Love You? Yes. Hate You? Hell Yeah.

Amy Richard thinks she has the perfect life. She has two amazing parents and a little sister who worships her. Amy even has a boyfriend named Derby Hugh who is the star quarterback of their college football team. But from there, everything goes down hill. First she finds Derby cheating on her which causes her to take the 2 hour drive home to see her family but what she finds makes her life spin out of control. Will she find love on the way and regain her life? Only time will tell.

Chapter 1

Can It Get Worse?

"Derby! I'm back!" I yelled, slamming the door shut with my black shoe. Shifting the three brown bags of food into one arm, I turned on the lights to find a trail of flower pedals and chocolate kisses littering the hallway to Derby's bedroom. I smiled to myself thinking about how much of a hopeless romantic Derby is.

Gently I placed the grocery bags onto the counter and tip-toed silently to the closed bedroom door. I heard moans erupt from inside and a frown appeared on my face. Confused, i pushed my black hair away from my turquoise eyes and pushed the door open. I drew a sharp in take of air at the sight of Derby in bed with another girl. They didn't even notice me for they were so into their love making.

I stood partially in the doorway quietly for several minutes and not once did they stop. I thought about interrupting them and making a scene but I couldn't even handle the thought of that. So I left the room as silently as I had before and wrote a note saying we are over before I grabbed the food and left for my car.

At first i had no idea where I was going, that is until I found myself heading into the direction of my parents house. I shocked myself at the fact that I hadn't even cried yet. I didn't feel empty like my best friend said she felt like when she broke up with her boyfriend. I didn't feel sad nor was I angry. I was just me.

I laughed at myself as I pulled into my parents drive way. Immediately something felt off. Somethings wrong here.
They say curiosity killed the cat and thinking back, the quote is absolutely true.

Pounding hard on the door, I waited but got no answer. I had left the College grounds so fast that I hadn't even thought to grab my house keys. Now I'm locked out and my family isn't home.
So I tried to see if the back sliding doors were open. I highly doubted that they would be because Mom had always told us to leave it locked.
It was open.

"Mom? Dad? Faith?" I called out cautiously but I was feeling utterly stupid at the moment.
Then I started screaming as I turned the corner into the living room.


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