WTF?That's someting that doesn't happen everyday.(Harry Potter story)

My best friend and I wrote this and when we came up with a story line we were a bit hypo so it's kinda weird.It's a Harry Potter story about two muggles that find Hogwarts.

Chapter 1


by: Teagzi
I hate camping so much there are no words I can find to describe it.Sleeping in tents, the food, no showers, no computer or cell phone or anything.Atleast the weathers okay.

This stupid trip is all my best friend Mikayla's fault, last week she complained to her Dad she was bored and her Dad, Mike said'Why don't we go camping?I know Teagan's dad wants to go.' so Mike got on the phone with my Dad and now I'm stuck in the middle of the bush with mine and Mikayla's parents and Mikayla and her older brother Jake.Fuun.

Today was our second day out here and my hair is getting poofy.-_-

I was woken by an unatural brightness because of the sun shinning through the thin material of the tent.Mikayla was already awake reading Harry Potter for the millionth time.'Morning!'she said perkaly(is that even a word?If it is I butchered the spelling), it's unfair how awake she looks.I flopped back in to my pillow, making a gagging noise in reply.

Jake burst into the tent about ten minutes later exclaiming"Breakfast time!" urgh their whole family is abnormally perky, aren't seventeen year old boys meant to be sleepy and grumpy?

Mikayla flipped her long auburn hair over her shoulder and slipped gracefully out our tent, already dressed, she must have been up for ages!I looked at my watch it's only seven, my body clock is going to be messed up I shouln't be awake for another three hours.

"Stupid camping."I grumbled stumbling out after Mikayla still in cupcake pajamas.I sat on a rock by the leftovers of the fire we made last night and my Mum shoved a plate of bacon and eggs in my face, when I snatched it off here she said"Lighten up Teagan, we're having fun out here and isn't this place beautiful?"I scowled in response, it is acutualy quite pretty we set up our 'campsite' as Mike is calling it on a patch of sand, about four meters away from a river and it's surrounded by trees.

"Someones grouchy to day."Jake teased."F off Jake, like you said I'm grouchy and mum it's Teagz not Teagan, Teagan is a stupid name."

After breakfast I was in a better mood so Mikayla and I discusted or favourite topic;Harry Potter.We fall into our usual debate over which character is better, she says Ron is and I think Draco is."Teagz stop hating on Ron!!!"Mikayla whined, the idiot defending Ron. "No!He's a sexist jerk who eats to much."I said while tying my hair up and epic failing my hairs to slippy."He's better than Malfoy."she shot back.
"Yes!!!!!!!!"and she tackled me, it ends like this every time.

I jumped up and dusted myself off as my Mum came over"Girls do you want to come on a walk with us?" walking with them, ha thats going to happen."No thanks Mel, I think we'll stay here."Mikayla said and Mum looked at us with her thinking face"Okay just promise to stay out the river, I don't want you to drown." "Of course not mum we'll be fine."I said."Have a nice walk."

The harry Potter stuff is coming in the next chapter.oh and can someone tag this under more stuff plz and thank you

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