Ouran Host Club/ Kyoya Ootori love story

Wynter Oshogana
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Curly, Brunette, Medium length
Desciption: An American transfer student, born in Japan, moved to U.S. because her father had a buisiness transfer. Moving into first year class A at Ouran Academy High School.

Chapter 1

Meeting the Host Club

by: BiBiBaby
It was the first day of school, I had been ready, I had learned to read, write and speak fluent Japanese. I was ready for this, but now, it was just too loud, I couldn't focus on my studies. In spite of being the first day, I wanted to be ahead of the rest of my class. I found a room that looked like it would be empty, the sign read :"Music Room #3". I opened the door, and standing there, was a group of young boys.
"Well, well, we haven't even opened our doors yet, and we already have a young guest. Why hello my princess." He looked my age, his eyes were sky blue, his hair was blonde, almost golden, "My name is-"
"Tamaki Suou! Let's see, you there, with the dark hair and the little boy at your side, you must be Takashi Morinozuka, the boy is Mitskuni Hanninozuka. You two are exactly alike, I'm not sure which is which, I plan on finding out later though, but you're Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin, and you must be...Kyoya Ootori..." I pointed at last to the young man, my age, who was rapidly typing on his laptop. "My name is Wynter Oshogana, my friends call me Gani, and if you want me to like you, you will too."
"Gana-Chan!" Mitskuini called out, "Do you want to hold my Usa-Chan?" He held out a pale pink stuffed bunny, clearly hand-made and overly-loved.
"I'd love to, but I think he'd rather be with you." I said bending down, he was very short for a second year.
"Gani? Why can't I call you Wynter?" Tamaki asked, "Don't you like it? I think it's lovely." He grabbed my arm and pulled me into a close hold. I grabbed his wrist and flipped him over.
"Don't even try. I know your type, the "Kingly" character, I don't need any of your false love. It's all fake and I know it."
"Woah..Takashi did you see that? Gana-Chan flipped Tama-Chan over like he was a feather!!"
"Yeah." He said, nothing more.
"Ohh the silent type! What about you two-"
The twins were standing off to the side, they looked horribly miserable.
"Suou said we were the Mischevious, Ootori said we were Little Devils. We don't know." One hit his hand on a table and cut his finger.
"Kaoru!" Cried the one who was apparently Hikaru, I made a quick mental note of characteristics, Hikaru grabbed his brothers' hand, looked over the cut, and then kissed it tenderly, "You've got to be more careful. Next time you could get hurt far worse."
"Brotherly-Love. Hunnie must be the...boy-lolita, What about you Kyoya?"
"They call me the cool type. I must admit, it might fit."
"Well then," Looking in his eyes told me he wasn't happy, although about what I couldn't be sure, "I think I know what this is, is this a Host Club?"
"You're very clever Miss Oshogana, I wonder, where ever did you come across such intuition?"
"It is a very un-interesting story, however you might say, I am the product of excellent breeding."
Kyoya's eyes widened as if shocked by my words. He immediately stood and grabbed my arm.
"Please, tell me more about yourself. Perhaps over tea, or after next period, Wynter."
I could feel my cheeks burning bright crimson, "I- I'd like that...very much.."

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