazing looking! We don’t all drown our faces in make up!”

Melanie stayed calm, “Whatever, do you want to know what’s happening or not?”

Blank face on me, and a scowl on Mikayla.

“Teagan, I’m a witch, making you one or a squib, but you’ve shown magical ability so, duh. Dumbledore said it would be best for you to go to Hogwarts when it starts up again. You won’t be taking classes with everyone or anything, but since you have a big “ cue air-quotes and a voice dripping with sarcasm, “part in stopping you-know-who, apparently you need to learn anyways.” Melanie’s voice annoys me, except for that whole British accent thing, that part was cool, “The muggle will be staying with me while you’re gone.”

I had had enough of her voice so I just walked off. I felt so bad for poor little Kayla….. Stuck with her for months!

Now a week had past, or something like that, the days drag on. Melanie had been trying to get me started on learning magic, while Mikayla hid in our room. Lucky duck, wish I could do that…

Melanie constantly tells me things like I am a weak witch and could never be her daughter. I swear this isn’t my mother.


Finally, it was time for me to go to platform nine and three-quarters. Worst week ever.

I pushed my trunk and Melanie’s cat (much too her annoyance, Sammie the cat prefers me, gee I wonder why) on a cart thing to the barrier in awe. The train station was grosser than I imagined! I touched everything I walked past.

I hugged Mikayla goodbye, “Hell I’m gonna miss you! Write me heaps!”
“Of course! Hopefully you’ll have more fun than I will with that.” she said glaring at Melanie.

I muttered goodbye to Melanie, hugged Mikayla one last time and ran through the barrier.

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