Confessions of Love-A George Weasley love story: Chapter 8

Finally, we get to our purple hair chapter that was meant to b wrote a very..very very....very long time ago

Chapter 1


I sat with Lee in the common room. "I'll be right back," I told him, "operation 'Purple Hair' is on the go." I slowly snuk out of the room and checked for any sign of Fred and George in their dorms. I saw their shampoo sitting on top of towels on their beds. Obviously, they were going to take a shower soon. My timing was perfect. But, I had no clue where they were, so I had to move quickly. I ran across the room to their beds and popped open the lids on their shampoo. With one last glance around the room, and a listen for footsteps, and porued purple die into each of their shampoo bottles. I closed the lids and shook the bottles to get the die worked into the shampoo. I ran quickly back down the stairs and sat in a chair and pretending to b reading, right when they walked in the door. "Hey Fred, hey George," I said casually. "Where are all the Gryffindors?" Fred asked me. "I dont have a clue," I answered. I truthfully didn't, so don't say it had something to do with the shampoo. "Well we gotta go have a shower. See you in a couple minutes." George said. As he walked by me to the boys dorm, he gave me a light kiss on the cheek. They walked up the stairs and I laughed quietly to myself. I listened for the sound of showers starting, and shure enough, there it was. I looked at the fake watch on my wrist and counted down out loud, "3...2...1..." as soon as I said it, the too voices of Fred and George yelled, "BRI!!!!" I laughed and told Lee to get down to the library. As soon as Lee left the common room, 2 purple haired boys ran down the stairs from the boys dorm, with only towels wrapped around their waists. "We are sooo going to get you!" they yelled at me. i knew they were only joking, but I laughed and ran out of the common room, heading for the library. Sure enough, they chased me through Hogwarts, only wearing towels. I ran right into the library...and all - and i mean all - of Gryffindor was standing there. I hid behind a book case and a couple seconds later, Fred and George ran into the room. Everyone started laughing, including me. Fred and George flushed bright red with embarassment. I ran out from behind the bookcase and Fred and George followed. I ran all through the castle and out through the grounds. I ran past Hagrid's hut, where he was petting Buckbeak. "Hey Hagrid! Bye Hagrid!" I said to him as I jumped over a pumpkin and kept on running. "Well hey Bri!" he replyed. I was already running towards the lake. Fred and George ran past Hagrid and jumped over the same pumpkin, and continued following me. "Now what are you kids doin running around only wearin a-never mind," Hagrid said, and turned back to petting Buckbeak. I got to the lake and stopped. I could easily run back to the castle, but I wanted to stay outside were everyone, if they were watching, could see from the windows. As I debated this to myself, I turned around to see if Fred and George were getting any closer. Right when I turned around, George laughed and pushed me into the lake. I felt the ice cold water (it was quite cold.) i swam back up to the surface. as soon as my head broke to the surface, I started laughing. I swam to the edge and climbed out, soaking wet. "Gimme a hug!" I said to George. "No way!" He laughed. "Do you know how cold that water is?" "Yes, actually. I do!" We all started laughing. George used my wand for a Summoning Charm to bring him some clothes. Me and Fred turned away so he could change. Thank goodness he was behind a tree, cause anyway in the castle could have just looked ou a window and saw him. When he came out, I had started shivering from the water. George took his towel and wraped it around my shoulders. "How was that for a jog?" I asked him. "Actually, it was pretty fun. Except Fred had to use a Summoning Charm half way through the castle because he lost his towel." We all burst out laughing. "Yeah. Cho will be scarred for life..." Fred said. "Poor girl!!!" I laughed. We laughed all the way up to the common room. When we walked in, Ron and Kat were holding hands on the couch infront of the fire. "What the flib!?!?" All three of us burst out at the same time. Kat and Ron turned suddenly and blushed. "Oh my, Ickle Ronniekins is taking after his big brother Georgie, now is he?" said Fred. George slapped Fred on the shoulder. "Go away Fred, go away George." Ron said. He blushed and turned away. This was a very awkward moment. "Uh..Bri, how long until this purple die comes out?" George asked me. "About 2 weeks." I smiled. "Well we gotta go up and get..uh...dried of and changed. "Fred said. "Be right back." Fred grabed Georges arm and dragged him out of the room. Ron blushd and followed them. Why would he just leave Kat sitting there? I walked over ad sat dow beside her. "You asked him, didnt you?" I said. "Ha, yeah. He said yes right away and he smiled so much." Kat said. She was obviously happy, and I was glad to see her like this. "Im happy for you, Kat. Did you see me die Fred and George's hair purple, in the library?" I asked. "Yeah, I was there with Ron. Speaking of Ron, i'm gunna go talk to him." Kat ran out of the room. I followed Kat up to the guys dorm. Ron an Kat were siting down on a bed, holding hand again, and talking. Fred and George were looking a themselves in the mirror, obviously fussing over ther now purple hair. I laughed and went bak down to the commo room. I wuodb able to talk to them at dinner.


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