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So I hate sending out these random things like "Sorry I haven't been on", so I'm putting them all here from now on.

Chapter 1

Sorry, but I have a reason!

If any of you have noticed, I haven't really been posting anything new or doing anything on here lately. I doubt you have noticed but I feel as if I've been neglecting you guys on here. I have a good reason as to why I haven't written anything or done anything on here. My reason is that I have been getting sick with something new every two weeks or so. I had the flu one week, something else three days later and so on. Right now I have no idea what I have but it makes it hard to breath and do other things, so mainly I just sleep and do homework or go on facebook in my spare time. (There's a Harry Potter role playing thing going on until the release of the 8th movie.)

I haven't really been able to think clearly nor have I had the true time to write anything out so every time I have it's turned out to be complete garbage and I was ashamed that I even wrote it.

Now, I was just starting to get better and I was going back to writing when I caught what ever I have now. Plus I have my finals coming up, which I haven't really been at school for the last month and a bit so I'm behind on some stuff. When we have finals we only go to school for two hours, write the exam and go home so I may have time to write then, but it's just gotten warm in my city, the snow melted a week and three days ago so I may just decide to spend my time outside, or if last year is any indication, I may spend it with a trip to the walk in clinic.

I wish I could tell you when I'll get back to doing anything on here, but I really can't. It all depends on how I feel and if life gets in the way. I can for sure promise all my stories to be finished during the summer time and that I'll read through every single quiz or story invite you send me, which at this point is getting up to 300 something.


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