Blood, Betrayals, and Berries ~A Foxface Story~

Blood, Betrayals, and Berries ~A Foxface Story~

This is the 74th Hunger Games from Foxface's POV. I'm writing this for Kayla (AKA Katniss), so I figured I might as well post it on here, anyway! ^_^
P.S. Comments are my life, like, no joke.
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Chapter 5

Chapter Five

“Marissa! Don’t run off like that!” Matt yelled. Hmm, well I guess Marissa was better than Finch. Maybe. Did my parents really have to name me after a freakin’ bird? I mean, it doesn’t even make sense.

Twelve, the last ones to show up, finally arrived with their pink-haired escort. Fashionably late, of course. I didn’t really pay attention as the lady up front went over the rules. I was aware of people around me moving towards stations, so I headed for weight-lifting.

I could use some muscle, anyway. I noticed Rue from Eleven was trailing me. I smirked. She probably couldn’t even pick up the ten pound weight. And I was right. I watched with an amused expression on my face as she struggled to lift the tiny weights, while Thresh was picking up people-sized weights easily. Thresh lifted up a puny one and gave it to Rue, who struggled to hold onto it.

Rue noticed me watching, holding back laughter, and her golden eyes met my brown ones. I gasped. They were exactly like Cole’s. I quickly recovered, working my face into a frown. She looked away, and I began attempting to lift a fifty pound weight.

I quickly got bored at the weights, so I went to spear throwing. Cato put one right through his dummy from fifty yards away. I shakily grabbed a spear, unsure what to do, as I’d never even touched one. Rue looked at me from where she was sitting at the edible plants station with Katniss, with the same expression I’d had on my face moments ago. I resisted the urge to stick out my tongue and chucked the spear as hard as I could. It sank into the dummy’s calf.

Well, it was better than I had hoped. I picked up another one and threw it. It barely missed. I tried one more time, and it landed in the shoulder. Pretty good, I guess. I moved onto camouflage. Twelve was there, but Peeta looked too immersed in painting himself to notice, and Katniss was busy intertwining a backpack with leaves and mud. I grabbed a lime green backpack, a handful of mud, and smeared in on my backpack.

I grabbed some leaves and vines, also. I plastered it all over my backpack. That station was too easy. I spotted shelter-making, which was bound to be of some use. Leah and Ash from Seven were there, looking thrilled to have trees to work with. I rolled my eyes and followed what the instructor was doing. Before I could finish, we were told to get lunch. I had been breezing through stations so quickly, I was done with about a third of them.

What would happen when I ran out of stations? I really didn’t feel like redoing them. Before I could stop him, Caleb sat down with me. I considered getting up and leaving – I mean, without the feelings Five nearly forced us to have, what was the point of pretending with Caleb? Then I thought. I could let him tag around in the beginning of the Games. Heck, he might even save my life.

Gruesome, I know, but who knew? He could be of some use. But God knows he wouldn’t help me unless I acted like I could at least tolerate him. So I let him sit with me.
After pointless and forced conversation, I ditched Caleb to go to archery. Now that I was awful at. I didn’t even know how to properly string a bow, forget shooting one. I became flustered and quit, moving onto sword fighting.

Swords weren’t as common in the Games as spears and such, but the Careers usually had at least one. Maybe I’d be a natural and get my hands on one. Or, at least, that was the plan. I wasn’t awful at it, but I wasn’t what one could call a “natural”.

I shrugged, let the sword fall, and went through station after station. I tore through them quickly, either deeming them unnecessary or stupid, or I simply became frustrated with them. With an attitude like that, I wouldn’t last one day in the Hunger Games.

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