Blood, Betrayals, and Berries ~A Foxface Story~

Blood, Betrayals, and Berries ~A Foxface Story~

This is the 74th Hunger Games from Foxface's POV. I'm writing this for Kayla (AKA Katniss), so I figured I might as well post it on here, anyway! ^_^
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Chapter 24

Chapter Twenty-Four

I squealed and ran towards a tree, hurriedly climbing it as Orion rushes at me. He was too heavy to climb the tree, leaving me relatively safe.

He climbed the lower boughs, getting as close as possible and proceeding to yell angrily at me. I perched myself and stared at him for a long time, just watching.
A scream pierced the air, startling me and sending me plummeting to the ground. I waited for the impact, the sharp cracking sensation, but instead felt nothing.

I cracked an eye open, and found myself on the ground. Orion leapt on top of me and took out a knife. Where’d he get that from?

He tossed it at my stomach, and I waited for the disembowelment. I looked down, and saw the knife, clearly in my body, but no blood, no guts, no gore.

I pried it out and studied it. Completely clean. That meant . . . once you’re dead, all suffering must be done. Over. Gone. Forever.

So I watched. I watched and waited. I watched Cato get ripped slowly to pieces while Peeta slowly died, too.
Clove was in torture this whole time, screaming and crying and trying to help Cato. I found out that Marvel is pretty nice, actually.

Peeta and Katniss nearly killed themselves with nightlock, then they both became victors. Peeta nearly died three more times, and Katniss nearly went insane.
Interviews came. They showed almost everything, except my suicide attempt. They showed me eating goat cheese and the roll, then disappear into the forest with the berries.
Then I was gone forever.
I watched Katniss break Peeta's heart on the train, then I got to go to Five.

I was disappointed. Cole was a wreck, and Irabella couldn’t do much to comfort him, as she was sobbing, too. Mom and Chem didn’t seem to mind once. I remained there in agony until Katniss and Peeta came on their Victory Tour.

In the Capitol, Peeta proposed. Back in Twelve, the Quarter Quell was announced, and I watched as the tributes got picked.
A few stood out. The brother and sister from One. Finnick Odair from Four and some old bag. My heart dropped as James was picked. I didn’t even pay attention to the female tribute beyond the fact that it wasn’t Amelia.

The rest was all negligible until Katniss and Haymitch were picked, and Peeta volunteered.
They all went back into the arena, and the Capitol citizens were biting their nails as the Bloodbath started. I saw Finnick Odair stab his trident through James. I knew James wouldn’t try. He didn’t want to live.

I didn’t even pay attention to him after he died. I ignored the rest of the Games, really, until Katniss pretty much blew up the arena.
She, Finnick, and Beetee were rescued. Peeta, Enobaria, and Johanna were captured by the Capitol.

They went to District Thirteen. It was havoc, chaos, to say the least. Some of the deceased quit watching. Rue and I held out. Clove spent most of her time with Cato, Glimmer sulking, but Marvel hung out with us sometimes.

Peeta, Johanna, and Annie Cresta were rescued from the Capitol, and Finnick and Annie got married. Peeta was insane.

I took a break from watching for a while and drifted into the nothingness. But the nothingness made me sick, so I resumed watching as Boggs and Finnick were killed. Then Prim. The President Coin and Snow.
Then it was over. The Capitol fell. But I was still unhappy. So I drifted back into nothingness.

I didn’t care how sick it made me. It didn’t matter. I was dead.
Years later, someone tool me out of nothingness. As I emerged, I saw a familiar face. Cole.
I said nothing, just hugged him and cried. I remained silent longer, not even Cole able to coax words out of me. More years later, a teenaged, gaunt Irabella came.

It didn’t make me feel any better. I remained silent, not drifting back into the nothingness, where so many lie, but quiet. People got concerned.
Katniss and Peeta’s children grew older. Katniss and Peeta grew older, and died on the same night, old and together. I refused to speak.
Peeta approached me and posed a question. “Why?”
I stared at him stupidly, and started speaking, before I realized no sounds were coming out. I started again. “I’m sorry. I was stupid.”

Cole hugged me and started crying. I spoke. Finally spoke. What an accomplishment.

I’ve been scarred. Scarred for good. Scarred by many things.
By hunger, by thirst, by pain, by fear, by depression, by silence, by the Games. But most of all, I think I’ve been scarred by all the blood, all the betrayals, and all those berries.
I’ll recover sometime. Just not immediately.
The End

IT’S OVER! NO! This is officially the first story I have ever finished on Quibblo, and I must say I’m surprised at how well it was received. It was started as a silly story for a friend, really. Thank you. Thank you all. So much.

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