Close Your Eyes And Make A Wish

Chapter 1

Chapter One

It was a warm, summer day. Everyone was out of school and ready too sleep in, go swimming, play Quidditch, or anything else they would desire on their break. Draco Malfoy, on the other hand, was already up, slowly eating breakfast, hating his mother for making him get up so very early.

"Mum, why did I have to get up this early? Father said I could sleep in," Draco complained, quietly adding in a, "for once this summer."

"You don't want to waste this beautiful summer day, Draco. And besides, I'm sure you'd love to go see your friends." Narcissa said to her son, finishing up her food.

"They most likely will still be asleep, mum." Draco groaned, glancing at the clock. He finally finished his food, and leaned back in his chair.

"Draco, it's nine o' clock," Narcissa snapped, "I doubt any of them are still asleep. And if they are, it's their mother's problem, not mine. It isn't my problem if they want to be lazy."

Draco sighed. There was no use arguing with his mother. What his mother said, went, and he knew that. He was sixteen years old, going into his sixth year at the end of the summer, and he couldn't win a single fight with his mother. How pathetic, Draco thought. He slowly stood up, rubbing his tired eyes for the fifth time, and sat down on the armchair in the living room.

He started to close his eyes, hoping that maybe he could get in a nap, but before he could completely drift off into a nap, he heard his mother say from behind him, "I don't think so, Draco! You are going outside, and doing something with your friends."

Draco sighed again. This was no use. He lazily stood up and walked out the door of the manor. The bright light of the golden sun startled him at first, but as he got used to it, he actually felt more awakened. As he headed down to a small pond he remembered going to as a child, he heard a voice call out to him, "Oi! Draco! Wait!"

Draco whipped his head around too see his best friend, Blaise Zabini, chasing after him. Draco kept a blank expression, as always, and stood there, waiting for Blaise too catch up with him.

"Didn't expect you too be up so early." Blaise commented, when he finally caught up too the blonde Slytherin.

Draco nodded and said, "Mum made me get up. She didn't want me to be lazy." Draco hated to admit his mother made him do something, being the proud man he was, but Blaise was his best friend, so he understood.

Blaise nodded, understanding. The two friends walked down to the pond and sat down in the grass. Draco winced a bit, thinking of how he is going to get grass stains all over his new jeans, but Blaise didn't really seem to care about that at all.

Blaise glanced at Draco's left arm and whispered to him, knowing that even here, at the pond, where they were completely alone, they were still being watched, "Did you get it yet?"

Draco looked curiously at Blaise, trying to figure out what he was talking about. But then he caught Blaise's eye and noticed he was looking at his left arm. It could only mean he was talking about one thing. A Dark Mark. Draco nodded and said, "Got it last week, when I got my school supplies in Diagon Alley."

Blaise nodded and looked back out too the pond, and sighed. Then he looked back to Draco and said, "Do you ever wonder about what our lives will be like after we leave Hogwarts?"

Draco shook his head, and looked at his friend curiously. He never seen Blaise like this, thinking deeper. He always had a plan, but he never really thought about the future. And, Draco never thought of anything past a week from then. Then again, He never really had too. Draco then sighed and looked down, picking at the grass and said, "I already know what I'm going to do. I'm going to do my best not to be sent to Azkaban, inherit the Malfoy fortune, and marry Pansy." He made a face at the last thing on the list.

Blaise chuckled to himself when he saw the look on Draco's face when he mentioned he would marry Pansy Parkinson. Blaise then said, "Mate, if you don't like her, then why on earth are you even dating her?"

Draco shrugged and said, "Never saw the point in dumping her, and besides, her family are well respected Purebloods and father said by the time I'm sixteen I need to find a girl that is fit too marry."

Blaise rolled his eyes and said with a laugh, "Sounds just like your father. Luckily, my father couldn't care less about me. I'd take Parkinson off your hands, since I'm single, but she scares me."

Draco laughed and said, "I think Pansy scares just about everyone." Draco looked back up at the pond, and then at Blaise and said, "I just wish there were a girl that was funny, beautiful, and father approved."

Blaise shook his head and looked at Draco and said, "Sorry too break it too you mate, but there is no such thing. Trust me."

Draco nodded and sighed, "I just wish there was."

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