These are a bunch of one shots I put together into a story, each one has a different Beatle just read the chapter title and you'll find your Beatle. Enjoy!!! :)

Chapter 2

Forever Immortalized (Ringo)

The Cavern Club 1963
Standing off in the back of an all to big and loud crowd that was way to big for the little Cavern Club. Sweat and alcohol smelled everywhere, not to mention ciggies which went without saying. "They're The Beatles. They're fab." Jude argued. "Not really. To me their just all to gangly and clad in leather. I can get up there and sing just as well as they can." I said cockily but knew I couldnt sing for the life of me. Guitar or drums though... that was a different story. "Chick!" The guy on stage called. A thousand girls screamed for him making the already loud rumble of the club ten times louder. "With the purple and blue in your 'air!" The guy called again. I felt a thousand sets of eyes turn to me. "Yeah? What can I do ye for?" I asked turning away from Jude. "Well anything over an hour would be gear." He said winking. I felt my cheeks turn red with anger. "I wouldnt do you if my life depended on it." I said back, pushing my way to the front of the crowd, my temper getting a hold on me. "Well why'd ye ask then?" He said getting elbows from the other guys. "'Ey. Whats your name?" The drummer asked looking confident, all of them still talking into the microphones. "Get 'im Shred!" Jude called gauntly from the back of the crowd. I felt my anger simmer down some and realized that they were just kidding around. "Depends. Whats yours?" I asked leaning my chin on the floor of the stage. Everyone around giggled, chuckled, tugged at me. "Single." He said smiling and winking at me. "Nice to meet you Single but Im Taken." I said even though I wasnt. "Oh really?" He asked, blue eyes capturing me and drawing me in. I couldnt help but smile when I glanced at them. "Nope, but you'll 'ave to find out for yourself, wont ye?" I asked twirling a strand of my coloured hair around my finger. "How abouts you and me go get a drink with Paul and your chickie friend, Taken?" He asked smiling widely. "If you can find us." I teased, blowing him a kiss and walking back to Jude. "Woah, Shred!" She greeted me, clapping a hand on my shoulder. "What?" I asked, glancing back over to the stage where the band had gone back to playing. "You have a date with Ringo!" She shouted over the screaming girls. "And you with Paul. Who ever he is." I giggled. The show flew by, half of the time I was ignoring Jude blabbering about Beatle facts, "They're from Merseyside too!" "John was in school with us, apparently. Until he got expelled." And on and on they went. "Jude. I dont care." I said laughingly. She shrugged and kept talking. All I could do was stare at the drummer as he bopped his head back and forth in some cute little drummer way that I'd never understand as a guitarist. He would skim the crowd when he looked up as if looking for someone and when his eyes finally met mine the last song ended and he lept off stage. "Ringo Starr at your service." He said nodding his head in the cute moppety way, his hair swaying as he did. I giggled unable to say anything. "Rings!" Another voice called from not far off. Paul, or who I assumed him to be, walked up and clapped his hand over Ringo's shoulder. "'Ey! Look! Ye found Taken and her chickie friend with out me ye git." He teased, sliding next to Jude. "So I'd like to chat Taken, if that is your real name, but it seems to be we'll be yelling over eachother if we stay here." He yelled to me. "Yeah." I said nodding and following him, Paul and Jude out back. The cold air hit me and I sputtered in the air as if I hadnt taken a breath in a life time. "Feels good eh?" Ringo asked pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. "Feels great." I said following him to the back of the little alley. "So? Youve got my name, Ringo. Whats yours? Or do I just call you Taken?" He asked smiling and holding out the pack of cigarettes for me to take one, I smiled deviously. I took one and lit it. "So Takens a toker eh?" A hearty voice asked from behind me, firm hand clapped on my shoulder. I cast a quick glance at the guy and before I could ponder what I thought of him he snatched the cigarette from me and walked over to Paul and Jude who were soaking up the moon light. "So Taken. Where ye from?" Ringo asked in a hard scouse accent. "Here. Liverpool." I nodded. "Interesting." He mumbled. "Not really." I giggled. "How about you Ringo?" I asked smiling at how my mouth formed his name. "Same. Born and bred in Liverpool." He smiled, snuffing out the cigarette. His eyes captured me again. No matter how happy he seemed to me to be on the outside right now, something was telling me he wasnt letting on to really being sad. His eyes, the magnificent blue they were, just looked sad. They had too much of a past behind them. "Whats yer story?" I asked stepping closer, shoulder resting on the brick wall. "Depends. Whats yers?" He asked smiling and looking down at me. "Short stuff!" The guy, John (?), from before shouted. He wasnt short. He was taller than me... The guy came over and he and Ringo exchanged a few words. "Hey, so Taken, me and the guys are goin' back to the 'otel. Your chickie friend-" "Jude?" I asked smiling. "Right, Jude. She's taggin' along with Paul. Care to be m'date?" He asked holding out his hand. "Alright." Could it really hurt? I asked myself. He took my hand and put out his cigarette. For the first time he was immortalized as my equal. Respect. Sweet. Fun. Ringo. Just Ringo.

Peals of laughter. Im still Taken after a month. Taken somewhat by Ringo somewhat by George and somewhat by John but not Paul. He was for Jude perfectly. His laugh the beautiful and adorable Ringo forever immortalized as we were the loudest group in the fancy resturaunt. Everyone looked and glared as the six of us joked and made fools of ourselves. "So Taken-" "Shred." Jude corrected. "Is that yer real name? Shred?" John asked in awe. "Is John yours?" I asked winking. Ringo smiled and went on to drink whatever it was he'd ordered. John smiled and looked around. "What are ye lookin at ye lunatic?" Paul questioned as John began to hum to himself. "I love this song!" He exclaimed. "Theres no music on ye idiot!" Paul laughed. We all laughed. Forever immortalized as Richard Starkey. My Ringo.

Im still Shred after another month. I know everything about him but am hardly willing to open up about myself. He knows my family's got issues and that I live with my seven year old brother in an apartment away from my mum and step father. He knows that I play guitar, drum in the slightest, and piano. He knows that Im funny and passionate and somewhat introverted but he doesnt care. He always tells me that he likes me for who I am. "Yer brilliant. I mean I dont see what it is that you arent some famous person that hit it big and that we are. I mean all we do is play music and you write these amazing articles and what not that just... theyre amazing." He always read what I wrote that week. I was putting short stories together and he was my muse. "Ye know yer always my inspiration right?" I asked snagging the page back from him and flopping onto the sofa with my pen to proof it. "Why me? Arent John or George in any of them?" He asked knowing and openly alright with me hanging out with John and George. "Sometimes but those are never as good as the ones yer in." I said smiling and blushing a little bit. Forever immortalized as my proof reader, my inspiration, my muse, and my everything.

Sniffles sneezes sore throat. Sickly. "Its alright, hun. Ill make sure ye get better." Ringo promised. "I know ye will." After almost three more months of being Shred, going to the studio and nearly every preformance finally being Haley felt great. Finally being taken by Ringo felt better. Finally being able to look in his dark blue eyes and see that I finally meant something to someone besides Jude. He was mine, forever immortalized as my caretaker. My lover. My drummer. My boyfriend. My Ringo. My Beatle. Mine. Just mine.

Forever immortalized as my husband as he muttered his 'I do' into my mouth to inept to wait for his 'You may kiss the bride'. As he wrapped his arm around my waist and dodged cameras in the brink of Beatlemania. Laughing and kissing me as we ducked into the car on the way to our honey moon. Laughing at eachother as we pulled white flower petals out of each others hair unable to keep the child like giddiness inside us. "Guess what?" "What?" "I love you." He giggled. "I couldnt tell." I teased finally letting my heart flutter back to Earth and my head rest on his shoulder gazing up into his deep blue eyes. "I always wonder what you see in me Ringo." "I see everything. You are everything I want and need. You are beautiful, amazing and stunning all in one. Your smart funny and just... amazing. Everything about you drives me crazy." I still felt like every time I looked at him I went right up to cloud nine, no one could reach me. His smile stunning me, his eyes captivating me, his lips kissing me. My Ringo in the midst of Beatlemania. No matter how crazy I drove him I kept him sane just as well as his fans wrote crazed starrstruck letters to him and lights blared testing his patience and skill. Forever immortalized as my husband The Beatle.

Crying as he threatened to leave the band. Crying on both ends for him and for me. I didnt want him to lose his family. I didnt want him to lose everything. I didnt want him to lose anything or sucumb to the pressure as John and Paul hit it bigger and bigger with every lyrical breath they took. Crying as he dragged his feet across the carpeted studio and panted for a breath of being sane again. "Ringo. You are the only person that will ever complete The Beatles. If you leave now you lose your friends, your family, you lose the only people that will be able to help you out of something like this. I dont understand it Ringo and you know that but they are your brothers and they do understand." I releived him infront of his family and friends as he cracked under the pressure. The five of them, eyes glued on the two of us, said nothing and let him recoop for a minute as he finally settled behind the drums again. "I couldnt leave them and risk the bands down fall. I mean I am the best drummer in the world." He said winking and trying to releive the thick stress in the air. Everyone laughed and went back to recording as if nothing had ever happened, a happy family reunion. Love forever immortalized as Ringo Starr the one and only drummer The Beatles would ever have and need.

Eyes filled with joy and life as he cradled our baby girl close to his heart for the first time. Smiling and jeering and effervescence flowing out through every ounce of his body as we finally took her home, "Welcome to our all too modest home Lee." Smiles and eyes alight as we opened the door to The Beatles and Jude, my best friend now newly engaged to Paul and never more excited. Forever immortalized as my amazing husband and the best father Lee could ever ask for as we finally fell asleep on the sofa as a family. Immortal.

"Im only human, luv." He said as we fought for the first time. "I know Ringo but they are your brothers if you walk out now-" "They can find someone else. And this way I get more time with you and Lee." He said finally ready to settle down and be the father he wanted to be for our nearly year old daughter. "Whatever you feel you need to do." I sighed scooping Lee up and kissing Ringo before heading off to call Jude. Forever immortalized as Ringo Starr my husband, amazing father, best drummer The Beatles could ever ask for, and wonderful person that I didnt deserve.

Immortalized for the last time as we travelled to America to live in California with now three year old Lee after the horrifying break up of the band, "We cant stay somewhere that reminds you of them Rings. You need to move on." And so we were. "Daddy your the best drummer." Lee said hugging him as he packed up his drum set. "Your the best inspiration. You and your mum." "Your the best daddy." She giggled as he scooped her up into her lap. Forever Ringo. Forever mine. Forever the reason I died. Forever the best father for Lee and the best husband for me but I couldnt watch him be miserable without them. I couldnt stand here in heaven and sigh over my daughter growing up with her father and no mother forever but I could and I would. I would watch her go through her first teenage heart break until she finally fell in love with Julian Lennon, go figure. I watched Ringo record on his own finally getting over The Beatles and finally but never truely moving on from me. Watching as he tried to see other people but always rejected them in fear that they could never peice him together like I did. Forever immortalized as he spoke to me and I gave him signs, signs that I was always listening and still more madly in love with him than ever before.

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