Blood, Betrayals, and Berries ~A Foxface Story~

Blood, Betrayals, and Berries ~A Foxface Story~

This is the 74th Hunger Games from Foxface's POV. I'm writing this for Kayla (AKA Katniss), so I figured I might as well post it on here, anyway! ^_^
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Chapter 2

Chapter Two

I groaned as the light from my grubby window hit my face. Why couldn’t I stay in bed today? Could I even handle going to the Reaping? No. It would remind me too much of little twelve-year-old Lo.

I reluctantly left the warmth of my bed to put on my typical outfit. Light pants that were baggy and loose, and a plain yellow shirt. But, I fastened Cole’s anklet around my ankle securely before going downstairs. Instead of my mother, there was Caleb.

“Oh . . . hey,” I said uncertainly. He grinned.

“Not happy to see me?” Of course I wasn’t! He was the scum of the earth!

“Of course I am.” In Five, cameras in houses were common. So, naturally, many of Five’s population were excellent actors. Including me. Unfortunately, Caleb didn’t act around me. His feelings were true. My repulsed feeling was true, but not the whole lovey-dovey bit.

He chuckled lightly. I allowed my fiery hair to hang around my face as I prepared breakfast. “Where’s Mom?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Probably still asleep. Bet you anything Chem is, too.” Yeah, I bet she was. Chem, my lazy, eighteen-year-old sister, was rarely up at the crack of dawn, unlike the rest of us. I didn’t even consider Chem family, let alone human. She resembled me in every way though, unlike Lo had. Lo had been like Mom. But Chem and I, we took after dear old Dad.

You know, the one who left after Lo was born. That’s why I loathed Mom so much. She still proclaimed every day her undying love for him, even though he spat on her face shortly before he left. It was like me and Caleb, except Mom was Caleb and Dad was me. I was with Dad.

Speaking of Mom, she came down the stairs, yawning and stretching. She didn’t particularly care for her children, meaning that she was a pretty crappy mother.

“Morning, Chi.” At least she didn’t call me Finch. Caleb, however, always called me by my first name, which made me want to punch him.

“Hey, Mom. Breakfast’s ready. I’ll get Chem.” She didn’t say anything, she just sat down beside Caleb and started shoveling food into her mouth. Caleb was always trying to make a good impression on Mom, to prove his worthiness or something. Not that Mom had much of a say in who I married.

Chem technically was married, but her husband mysteriously vanished six months into their marriage. I don’t believe for a second it was an accident. So, she was childless, and living with us, until another widower could be found for her to wed.

“CHEM! GET YOUR LAZY BUTT DOWN HERE!” I yelled up the stairs.
“Fi-Fi,” Mom warned. Sure enough, Chem slapped me in the face as she lumbered down to grab her share of breakfast.

“Are you alright?” Caleb asked, rushing to my side. I rolled my eyes and didn’t answer. “What’s that?” Caleb asked, pointing to Cole’s anklet. Crap. Time for my superb acting skills to kick in.

“Irabella gave it to me in thanks for the food,” I said simply. Caleb frowned.

“I don’t understand why you help that brat. I mean, she’s got the Community Home. They’ll keep her alive.” One more reason to hate Caleb’s guts. I wanted to smack him, but, like stealing, hurting your spouse or fiancée is punishable by death. Blah, blah, blah.

“Well, the Community Home malnourishes children and only gives them the bare necessities.”

“What, so we actually have to take care of our kid?!” Caleb asked in astonishment. If it wasn’t for that stupid law, he’d be long dead. I took a deep breath. “Of course. Do you want our child to starve to death?” Caleb shrugged. “We would’ve made our contribution to Five, then we could live peacefully for the rest of our lives.” Two errors with that. One, I would never let a poor child out on the streets! And two, Caleb and I in the same house for the rest of our lives would not be peaceful in any way.

He sickened me. But I couldn’t show it. Instead, I gave a lighthearted laugh. “It would be more fun with a child.” Before he had time to protest, I bolted out to see Irabella.

I heard him sigh as I left. Irabella was out on the Community Home’s poorly kept lawn, littered with bits of trash and things.

“Rissy!” Irabella cried. I grinned.

“Hey, squirt. Long time no see, huh?”

“Mrs. Jackson said we had to get dressed up and fancy today so we could go somewhere. Where are we going?” she asked. Mrs. Jackson was the Community Home director, and an awful one. I frowned. They had to go to the Reaping, too.

“You’ll just go to the Town Square for a small celebration. Two children are singled out and celebrated and made pretty,” I said in my most soothing voice possible. They’d be killed, too, but Irabella didn’t have to know that just yet. I don’t think she’d ever witnessed a Hunger Games. Maybe small tidbits of one, without too much gore.
She giggled. “I hope I’m picked. I like looking pretty.” Her innocence sent my heart to the floor. I gave my most convincing smile possible.

“No six-year-olds are allowed. Only twelve through eighteen-year-olds,” I said sadly. Her face fell. Mrs. Jackson yelled out then.


Irabella threw me a parting look, before running inside. My insides felt like mush. I turned and slowly walked home. Thankfully, Caleb was gone.

“Fi-Fi, get ready for the Reaping,” Mom called from her room.

“Yeah, prepare to be Reaped,” Chem called from the same general direction. I rolled my eyes. They were both so stupid sometimes.

“Chem, you do realize you have a better chance of being Reaped than me, right? I thought you passed math,” I called sarcastically.

I heard her snort slightly. I ran up to my small room in the attic and looked in my somewhat puny closet. All my dresses used to be Chem’s, and they were ugly. So I grabbed a black skirt and a white blouse. I threw those on, quickly brushed my hair, and stepped into my pair of ballet flats.

“Fi-Fi, let’s go!” Mom yelled from the foot of the stairs. I sighed, looked one last time in the mirror, and headed towards the Town Square. Cole had said he would be hiding somewhere no one would find him to watch the Reaping, but I couldn’t find him. I guess he found a pretty good hiding place.

I glanced down at the anklet he had given me. I held my head up and marched to the fifteen-year-old section. I didn’t know many people, since we were forbidden to talk during class and we had seats that were spaced out during lunch, but I nodded to them. Hopefully I didn’t look as nervous as some of them did.

I observed the stage. Our mayor, Mayor Whiteside, was sitting in one chair. In another, our frilly escort, Matt Pendleton. He had electric blue hair and silver skin with sapphires embedded in his skin. It was disgusting. Then, four more seats were filled by District Five’s past victors. Our mentors this year were James and Amelia.

James could often be seen passing some spirits around with the District Eleven and Twelve victors, Chaff and . . . Hayward, maybe? It was something with an “H.” He would be of no use to anyone he was mentoring. At least he was sober this time.

Amelia was loud and cheerful, but sometimes dropped out in the middle of conversation to stare at something odd. She had won her Games through trickery. She had been beautiful, or so we’ve been told, so she used that to her advantage. The girls that year were especially weak, so she had no issue wiping them out. The boys were all brawn, but no brain. So once she had them close enough, she stabbed them with her spear, thus ending their playing time and their life. I decided she couldn’t be trusted.

Mayor Whiteside stepped up then to make his annual speech, which no one actually listened to. Basically a load of crap the Capitol forced us to listen to. Most people have it memorized by age eight. Then, he introduced Matt Pendleton. I noticed his teeth were covered in silver, making his smile brighter.

They disgusted me. Did Cole really used to live among these people? I found it extremely hard to imagine, as Cole was actually . . . normal. I hardly noticed Matt go over to the ball with the girl’s names. I’d never taken tesserae, so my name was only entered four times. Still, my chances weren’t impossible.

He pulled a piece of paper out and tauntingly waved it in front of the audience. I noticed Caleb looking at me. Freak. Matt grinned as he reached the podium.

“Congratulations to . . . Finch Burns!” Why me? Oh, why was it always me? I couldn’t look scared, though. Somewhere, Irabella was watching, excited I had been chosen to become “pretty.” Then slaughtered like an animal. Instead of letting these thoughts run through my head, I pretended I was Irabella. I was going to be made pretty.

Instead of smiling, as Irabella would’ve done, I decided to smirk. Show my competition I’m not scared. My smirk was pretty amazing, and I looked crafty and diabolical when I wore it. I went up to the stage with small, easy steps. Bursting with confidence, even though my legs felt like jelly.

I passed Chem, who was smirking, also. Glad she didn’t have to face the Games. At least I didn’t have a chance to build up false hope that she would volunteer for me.

As I reached the stage, I corrected Matt. “It’s Rissall, not Finch,” I said. I noticed Caleb looking faint. Of course. Boys were expected to volunteer if their fiancée was chosen. If they didn’t, they were regarded unworthy to marry. I noticed Irabella’s bright face, excited I had been chosen to be celebrated.

I hope she isn’t watching when I die. . . I thought.

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