It's (Not) an Easy Life

They say I killed him, when I know for fact I did not... If only I could prove I speak the truth. But alas they found me guilty, and only one of my options allows me to live.

Chapter 1

I'm Gia, Gia Burry

by: ATJudge
"Please state your name for the Court records."
"Gia, Gia Lee-Ann Burry."
"Your age?"
"19 years old."
"And who has raised you?"
"My father, Brazell Burry."
"And what work does he do?"
"He's Commader Marrock main Chef." I looked at the Chief Laywer, who sat next to the Commander, and his Genreals.
"And your line of work?"
"I was in training to be a chef, as my father."
"Gia Burry do you understand why you're here?"
"I do." Butterflies entered my stomach
"You have been accussed of the Death of Dax Rand. How do you plea?"
I swallowed.
"Not guilty."
I could feel the people of the court, all who sat behind me, eyes burning on me. I stood, alone in the small stand, my black hair, tied behind my head in a bun. My dress showed no real poof, it wasnt good looking on me. It showed off my almost-skin and bone arms. Being in the royal dungeon for almost three months did that to my 5'5 simi-borned tan body.

The Chief nodded his head. "Let the trail began." the Commander nodded his head.I sttod there as they read off what they thought had happened that night.
Dax and I were drunk, he was walking with me down the path. We started to kiss, and it lead to things. The next morning I woke up, sober, and relized I had become un-pure. In a way to save my butt, I Killed him with the knife I kept strapped to my legs.

I listen to them, not showing any thing in my face. Then the Commander looked at me and asked
"Is this what happened?"
"No, it isnt sir."
"Then please the Court and tell us in your words what happened that night."
"If you wish, sir. It was the last night of the Moonlight Fair. I was walking back to the castle when it happened........"

The whine in my body made my mind a little hazy, as I walked home from the Moonlight Fair. A yearly Fair that came at the peak of the summer season. I had spent the night with my friends, enjoying the dancing, competitions, and circus acts. It was well, past midnight, the moon shine brightly down on me, and the dirt path. It was quit a way back to the castle, the law stated that no buildings were to be with in two miles of the castle. I suddenly got the feeling someone was behind me. I turned, and saw a dark figure, a about 5 meters behind me. I turned back, and started to walk faster, picking up my paste. The figure was still behind me, I could hear them getting closer. My heart rate stared to pick up as I started a faint jog. My fear sat in, and then I begun to run. Suddenly a body was trhown into me sending me to the dirt floor. I grunted, as I sturggled to get turned around.
"Stop it-dam it!"
I knew the voice, Dex. He was 22, and was a huge flirt with me. I always rejected him.
I could hear how drunk he was, and smell it in his breaths. I tried to kick, but he moved his legs ontop of mine. He started to pull my my dress, as I struggled to get my bounded hands to my right legs, where my knife was hidden in it's holder. I described my.....encounter with him, and how we had ended up rolling off the road and into the forest. I spent all night working to free my bounded hands. Around sunrise I was able to slip them out, I tried to run, but I tripped, and fell to the floor. That woke Dex up, he tackled me, but I was able to get my knife, and before I knew what happened I thrusted it into his chest. Then again, and again, and one last time. I was covered in blood by the time I was able to roll his body off of me. I wiped my knife off on the grass, set it back in it;s holder, and quickly made my way back to the castle. The guard went into qustions when they saw me. He body was found. I was soon taken into custody by the some guards.

As I finished my story, everyone just looked at me. I could see on the Commaders left hand four seats down sat Randy Rand, Dex's father. His eyes burned with a fire fueled by hatered.
"You shall now be judge by the Court. May you be judged fairly, and what ever the outcome may God have mercy on your soul. Let it began."
He made it sound like I was already dead.
One by one each man looked down at his papers, and then back up at me. Each one said the same word:
The Commander was the last to go though he sat in the middle. His judgement over rulled all the other men. I prayed he woudl say two words. Just as he was about to speak, and small teller boy came up to him, said domething in his ear, and then left. Behind the curtin beind where the men sat.
"Gia Burry, I find you guilty of the dealth of Dex Rand. For being found guilty, you are to be put to dealth," I gulped holding back tears as my chest rosed and fell. " The poisin tester has died, so I will offer you a chose. The Hallows or the Royal Food Tester."
I was in shock. I looked down and then brought my eyes back up.
" Only a fool would say 'no'."
The Chief spoke
"Please only use yes or no."
"I am not a fool sir. Yes, I shall take up the offer."

The crowds behind me begun to buzz.
"SLIENT!" The Commander's voice was stern, yet soft. " Gia Burry, you shall be the new royal food tester. If you fail, you shal be put to dealth. You begain your training tomorrow, with my most trusted man, Valek. My eyes moved from the Commander, his short blonde hair, and white skin, to the longer Brown haired man with a slight color in his skin.

I was lead from the War room out into one of the Castle's many halls. I followed Valek, trying to keep up. After a while he opened one of the many doors.
"This is your room. I will have a maid come check in on you, and your training starts tomorrow."
I nodded. And he left me.

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