This is How I Fell...

This is How I Fell...

this is my story for IceCreamAndSprinkles story thingy. This is about my first year at Hogwarts. Hope you like it!

Chapter 1


I sighed and put down my Harry Potter book. Why couldn't it be really? Life at Hogwarts was so much better than it was here.
I was turing 11 in 3 days. I was really hope full. Maybe...
I feel so stupied! I tought. What was I thinking?
A tear ran down my face. I was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallwos. I really mean was. I had finished the book. It made me sad. So many died..
The words kept going though my head. Why did Dobby haft to die? I loved Dobby...

I went down stairs and sat at the table.
"Hey mom." I said I said sadly.
"Why so sad?" she asked.
"Oh it's nothing," I said gloomly.
I went to the fredge, and took out some bacon and though it is a frying pan. When I had finished my breakfast, I when back upstairs.
I sat at my deck and opened my notebook, with i used at a journal.

August 9th

To day i finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I was really sad to it end...
My birthday is in 3 days. I got hopeful... but all for what? I know it's not real. But I'd like to think it was. I konw what your thinking, 'Why would she think that Harry Potter could be real?' I don't. I want to think that. But I know better. Or maybe I don't... It makes me sad to think that such a wonderful place isn't real. If i have one wish, well by all what I write, I think you know. I WHAT TO GO TO HOGWARTS! I aways have. I've had dreams about it. Sometimes I'm so stupid, I'll think I hear am owl. I'm sorry for being like this, but i can't help it! I have the some name as one of the characters. Ginny. That was my name... sigh Sorry. Phone. Talk to ya latter!

I closed my notebook and ran to get the phone. I picked it up and pressed the 'talk' button.
"Hello, this is Ginny." I said.
"Oh, Ginny. Your just the person i need to talk to."
"Yes?" I said wondering why some random woman with a high pitched squeaky voice would want to talk to me.
"It's about school" She said.
Oh! I thought. I knew who it was. It was the 6th grade teacher at my school.
"I know." I said. "I haven't applied for a spot in the class."
"Yes. Now are you not going to this school any more?" she said.
"Ummm... Let me talk to my mom. I was hoping to go to--" I stop before I could say "Hogwarts".
"Were?" said the teacher.
"Nowhere." I said sadly. "Sorry. I haft to go. Bye"
"Um, Bye." she said. I hung up the phone and sighed.
How could I ever go to Hogwarts? Why ever get my hopes up? But only one word kept going though my head.


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