Blood, Betrayals, and Berries ~A Foxface Story~

Blood, Betrayals, and Berries ~A Foxface Story~

This is the 74th Hunger Games from Foxface's POV. I'm writing this for Kayla (AKA Katniss), so I figured I might as well post it on here, anyway! ^_^
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Chapter 4

Chapter Four

My eyes flew open. For a moment I was back home, preparing Mom and Chem’s breakfast before going to see little Irabella and Cole. Caleb was nowhere to be found.

Then I remembered the previous day’s events and how, in about a week, I would be thrown into an arena full of bloodthirsty animals. What a great way to start the morning, huh? I glanced at the clock resting on my bedside. 5:30 AM. Well, I had always been an early riser. I got up, stretched out my limbs, and got dressed.
I briefly glanced at Cole’s anklet. That would be my District token, I had decided. If anyone asked where I had found it, I would say it was my father’s that I had discovered in the attic. They’d be dumb enough to buy it. Even Mom and Chem would.

Though my drawers were crammed full of the best clothing there was to offer in the Capitol, most of it was too futuristic or furry or glitzy for my taste. So I grabbed simple, light pants, and an orange shirt that brought out the flickers of orange in my hair. I didn’t feel like hunting for shoes, so I went barefoot. I could imagine Matt’s panic attack when he saw me with no shoes. I almost laughed at the thought. Almost.

I looked at the clock again. 5:45 AM. Why does time pass so slowly?! I stalked out of my room and wandered around the train. It was fairly boring, of course, but it kept me occupied until Amelia could be found stumbling around.

“Hello, Finch,” she said kindly. I grimaced at my name.
“Please, call me Rissy, Rissall, Chi, Rissa – anything but Finch!”
“I could call you Chi Chi,” she said thoughtfully. “It’s catchy and simple.” She stared at a wall behind me for a solid minute. “I think I will call you Chi Chi. . .”

Well, Amelia was a nutjob. But at least she wasn’t calling me Finch. That was an improvement, right? I left her, focusing intently on an ant moving on the floor. I bet she’d be upset when an attendant squished it.

I found James passed out in a pool of vomit. Yeah, I was not going to deal with that. I called an attendant to deal with it. He nodded and went to assist James. Well, my mentor would be absolutely no help whatsoever.

By that time, I gave up on occupying myself and curled up on the couch. I zoned out for half an hour. Maybe Amelia was rubbing off on me. I heard Matt pounding on Caleb’s door to wake him up.

“GET UP! YOU HAVE THE CHARIOTS TODAY!” Matt himself looked half asleep. We began eating without Caleb. He showed up halfway through the meal, looking completely exhausted. Probably too scared to sleep. Caleb was just a huge wimp, and everyone knew it.

Breakfast was pretty much a silent event, interrupted only by our arrival at the Capitol. I gazed out the window at the extravagant buildings and people. They had so much and we had so little. I could just imagine Cole having a reality check when he escaped to District Five.

Anyway, as soon as the train stopped, Caleb and I were carted off like animals to, as Irabella would say, “Get pretty”. Then, moments later, I was attacked by a trio of what looked like brightly colored birds.

“I’m Hera!” one of them said. She was covered in pink feathers, but what I didn’t get is that she had whiskers accompanying them. She looked like a flamingo-cat.
“Julius,” another said. He had a pointed nose, and his body had been dyed bright red, making him look like his whole body was bleeding. His teeth, too, were pointed and red, giving the impression he had just ripped somebody’s throat out. Like Enobaria, from Two did.

The last giggled. “I’m Wendy.” Her orange skin and green hair that stuck up in all directions made her look like a carrot to me. Her dirt-brown eyes reminded me of the earth. I decided to nickname her “Carrot-girl”.

I wasn’t laughing anymore when I was stark naked and they were uprooting every hair on my body. “Ow!” I yelled. “Could you make it any more painful?” I complained. Obviously, Hera could. She worked to make me as miserable as possible. While Carrot did my hair, it was Julius’s job to make my nails look, as he said, “Absolutely, positilutely gorgeous!”

My prep team sickened me. They were so frilly and shallow, sort of like Matt. Did Cole really come from a place like this? I couldn’t even imagine Cole going to parties every other day, obsessing if even one curl was out of place. But Hera, Julius, and Carrot did it, so I guess most of the other Capitol citizens did, too.

I ran my fingers through my hair as Carrot was taking a break from it. My fingers stopped short. She had cut my hair. My perfect, beautiful, long hair! It was now barely past shoulder-length, but smooth and silky. She did not have the right to cut my hair off. I held my hands over it protectively when she returned.

“Move your hands!” I shook my head fervently.
“You aren’t taking any more off,” I said.
“I wasn’t planning on it. It’s filthy. I’m moisturizing it.”
Begrudgingly, I let my hands fall into my lap and let her continue on with my hair. I gritted my teeth as the last strip of leg hair was uprooted.

“Done!” Hera announced.
“Perfect. Can I leave?” I asked impatiently.
Julius laughed. “You still have to meet your stylist, silly! You’ll love Cosmo! He works wonders!” Julius gushed. Somehow I felt that, if he made me look like my prep team did, soon there wouldn’t be a Cosmo.

But my prep team left and a horrifying man came in. His bright purple skin was embedded with diamonds, which formed odd swirly patterns all over his body. I’m pretty sure it isn’t physically possible for a human’s eyes to be orange, so they must have been surgically altered, like Cole’s golden eyes. He was wearing the tackiest clothes possible, so, complete with his red hair, it looked like a rainbow barfed all over him. He even did away with his regular, human ears, and installed furry wolf ears sprouting from the top of his curly, scarlet hair.
Not good.

I wonder what it’s really like here. If all people here always look this atrocious, I thought. Anyway, Cosmo began circling me, murmuring to himself. I tapped my foot impatiently.

“Well – I’m Cosmo. Do you go by Finch or Marissa?” I held in a groan of exasperation. How many times did I have to tell those idiots my name?!

“Neither. Call me Rissa, Rissall, Chi, et cetera.”
“Alright then. I have a feeling you’re going to look great in the outfit for your chariots!” Funny, he didn’t seem to say anything about me liking it. I took that as a bad sign.

He slipped something that felt short and familiar over my head. But what? Wait, the word short registered in my head. Great, I got one of the idiots who thought being nude was always one step ahead in fashion. At least our tributes had never been fully naked, like District Twelve had one year.

Well, great, I thought. I’m going to be in a chariot like this . . . with Caleb! I groaned internally at the thought. Cosmo was working on my now shoulder length hair, twisting it back into a messy bun that was probably all the rage right now. Then he equipped me with some odd sparkly headpiece. We were obviously going for the “What the hell?” look.

“What do you think?!” he asked, obviously excited for my answer.
“Well, I wish this was longer,” I said, tugging on the end of my outfit, some kind of sparkly coat. He frowned, and gave me a look that said, Who asked you? Um, I’m pretty sure he just did. Whatever. He shoved me out the door and I found myself in a room containing tributes, horses, and chariots.

I was one of the first ones out, and the only ones there were Penelope from Four, dressed as a . . . fisherwoman? I don’t know exactly what she was, actually. Anyway, Penelope from Four, Ash from Seven, dressed as, of course, a tree, and Thresh from Eleven. He was brandishing a scythe, dressed as some sort of farmer. All were dressed modestly, except me.

I tugged on the end of my coat, willing it to be longer. We all looked pretty bored, so I just walked over to our gray horses and stroked them absentmindedly. I was sure Irabella would be excited to see me.

“Hey.” Caleb’s voice scared me, so I jumped. He had on longer clothes than I did, thank goodness. “Nice coat,” he noted.

I scowled. “My stylist is a complete idiot. He has wolf ears. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I was reminiscing on memories from Five. Go make some friends or something,” I said harshly. He shrugged and walked off.

I looked up. Marvel and Glimmer from One were there, in shimmery outfits covered in feathers. So was Amber from Three, but she just looked around nervously. She had a light gray unitard with dials and lights all over it. Penelope’s partner, Orion, had made an appearance, and he was dressed the same as Penelope. Cooper and Grace were here, with bits of fabric haphazardly sewn into a tunic for the both of them. Rebecca and Fritz were decked out in camouflage, brandishing bows and arrows. As if they could use them. Celia from Ten was dressed as a horse or something; I couldn’t really tell. Rue had come, also, and was wearing overalls. Peeta from Twelve was in a black unitard, a fire cape, and some sort of odd headdress. Twelve’s stylists must've been decent for once.

The only ones missing were Cato and Clove from Two, Jack from Three, Jason and Theresa from Six, Leah from Seven, Hal from Ten, and Katniss from Twelve. As they arrived, Two was dressed as statues or something, and Six, as an engineer and caboose.

I inched closer to the Twelve tributes, as they were the closest, and eavesdropped. Katniss was whispering, “How do you feel? About the capes?”
Well, they were pretty dumb looking, but nowhere near as bad as mine. Peeta gritted his teeth and whispered back, “I’ll rip yours off if you do mine.” Great, they had some sort of trust system.

“Chi!” Caleb called, holding out his hand. Three was going out. I accepted it, clambering into the chariot. I saw a flash of fire from around the Twelve area, and then we were out. Maybe they would get burned alive. I didn’t have time to tug on my coat once more.

I didn’t wave. I didn’t smile. I smirked. I knew Irabella would be confused by my antics, but there were more important things now. Like getting sponsors. Caleb stood rigid by my side. I heard great cheers arise, and I looked back. Twelve’s capes were on fire.

Well, I got cheated out on my stylist for sure. We arrived in the City Square, and pretended to listen to Snow’s speech about who-knows-what. I don’t think anyone really did.

By the time we got back to the Training Center, I was drained. I didn’t even stop to hear Julius’s, Carrot’s, Hera’s, and Cosmos’s praise. I just plowed through them and collapsed onto my bed. I didn’t go to dinner. I wasn’t hungry. I could hear my prep team’s oohs and ahs as they rewatched District Twelve going through the Square. I rolled my eyes and went to sleep.

“Finch! Wake up! It’s time for training!” Matt called brightly. I went outside.
“Listen, if you don’t quit calling me Finch, I have a feeling you won’t end up an escort next year due to . . . complications.” It was a hollow threat, but I really hated my name. He gulped and nodded. I went back inside my room to get dressed.

All my motivation from two nights ago was gone. I felt tired, and I just wanted to go home. But there was still three days of training and interviews to get through before the arena. And then I had to survive that to get home. I reluctantly got dressed and saw Amelia knocking on James’s door.

“C’mon, James, it was just a nightmare!” she called, banging on his door with her fist.
“I’m not coming out until I get some liquor!” he called. Well, at least he was sober. He sounded different, though. Distraught, maybe. I realized something. He couldn’t have always been a drunk. Before the Games, he must’ve been normal. Which means he must have started drinking because of the aftermath of his Games.

I don’t remember much about James’s Games, other than his District partner was his fiancée, and they loved each other. He watched her die by the hand of the Gamemakers. They trapped her inside a cave using an avalanche of rock, causing her ultimate suffocation.

I’m pretty sure that’s when James became a killing machine. He slaughtered everyone he came upon using various means of torture and weapons. I think he even pushed one girl into a giant Venus Fly Trap. I shuddered. Amelia looked at me.

“Matt will take you down,” she said, pointing towards the elevators. Caleb and Matt were waiting for me. Matt looked impatient.

“About time. We’re nearly late!” We actually didn’t have to be down there for another fifteen minutes, but whatever floats his glamorized boat. He pushed the lobby button, and we were taken down to the training center. The tributes from One, Two, Eight, and Eleven were there. Their escorts were there, too, along with District One and Two’s mentors, anticipating their killing machines to begin training.

That’s when I saw him. Shimmer. The victor of the last year’s Games, from District One. Unable to contain my rage, I stormed up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. Glimmer and Marvel looked surprised to see me, and so did Shimmer.

“Can I help you?” he asked, obviously disgusted by what District Five had to offer.
“Allow me to introduce myself. Finch Burns. I’m sure you were, ah, acquainted with my little sister, Lo. Were you not?”

His perplexed look transformed into a wicked grin. “Of course I remember dear, sweet, little Lo. She was so much fun to kill. I still have dreams about her screaming.”

Those people disgusted me.

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