These are a bunch of one shots I put together into a story, each one has a different Beatle just read the chapter title and you'll find your Beatle. Enjoy!!! :)

Chapter 3

Bus in the Middle of Germany (George)

Merseyside Liverpool 1957
Emergency room doors fluttering, slamming, cracking in my ears. I let out a moan. "Its alright Geo." She whimpered. "Sarah." I moaned, my head killing me, letting go. "Im right here Geo." She said, warm tingling taking over my hands. "I love you." I moaned, ribcage cracking inside me. I yelled in pain. "Help him!" She yelled. Before I could feel any releif I was gone, the light ensuring me releif. "George. I love you, always have and always will." Her voice said, carrying me down the hall of memories you see right before you die.
"Ill help you George. I promise." She said, hand tingling in mine. "Where are we?" I asked seeing only picture frames in a long white hall way. "Your leaving me. Lets go." She said perfectly calmly. "I dont want to leave you." I said gripping tighter. "You arent yet, silly Georgie. We have to see everything first." She giggled. "As long as I get to see it with you." I said looking around for her. "Walk Geo. Only stop when you need to." Her voice said tingling as it floated around me. "Alright." I said begining to walk. I paused at a picture frame feeling my soul leak into it. "Wow."
Merseyside Liverpool 1957 (earlier that day and past the latter)
"George!" She yelled. But I wasnt turning back. Nothing she did could get me to go back. "George!" She yelled again. Footsteps pounded on the concrete behind me and before I knew it I was tumbling forward, her clinging to my back. "Please." She begged, crying into my back. "No." I moaned. "Dont go George. You cant." She said wrapping her arms around my chest from behind. "No." I moaned again wishing she would let go so I could continue on. "Fine then you cheeky git. If you leave I wont be here when you come back." She threatened. I pried her hands off me and slowly turned around to see her tear stained face. I caressed it softly with my hand, slowly moving to intertwine our other hands, fingers knotted together for good. "Why are you leaving?" She asked holding my hand still on her face as she cried. "I love you." I said, my voice sounding more harsh and jarring than I meant it to. "And thats a reason to leave?" She asked. "I love you too much. And I'll never please you. You'll never be happy being mine." And it was the truth. Every other guy in Liverpool caught her eye ten times more than I did. Try twenty. And I couldnt take that kind of torture. Being around the person you love so incredibly and not being able to have them. "What makes you say that?" She asked forcing a pained smile. "You jeer at every guy the same way. Im no different than the next." And It was as nitty gritty as I was getting. I wasnt letting her keep me where I wasnt wanted. I let go of her and turned around to walk away. "George. Please dont go. Your too different from everyone else. George you've been me best mate since primary school and there's no one Im scared more to lose." She said gripping the back of my shirt. "You dont seem to feel that way when your drooling over Paul and John." I growled walking away. "They're just guys George. They're just friends, friends can come and go at whim. You cant go. Im not letting you." She said pulling me back to her. "Prove it." I said turning around and looking back into her hazel speckled eyes. "How?" She asked. "Can I kiss you?" I asked caressing her face again, pulling her closer every second before she could say anything. I crashed my lips into hers. Our first kiss. She stepped closer to me, her legs rubbing between mine, and tangled her long pianist fingers in my hair. Our noses knocked, teeth bumped and the kiss was broken in my failed efforts to suck on her lips. I wasnt letting our only kiss be a forgetable kiss. I pulled her close, every inch of our bodies pressed against each other, our minds saying things we didnt need to say.
'I love you.'
'I could never leave you.'
Her hands wandered down my neck to my shoulders and chest, drawing shapes and tickling me. I wanted to tell her I loved her. I wanted to scream it out to the world but I wasnt breaking our kiss, the perfect kiss. Sixteen. I'd been waiting seven years for this. My mind began to wander to all the days of being her, 'just George'. All the days of being deleriously in love with her and blaming it on being a 'raging hormonal teenage boy' with no help from Peter or Harry.
I darted my tongue into her mouth one last time, tracing her teeth before breaking the kiss, but I couldnt stop kissing her. I just kept kissing her, pecking her on the lips, nipping her anywhere that she'd let me. "George. You cant leave." She said, out of breath. "I cant now, can I?" I asked looking her in the eyes, finally able to control myself. "I wouldnt have let you." She said, kissing me softly. "Lets go home." I said sighing and walking with her, my arm around her shoulder. "George?" She asked, looking up at me with her dazzling hazel eyes that I'd fallen so deeply in love with. "Yeah?" I asked smiling in reaction to the fuzzy feeling inside me, probably from the kiss. "You taste like ciggies." She said giggling. "And how would you know what those taste like little miss?" I asked winking. She blushed, "John." I would have to talk to him about corrupting her later, but for now I was only worried about getting back home before dark. "George?" She asked again. I didnt want to talk, right now I only wanted to think about what had happened today. "Yeah?" I said anyways. "Were you really going to leave?" Her voice asked. I didnt answer. It would be my last time before going to Hamburg or my last time ever. "Do you still want to leave?" She asked grabbing my attention with her sparkling eyes. "I have to." I said as we came to a halt outside of my house. "25 Upton Street." I sighed."George?" She said going to talk again. I pulled her close and kissed her again, just to get her to stop talking. She seemed to sigh in releif. "You talk too much. Dont question, just wonder." I said smiling and breaking the kiss. "I wonder if you'd kiss me again." She said smirking. "I wonder if you'd let me." I said winking and leaning in to kiss her. "Georgie boy!" John yelled. I sighed and backed away from Sarah, tucking my hands in my pockets. "Yeah John." I say smiling and glancing over to John in the door way. "Get in here ye git." He said raucously. "Why dont we go out tonight?" Sarah said giddily. "Out?!" John yelled bounding over to us. "Paul! We're goin' out!" John yelled back to the house. I sighed. "Goin' clubbin' are we 'Arrison?" John asked shaking my shoulder. "Gear." I said holding my hand out for Sarah. "Oh... So its like that now is it?" He asked backing away from us.
The club. Nothing happened. We smoked, we drank, we danced, we sang as loudly and horribly along with Chuck Berry and Elvis as possible. John won the contest for loudest. "I think your a fab singer Georgie." Sarah said sarcastically, flipping her long dark hair over her shoulder and smirking. I wanted to kiss her forever. I didnt want to leave for Hamburg tomorrow. Not one bit but I had to, now didnt I? A slow song came on, "Go figure." I mumbled. She giggled, her cheeks flushing a beautiful shade of pink. I felt the tips of my ears get hot, "Would you dance with me?" I asked holding my hand out for her. "Nope." John said dragging her out onto the dance floor and away from me. I sighed, "Geo!" Paul yelled. I nodded and walked over to him, leather jacket sticking to my arms, heart sticking to my stomach. "Have drink, mate." Paul said shaking me raucously as I clambered onto the bar stool. I couldnt drink when the girl I was being dragged away from tomorrow just got whisked away and swept off her feet... "By John of all people." I grumbled. "What about John?" Paul asked sliding his flask to me. "He's got her." I sighed, looking over to Sarah and John. The last thing I wanter to see was John snogging Sarah. Holding her tight, snogging her in the middle of the dance floor. What did I see? The last thing I wanted to see. "Bloody 'ell!" I said getting up and walking out. "Damn it, John. You gotta snog every girl you see? Cant you just let me win one? You think Id be able to-" I was rambling to myself, wandering the streets of Liverpool filled with anger at John. "Damn it!" I yelled, kicking the wall and leaning my head against it. "George!" She yelled. "Go away." I begged, hitting my head against the calousing brick. "There you are! I went to see where you'd-" "Go back to snoggin' John would ye?" I asked looking over at her. "What?" She asked looking confused. "Ye heard me! Let 'im grope ye next time too why dont ye?" I asked infuriated that she'd play dumb with me. "You saw that?" She asked finally after tears built up in her eyes. "Yeah. Now hop to. Sure the cheeky git fancies a trip in your pants." I said starting to walk away. Break even. I begged. I didnt want to hurt inside anymore. I couldnt stand hurting like this anymore. "I didnt kiss him." She said plling on my wrist. "I saw you, you-" "He pulled me close and wouldnt let go, Geo. He kissed me! It was dead grotty too." She said pulling my wrist. "I wouldnt beleive that if I was hit by a bus dying in the middle of Germany." I said shrugging her grip and starting to walk away. "Why would I kiss 'im, Geo? Why John when I love you?" She asked as I started crossing the street. "What?" I asked looking back, paused dead in my tracks in the middle of the street. "Why would I kiss 'im when I love you?" She asked again. "You... y-you love m-me?" I asked looking around to see if anyone was around. Nope. No one. "Geo?!" She yelled. My heart was beating in my ears. "Yeah?" I asked. But I didnt hear what she said, collision knocked me to the ground the concrete hitting my head and jarring my neck. I ached everywhere. My head pounding, arm stinging, confused. "Geo?" Sarah asked, voice floating sweet and melodical. "Mm?" I ask, peeling my eyes open to see her. Hands laying on my chest, tears running down her cheeks. "Oh thank god!" She sighed, laying her forehead on my chest. "Well its not Germany but it'll do." I said lifting her face from my chest and fighting to sit up. She pulled me up and I felt the cold brick wall behind my shoulders and back, releif. She smiled finally. "Dont do that to me Geo." She threatened, a toothy grin sneaking across her face. "Can I do this to you?" I asked, pulling her in and kissing her before she could respond. Her toothy grin faded into a kiss. Noses locked onto eachothers, teeth bumping occasionally, tongues sliding across teeth, flittering, tickling, sucking. Lips, arms, legs, necks. Anywhere. I kissed her gently one last time, too out of breath for more kissing, but couldnt stop. Nothing was breaking this, tongue fluttering against hers, pulling her into my lap. Pressed against the wall, aches and pains, kisses and scars, love and hate, friends and mates, true love.
Inside me I could feel something terribly wrong from the second I stopped kissing her, although it took long enough. Splintering inside me. Killing stabbing searing pain. I yelled out in pain. "Geo! Whats wrong?" She asked in a panic. I couldnt talk the pain was spreading. I yelled out again. "George!" Someone yelled, pulling me off the wall and yanking my jacket off me. I yelled again as the pain spread to my head, the searing stabbing hot pain. "John hold Sarah." I heard Paul say. "George. Can you hear me?" He whispered. "Paul." I moaned. "Help!" I yelled as pain seared through me. "Help him Paul!" Sarah cried. "George, count with me. Lets count to thirty alright?" Paul asked. "One." "What the hell are you doing McCartney?!" John yelled. "Not now. Two George, two come on stay with me." He said as I started yelling out again. I felt the pain from the inside and knew it wasnt good. "Three." I panted, struggling to try and sit up. "No George. Stay down. John go call the ambulence, now. And take Sarah with you." Paul demanded. "Four." I yelled, the pain spreading to my legs. I squirmed under the pain, as if pressure was being put on my chest. "Tell me about her, George. Forget counting. What about her eyes?" Paul asked. I screamed, the heaviness in my chest killing me. I tried pulling my eyes open to see if he was kidding. "No George. Tell me about Sarah." He said as pain releived itself in my legs. "She's got hazel eyes," Here I felt more pain than before when I was counting. "And they sparkle in the moon light. Beautiful greens and yellows in them that..." But I was gone.
Beeping, screaming. "He's got a pulse!" Rushing around me, jostling me. I yelled out in pain, everything hurt again. "Geo! Dont take him! Let me go with him!" I heard her voice calling out to me. I yelled out in pain. "Help him! Its alright Geo, dont worry!" I heard her calling to me but I couldnt see, I couldnt feel anything other than pain. It was like everything inside me snapped and broke, crushing everything else and tearing me apart. Doors shut and a warm tingling grasped my hand. I couldnt scream anymore, my throat even hurt too much now. "If you can hear me Geo I want to tell you that everything will be alright. I love you Geo, more than anyone else." She whispered, the warm tingling on my face and chin. I was gone again. This time to the pounding in my ears, thrumming, druming, strumming, singing, humming... Music in my head.
My head lolled from one side to the next, neck aching, heart hurting. "Geo? Can you hear me?" She asked. I gasped in pain as I forced my eyes open. "Geo?" She sighed. I panted, unable to catch my breath. Heavy thickness on my chest. Panting, gasping, groping...
"... Let 'im grope ye next time..."
Releif. Light. Warmth. Cold. Wet. Dry. Stop. Go. Breathe. "Geo, breathe." She whispered. I took a shuddering breath in. "Can you hear me?" She asked. Nodding I gasped for air. "George, man. Damn it, dont scare us." John swore. "Damnit Lennon! Quit swearing, you cuss us out ye prick." Paul laughed. I smiled. Peeling open my eyes finally to see a releif. I was still panting, sweating, clothes sticking to me, but I felt no pain. Loopy beyond compare, but no pain. "Where are the picture frames?" I asked. "What picture frames, Geo?" She asked sitting at my feet. "Your picture frames? The ones where no matter when I look your there. The beautiful ones?" I said. "Geo. I love you." She said throwing her arms around me.
'I love you too Sarah.'

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