These are a bunch of one shots I put together into a story, each one has a different Beatle just read the chapter title and you'll find your Beatle. Enjoy!!! :)

Chapter 10


"Brian!" I could still hear his ''annoying'' voice shouting over the edge of the roof at the manager.
"Shaddup!" I yanked his collar and pulled him back firmly onto the roof top.
"Wha?!" He laughed as he tackled me to the concrete.
I laughed and shoved him off of me, "Calm down! You don't want the lads knowin' I'm 'ere so shaddup!"
He only smiles and squints his blind eyes at me before shoving my forehead roughly like he always does. "Ye sure ye didn't come to see Paul?"
"Positive. I am here to visit my dearest mate John Winston Lennon."
He flinched as I mentioned his name, "I'm not blurtin' yer name out to the world, now shut it."
We both laughed a little and lapsed into a calming silence and clambered as close to eachother as possible. His legs wrapped in mine and my hands combing through his surprisingly thick hair.
"Remember that time-" The door slammed open and four voices began shouting ferociously at each other.
"Brian, let 'er be! Just let 'im see 'er, its been over a month!" I could hear Joj shouting the loudest.
"Eppy, she's no harm to anyone 'ere. Not you, not us and not even herself!" Ringo cried, grabbing hold of the manager and trying to drag him backwards.
"John! Meg! Go! Anywhere!" Paul was charging at us and pulling us to our feet, away from the comfortable intertwined place in our sunbeam on the roof top.
I wasn't used to being shoved around, not around them especially, and ended up stumbling with every other step.
"I keep tellin' ye John, I tell ye not to do this anymore." Paul scolded.
"I don't care! If I want to see Meggie, I will!" John shoved his mate brutally in the chest and I stumbled.
I couldn't catch myself or stop myself or do anything but reach out and yank Paul with me.
I heard the glass before anything else. The hard crunch and shatter set me off,
''Danger.'' So I shoved Paul because whatever was happening wasn't his fault.
Second came the shock, the warm and cold tingling sensation around my shin and ankle.
Third came the silence. The lads all stopped, even Brian, who had intently been scolding John and prying Ringo and Joj off him.
I felt the heaviness in the air before the pain and saw Paul watch John for a reaction because everyone here, especially Paul and I, knew John would never forgive himself for this, even though it wasn't his fault.
His expression changed several times before anything happened, and when it did it was real life slow motion.
He first looked shocked, mouth falling open slightly in shock and then clenched his jaw in anger before looking at his hands, completely terrified, and then lonely as if this was the end.
I made sure to watch Paul, who hadn't taken his eyes off of me since I shoved him. Paul, seeing all of Johns thoughts in my eyes, charged at John, who at that moment began to rush towards me.
The two collided and wrestled to the ground, swearing and shouting, hitting each other in a confused bundle of adrenaline filled bodies.
"Paul get off!" John shouted trying to punch Paul despite the fact that the younger had the older's arms pinned to the concrete. "Get off me, McCartney! I'm not losin' 'er! I'm alright!"
We all watched Paul struggle to keep John down, "Joj, Ring, get help." The two nodded. "No!-" he shouted as the two went to run all the way down the hundreds of steps. "Get Meg out!"
I watched the two tread carefully towards me, having knocked out one skylight before getting stuck in this one, and kneel in front of me.
Ringo, after looking to Joj, grumbled and put some weight on his hand that was near my knee in the glass.
"It seems sturdy." Ringo said, loud enough for all of us to hear.
I could feel the pain now. It was sharp and intense and like well... there were shards of glass from my ankle to my knee in my left leg so I'll let you figure out how that felt.
"Meghan," Joj put a hand on my torn pant leg and caught my attention. "Ye alright?"
I couldnt lie when his eyes were so.... scared. So I burst into tears and gripped his hand tightly.
"Lesse, would ye be alright if ye were in her place?" Ringo asks sarcastically.
I forced a laugh and wiped away my tears with a scraped and bleeding hand. "Joj, go check on John for me? I'd do it m'self only... I'm kind of stuck in glass."
He chuckled, "Sure."
As soon as he left Ringo peeled back a piece of glass and held up the bloodied end for me to see. "Feel better?"
"I'll pretend if it makes you feel better and gets me out quicker." I forced a smile and he leaned out further onto the glass.
I let Ringo do his work at breaking the glass, as carefully as possible without cutting my leg further, in peace and watched Paul and Joj push John into constraint again.
I could just see the fear in my friends eyes but I couldn't feel it in myself. I felt pain and sadness, sad for John to have to go through this and pain well that was obvious.
Suddenly I realized why John was so scared. There was a cracking sound under us and I looked at Ringo, eyes wide in fresh terror.
"We're going to die." I whisper to him.
He shakes his head. "Do you think we'll let you?"
I smile because I never asked John to drag me into this rockstar life of his and I never asked Ringo to be nice to me or Paul to tear my heart out and stomp it into pieces but I guess if I didn't I wouldnt be falling in love with John or finding a friend in Ringo.
Sure none of us were experianced, especially Ringo with saving lives, but inexperiance makes for an interesting life. That was a sure fire thing.
I heard The Crack, watched it twist around under Ringo's weight and kicked him right off the sky light, one person was too much.
After that it was blurry.
In and out, in and out, sound booth? Glass shards sticking in everywhere, shouting, blood!
"Is my fvcking fault!"
"Its all our faults!"
"It's Brians fault!"
I knew it was my fault, Paul tore my heart out so John would stay safe.
I couldn't listen though.
And now I was regretting it more than anything.
More than dad hitting Julia with the car that day, more than not going to the funeral, more than running away from my responsibilities.
Looking back, I could have prevented it all when I was nine, when I decked John in the face at the park. If I'd walked away I wouldn't have caused him pain.
Staring down, only days later, Eppy's gone. Sleeping pill over dose.
John feels so alone, so scared.
Ringo feels guilty and Paul blocks out all feelings.
Joj wishes he'd done something.
We all did.
Not like we could take it back.
I didn't see Eppy like I wanted to. We joked once that we'd meet each other in heII. Then he formed a steady hatred for me when I twisted Ringo into a jack ass for a week.
I don't know how many days I spent watching them, Paul Joj and Ringo.
I dont know how many I avoided watching John. He'd pace all day, starve all night and wring the cord of the telephone in his fingers, trying desperately to call anyone, to hear a voice promising he was sane.
We were inexperianced at life, all of us.
Me and Joj especially, being the youngest.
Being inexperianced just makes life worth living.
By the time you're experianced, you're dead.
Trust me I know.
I learned that day what life really meant to some people.
But that was the day I died.
And anyways, you have more fun when you're inexperianced.

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