Interview with Organization 13 + mini fanfics

i was bored.
I dont own org 13 or kingdom hearts or zombies vs unicorns.
Some chapters will be written in story form

Chapter 1



Xemnas: Today while i am away on VERY important buisness, and since everyone is complaning about how bored they are, Sky here will be interviewing you one at a time. DON'T annoy her.
disappears into dark corrider

Sky: Hi im Sky. So, who wants to be interviewed firs-

Axel: Man! This sucks. I just wanted a arcade.

Sky: Thank you for voluntering Mr. Gravity-Defying Hair pushes everyone out of the room So what is your name?

Axel: This is boring.

Sky: Name?

Axel: sighs They call me Axel. Got it memorized?

Sky: Yes. Fav color?

Axel: Red. I miss Roxas. You're boring.

Sky: You think Im boring? I had to tie up and gag VampireRock150, just so she wouldn't come here, kidnapp Demyx, and steal Xigbar's eyepatch!

Axel: How do you know all our names? Did that really happen?

Sky: Well, she talks about you guys a lot. And it was kinda true. She MIGHT have kidnapped Demyx. Anyway, Next question! What do you think of the other organization members?

Axel: Uhh. . . Well, Xemnas is boring.

Sky: Go On.

Axel:Xigbar is a pirate, I like ninjas. Xaldin does not have a poker face, Demyx can even beat him, and Demyx is horrible at poker. Vexen is my best friend. Lex-

Sky: Hold on, Vexen, is your Friend?

Axel: Yeah, we hang out when Roxas is mad at me or on a mission.

Sky:But he's Ice. Your Fire. How does that work?

Axel: Duh, We're Fire and Ice, Got it memorized? Anyway, Lexaeus doesn't talk. Zexion is a midget, emo, bookworm. Saix is a werewolf. I am the most epic thing in the universe.Luxord is a AWESOME gambling buddy. Marluxia, she is my annoying stalker. Larxene is mean. She scares the heartless sometimes. Roxas is my best friend. He makes me feel like I have a heart again. Before him there was nothing. Kingdom hhearts is not that interesting.

Sky: Wow. You know its stuff like that create AkuRoku fans.

Axel: What?

Sky: Nevermind. What about Demyx?

Axel: Demyx? Demyx? DEMYX! laughs Demyx is the most annoying thing since dirt. Demyx is so dunb he makes Marluxia look like a genius. If stupidness was muny, Demyx would have enough to buy the universe.

Sky: I get it.

Axel: Im not finished.

Sky: To bad. Who do you hang out with the most?

Axel: Vexen, Roxas, & Luxord.

Sky: Will you help me prank Marluxia?

Axel: YES!!!!!!!!!

Sky: Okay. Now that the interview is practicaly over, I need your help.

Axel: Oh, absolutly. Of course you can have my autograph.

Sky: Not what I wanted. I want to know who I should interview next.

Axel: Vexen. And of course you want my autograph! Why wouldn't you? Here's a picture of me too.

Sky: Sorry Axel i think it would scare my little sister.

Axel: Your crazy! I would not scare your sister!

Sky: Sorry Axel, but your super tall, your hair can take out somebody's eye-

Axel: Poor Xigbar.

Sky: And you have never eaten any actual food in your life.

Axel: I do to eat. I am just fit, but not bulky like Lexaues.

Sky: You are soo skinny. Then your hips are so big.

Axel: ARE NOT!

Sky: Are to.


Sky: No she wouldn't. You look like am electrocuted, starved, beaten, giraffe.

Axel: Your mean.

Sky:Thank you

Axel: hits Sky in the shoulder

Sky: slaps Axel

Sky and Axel are now beating the fish out each other

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