My poems(there will be more)

I came up wit this on the top off my head as I was writting it down

Chapter 1

My new poem

by: MrsBoddy
I love the way you tell me that its going to be ok I love the
way you tell me that tommorow will be another day but no one
forgets no one forgives once your called names it never gets fixed pleasent souls seeping through miserys death looking for you that
girl who could never be found was out hurting her self while you
werent around while you had a great life she was found dead from an
overdose and a cut that was found sliced on her wrist right by her pulse dont you just feel like that girl sometimes want to get lost dieng
inside but to scared to do the deed one more little steep then your
vision would start to seep deep like a river flowing from your vains driving you insane creasing the pain the drugs making you sick people comin
to you quick Ohh know you all care you scream to them all well dammit its to late to give a damn its to late for me to hear but the voice in the back off
my heads like dont do right in the middle of everything you go back on it your brains screaming just put that knife down just dont harm your self
dont let those voices win so you frown your self concious won this time but the
next it might not survive

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