Blood, Betrayals, and Berries ~A Foxface Story~

Blood, Betrayals, and Berries ~A Foxface Story~

This is the 74th Hunger Games from Foxface's POV. I'm writing this for Kayla (AKA Katniss), so I figured I might as well post it on here, anyway! ^_^
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Chapter 3

Chapter Three

“Let’s decide upon our male tribute, shall we?” Matt said excitedly. He practically ran to the boys’ glass and dug around before announcing, “Nate Green!” A scrawny thirteen-year-old stepped up, looking nervous. Probably hoping my fiancée would volunteer. I kept my smirk on. The things they made us do in Five.

“Let’s start with the lady. Any volunteers?” Matt asked. My last ray of hope was shattered as no hands went up. I pretended to look at the very least, excited. For Irabella. And, of course, the thousands of people watching, sponsors included. “None? Alright, how about for Nate?” Matt called.

“I will!” Caleb called, his voice a little bit hoarse from the nerves.

“Excellent. You boys are always so eager to volunteer! What’s your name?”

“Caleb Monroe,” he said shakily.

“Great! Let’s welcome Caleb Monroe and Finch Burns to the 74th Hunger Games!” Well, I gotta give him credit, he sure did know how to mess up my name. I would not be known as “Finch”. Me and Caleb shook hands, and his were sweaty. I tried not to wipe it off on my blouse.

We were escorted to the Justice Building to say goodbye. Mom and Chem were first. They both lumbered in, huge grins plastered across their faces.

“Good job, little sister! Picked the year after Lo! Don’t die. Have fun!” Chem said, getting up to leave already. Mom grabbed her hand.

“Fi-Fi, listen, if you die out there like Io, I will be disappointed.” I rolled my eyes. Typical Mom.
“Yeah, I’m sure you’ll make a whole speech about it when my body comes back in a wooden box. By the way, since I won’t see you, have fun at my funeral. If I survive this, I’ll have fun at yours, okay?” I said, glaring daggers at her.

“I will. I won’t have to deal with you anymore,” Mom said coldly. So much for family love, right?

“At least I actually cared about Lo! I would’ve volunteered for her if I hadn’t been hacking up a lung in bed! But what did you and Chem do? Nothing! Stood and watched as she received her death sentence! When I came to say goodbye, you weren’t saying how much you loved her, no, you were telling her if she didn’t win, you’d beat her! Well, she’s dead! That’s the worst beating possible! So I hope you’re happy you’re youngest daughter is dead!” I yelled.

“Rissy, calm down,” Chem said.
“Get out, you two! When I win, I’ll be sure to reclaim our house and send you on the streets! Now get out!” I yelled, forcibly shoving them through the doorway.

Irabella came in, trembling.
“Why were you yelling?” she asked, eyes wide. I softened and stroked her hair.

“It was just Mom and Chem were making me mad. So how was I?” I asked.
“Amazing. The boys looked scared. You looked excited. I bet you’ll be the prettiest one. You’ll look like a princess!” she said, eyes wide. I allowed myself a light-hearted laugh.

“Thank you. Now, I won’t see you for a while. Is there something you can do for me while I’m gone?” I asked her kindly. She nodded vigorously. “Alright, good. Now, there’s a boy my age living in that old radioactive laboratory. Thing is, it isn’t harmful. I visit him everyday and talk with him. Will you keep him company while I’m gone? Maybe bring him some food if you can.”

“Of course I will, Rissy! I promise!” I smiled and ruffled her hair.
“Good. Now do me a favor and promise when you see me on the TV you’ll be a big girl. Ask the older girls there if you have any questions about it.”
“I will, Rissy!” She kissed me on the cheek and I kissed her forehead. Then I saw the last of her. I felt like curling up and crying. Defenseless little Irabella.

Someone else came, but through the small window. “Cole,” I said, standing up. He looked pained. He was urgent when he grabbed my hands.

“Rissa, listen. You have to win. You’re the smartest person I know. Just outsmart them all and you’ll win. I’ll be watching when I can.” He heard the Peacekeepers coming, so he kissed me quickly and jumped out the window.

They found me staring at the window when they walked in. They escorted me to the train station. Caleb was a complete wreck, of course. Barely keeping himself together. I adopted my smirk and waved at the cameras. Then Matt brought us inside, where James and Amelia were waiting.

Great. I got James. He was drunk this time. I didn’t pay him any attention. Instead, I walked past them all to my room and collapsed on my bed.

Irabella had to watch me die. So did Cole. Of course, Mom and Chem did, too, but I didn’t count them in the list of people I loved. I’ll bet Dad was sane.
I wept for Lo, for Irabella, for Cole, for Dad. I heard a knock on my door.
“Chi, are you alright?” Caleb’s voice called. I got up, kicked the door as hard as I could, and laid back down. He took that as a “leave me alone”.

Not long after that, Matt came to force me to come to dinner. We had to watch the Reapings. I wrote down every tribute’s name. It might give me some advantage.
In District One, a small fourteen-year-old was chosen, quickly replaced by a girl named Glimmer. I wrote her name down. The boy who was chosen, Marvel, refused volunteers.

In Two, a huge girl was chosen; her name was Lotus, but she was threatened by a girl named Clove. So Clove was District Two. Another huge boy was picked, but a boy named Cato lunged forward to volunteer.

On the District Three Reaping, a quiet girl named Amber was chosen. I marked her as “bloodbath”. Then, a smart looking kid with glasses named Jack was chosen. He might survive the Bloodbath.

Four was typical Careers. One named Penelope, the other, Orion. They both looked pretty blunt. Careers were usually all brawn, no brain.

In Five, I saw myself get picked. Then Nate. Then Caleb volunteering. I marked Caleb “Bloodbath” and myself, “Winner”. I smirked. Smirking was definitely going to get old.

Six was a similar story. While the girl, Theresa, showed some promise, Jason, the boy, looked weak. He was fourteen, she was seventeen. I marked Jason “Bloodbath” and Theresa, “Minor threat.” She’d probably make it to the third or fourth day.

Leah and Ash from Seven looked . . . strong. District Seven usually was, seeing as they all had to cut down trees. But Leah was only thirteen and Ash looked incredibly blunt, so I marked them both “Minor threat”.

Eight’s tributes were pretty pathetic. Both fifteen, the same age as me, but they were deathly thin and looked worn out from working in the district. I marked them “Bloodbath”. Cooper and Grace were going down.

In Nine, the hunting/grain district, you’d expect them to turn up with some sharp shooters. But Rebecca and Fritz were just sad. No muscle whatsoever, and they didn’t look like they knew how to handle a bow. Fritz looked pretty sneaky though, so I labeled him “Somewhat of a threat”.

Ten, cattle, was disappointing as usual. Okay, so maybe Celia and Hal knew how to kill a cow, but that was a stupid animal. They would never be able to kill a person. Plus, Hal had an injured leg. “Bloodbath” for both of them.

Eleven wasn’t as bad as you’d think. Alright, so Rue, the skinny twelve-year-old wouldn’t last two seconds, but Thresh, who was eighteen, looked like a Career. Rue was “Bloodbath” and Thresh was “Major threat.”

Twelve, who usually turned out the most disappointing tributes, actually had a decent one this year. Okay, so Peeta Mellark would be “Bloodbath”, but Katniss Everdeen, who had volunteered for her twelve-year-old sister, Primrose, looked sly enough. She was the kind who wouldn’t have an issue killing. Katniss I labeled “Major threat”. Peeta probably didn’t even know what a spear was. He looked much too nice to kill anyone. The Hunger Games is not the place for nice. Bloodbath, for sure.

I ripped the page from my notebook, folded it up, and put it in my pocket. Matt made us go to dinner then. I wasn’t very hungry at all, but that changed when I saw dozens of dishes I didn’t even know the name of. I began piling food onto my fork and shoving it into my mouth. I probably looked pretty barbaric.

I slowed down, enjoying the flavors of each dish. There were mushrooms swimming in a cream sauce, with noodles on top of them. Amelia told me it was angel hair pasta and originated in a place called Italy a long time ago. I didn’t care about the history of it, I just cared about getting more!
There were several more courses, including a cold soup that was orange. Matt said it was cantaloupe. There was a bed of lettuce with several things on top, including a delicious dressing, and lastly, a bowl of something called ice cream. The first bite was delicious. I continued, not stopping, until an aching cold in my head made me stop.

“Ow,” I said, clutching my head. Caleb was doing the same. James, who was drunk, attempted to explain but all that came out was a loud burp. Matt explained instead. “It’s called a brain freeze. It happens when you eat it too fast.”

I didn’t want to sound stupid and ask if my brain was frozen, because it obviously wasn’t, as I was still fully functioning. I was slightly more wary of the ice cream afterwards.

After dinner, I was exhausted, so I excused myself and went to my room. I changed into a fluffy nightgown and climbed under the covers. It took me five minutes to realize I couldn’t fall asleep. I sighed and retrieved the list of tributes.

Glimmer, Marvel, Cato, Clove, Penelope, Orion, Thresh, and Katniss all ran through my mind. They were probably killing machines. Alright, maybe not Katniss and Thresh, since they weren’t Careers, but Katniss had the looks of a hunter, and Thresh probably knew how to wield a knife and a spear.

Everyone else was dead. Except me. I refused to go without a fight. I was going to train my butt off, learn how to throw knives and axes and spears, and how to shoot a bow and arrow. I’d learn which plants to eat. How to scale a tree in seconds. Make myself invisible through camouflage. A slingshot might not be bad, either. I felt more motivated than I had probably in all my life.

Fellow tributes, let the 74th Hunger Games begin, I thought as I drifted to sleep.

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