Blood, Betrayals, and Berries ~A Foxface Story~

Blood, Betrayals, and Berries ~A Foxface Story~

This is the 74th Hunger Games from Foxface's POV. I'm writing this for Kayla (AKA Katniss), so I figured I might as well post it on here, anyway! ^_^
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Chapter 22

Chapter Twenty-Two

I was right. I definitely regretted eating all that food. I could scavenge . . . really, I couldn’t live off food I stole from Katniss and Peeta.

It was dawn, and Peeta was awake. Katniss was dead to the world. I sighed and jumped down from my hiding place, filled my dry mouth with water, and headed out.
Any sort of meat was definitely out, unless by some miracle I caught some varmint. Even then, I couldn’t cook it without Katniss hunting me down.

This sucked. I gathered some roots and berries, and ate them. They weren’t the most pleasant tasting, but they’d keep me alive. Well, maybe.

I decided I should head back. I filled my mouth with more water and headed downstream.
Five is at a huge disadvantage in the Games. Most districts – excluding the Careers and maybe Three, Six, and Eight – don’t forage for food. They get strictly controlled rations. We could add tesserae onto that, but still, we only get rations.

The only way people in Five can learn what to eat and what not to eat is to watch the Games. And really, no one likes doing that. I wondered if anyone I knew would be Reaped in the next years . . . Cole, no way. No one even knew he was alive. But Irabella . . . she still had to endure all of it, she had to be at risk for being Reaped in the future.

This sucked. All the people I loved were-
Thunk. I looked to the tree next to me, and found a crudely carved arrow. Not Katniss’s work, she had about eight more arrows.

I looked in a frenzy for my attacker, and saw a large shadow. It couldn’t be Cato, he had that sword, so that meant . . . crap. Thresh.

My legs immediately started pumping, trying to get away from that monster. How on Earth did he figure out how to make a bow and arrow that good? The arrows were flying now, and I heard Thresh pursuing me.

I am going to die today. I’ll never see Irabella or Cole again. I’ll never-
OW! A sharp point pierced my shoulder blade, but I kept running. The farther I went, the more it hurt. I was certain there was blood dripping down my back. I didn’t think it was that deep of a cut, thankfully, given that there was a huge bone blocking it. And, those weren’t too sharp.

I dug it out of my shoulder right as I came to the field with the Cornucopia. Cato and Clove weren’t in, so I figured they were out hunting. I rushed into the field on the other side, with tall grass. That was where Thresh lived. I was certain. I mean, I hadn’t seen him until now!
I hoped there weren't mutts. . .

I hurdled over what looked like a snake – probably venomous – and continued running. I didn’t know where Thresh was anymore, but I heard him.
Wait . . . was that just the blood pounding in my ears? I was winded now, and wheezing, but I forced myself to shut up to listen for Thresh. Nothing. Just to be safe, I made a wide arc and slunk around in the woods before sprinting for the cave. It looked like Katniss was making soup.
I was so not hungry.

I was startled awake by more trumpets. Not more rule changes! I was groggy, and I just wanted to sleep more.
Claudius Templesmith announced a feast, which might be useful, but not worth it. Then he went on to explain that everyone needs something, and it would be at the feast.

I was off running before he even finished. I needed something. Food. A blanket. Everyone else dead.
I had a plan, too, for exactly what I’d do. It was risky, but it was a risk I had to take.

It was hot. I was used to being cold, but now being hot was torture. Being in a sun-baked Cornucopia was like being in an oven. But I needed whatever was in my backpack. I was sure my adversaries were waiting in the forest, thinking they could be there first. But I was not going to get myself killed today. No, they could go on a suicide mission, but not me. I was too smart for that.

A table rose out, and I sprung into position. It rose into place and I darted out, grabbed a green backpack with a large five on it, and dashed into the woods.

Huh. It worked. No one dared to follow me in case their bag got stolen.
I made sure I was safely at the cave before digging into my backpack. Oh, sweet, edible food! And a blanket! I hit the jackpot!
Before I could stop myself, I ate an apple, two slices of bread, and a lump of cheese. I needed to ration it. I could be in the arena another week. But, surely someone was going to get killed today.

As soon as I thought that, a cannon fired. I didn’t care who it was. Everyone there was a worthy foe except me and Peeta. I didn't belong there.

I couldn’t stay. I was going to die. At anyone’s hands, it would be cruel and unusual. Except maybe Katniss. Maybe she would make it quick. Peeta wouldn’t even kill me, and how could I kill him, after everything he did for me?

I didn’t want death to be painful. I needed to make it quick. I looked back over the berries I gathered. I grabbed some nightlock in case. I could use it . . . right now, I could kill myself. Easy. Quick.
Like Hal. . .

I heard Katniss tearing through the woods, quickly rushing into the cave to save her Peeta. Nasty.
Anyway, it was decided. Tomorrow, I’d be dead.

Sorry it’s short! I’ll make the next one long! That’s the fun halter, next chapter is! ^.^

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