Being in Both Worlds

Valerie Hash
Mother; Demeter
Father; Cornelius Hash, Descendant of Pharaoh Akhenaton
Step-mother; Delayni Hash
Stays at Camp Half-blood during the summers
Tanned skin
Short wavy dark brown hair

Chapter 1

Gods fighting over me....... Great.

"Oh my gods! Mom! Hurry up! Dad isnt going to wait that long to see me off! He has to leave in two hours, just pick a pair of shoes already!!" "Im trying, chica! But there are so many to choose from!" I grabbed a pair with floral designs on them. "Here. Lets go." More pain in my chest on the way to the airport. All my life thats been happening, no one knows why, so i stopped sharing it. Stopped telling them that everyday it feels like im dying. Started pretending it doesnt hurt like Tartarus. Now that im older, its just gotten worse. I think i might die any day now.
Once we got to the airport i saw my dad, impatiently tapping his foot, looking for us. When he did see us, he smiled. "How are my two beautiful girls?" "Good." We both hugged him. "Sorry we were late. Mom couldnt figure out which shoes to wear." I rolled my eyes, laughing. "Cornelius! Shes being mean again!" She sarcasticly whined. Dad just laughed, hugged mom and ruffled my hair. "God, what would i do if you two werent in my life?" I grinned up at him. "Sit around working all day." "Yup." He looked at his watch. "Speaking of work, i gotta go. Sorry i couldnt stick around to see you to the plane, honey. See you when you get back."
I nodded. "See you." He kissed my forehead and left. I looked back at mom. "See you when you get back, chica." I nodded and hugged her. Then i left for the airport. But i didnt make it there. I was halfway there when i started getting really dizzy. The pain in my chest got even more worse. Then i just blacked out.
I woke up in a dark place. Well, between two dark places. They looked almost melded together. One was the underworld i knew, with Hades and Persephone. The other had some guy who, if i looked closely, was tinted blue, a spirit and another boy. I looked around some more and saw Nico in the corner. Both boys were my age, at least, the other boy looked my age. They were all sitting around a table, except Nico, who was sulking in the corner. I wonder why... "Ah, you're awake!" I looked back over and the blue guy was smiling at me. "Awake?" "More or less."
"What? Wait........ Hades........ underworld!" I shot up from sitting on the ground. "Im dead?!?" Nico threw his hands up in the air. "Whadya know! She figured it out." Nico and i never really liked each other. His father had taken a sister of mine, and he another. Aster. You might know her. She- anyways, getting off track. "Please, Nico. Sit." He looked over at me. "You as well, Valerie." I sat between Nico and the boy. "Uhm, im sorry. But who are you guys?" I looked over at the blue guy, and boy. "Oh, im sorry, we havent met. I am Osiris, and this is Anubis."
I wracked my brain for those names. "Oh!" I clapped my hands together. "My dad studies you guys!" "Really?" I nodded. "Yeah. He researchs egyptian mythology, the stuff about death mostly. I dont exactly know what appeals him about death. Or how my mom found any appeal in him. Its just gross, and no one knows anything about it. No mortals anyways. You dont even know where you're going after you die. It all really just depends on what you did in your life. Although, i dont really like it. Its mostly my dads thing."
Nico slapped a hand over my mouth. "Would you just shut up!" I bite his hand and looked around. "So, why are they here?" I pointed to Osiris and Anubis. "They're Egyptian. Shouldnt i be in the underworld, getting judged by now?" "Well, yes. But there is a.......... conflict with you." "She died of an egyptian curse." Anubis finally spoke up. "She should die an egyptian death." "But she has been living with the greek. Under greek gods. She believes in us. Not you." "Uhm, excuse me?"
"She needs to be with her own kind!" Osiris stood up, so did Hades. "She has been with her own kind! For a very long time. Its only fitting she dies the same as them!" "Excuse-" "She has blood of the pharoahs! She needs to die with the pharoahs!" "Ph-ph-pharoahs?" Anubis looked over at me. "I think Nico and i should explain this all to you while they....... discuss." We walked away from the yelling and went outside. No surprise, outside was split as well. One had a river i didnt know in it, while the other had the dark waters of the river Nyx.
"Why do i have to be here?!?" Nico whined. I slapped the back of his head and looked over at Anubis. "So, whats happening? Why are the egyptian and greek gods fighting over me?" "Because you have both the blood of gods and of pharoahs in you." "What?" He must have been crazy. "The blood of Demeter and some old important egyptian dude runs through you, idiot." I glared at Nico. "Im not an idiot!" "What is with you two?" "I hate him." "And i hate her." "Why?"
I pointed at Nico. "He stole my sister!" "She ate the apple!" "You brought her here!" "..." "Thats what i thought!" "Sister? Im lost." I turned back to Anubis. "Well, about a year ago one of my sisters, well half-sisters really- but thats not the point. He kidnapped her-" "I did not! I saved her from the harpies!" I hit the back of Nicos head. "Dont interupt me. Anyways, and took her down to the underworld while she was picking flowers- which is really ironic because thats how Hades took my other sister, Persephone, who is sitting in there.Anyways, she took a bite of an apple and now she has to go down there every night." "Ok, then." "Anyways, why are they fighting over me? And what the Tartarus was that curse they were talking about?" "Well...."

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