These are a bunch of one shots I put together into a story, each one has a different Beatle just read the chapter title and you'll find your Beatle. Enjoy!!! :)

Chapter 1

Turn Out The Lights (John)

Merseyside Liverpool Mundips 1954
In your life there are many moments where you wait for God to turn out the lights. The happy ones where you feel like the world will stop and you will somehow live on anyways. The sad ones where you just want to die but cant because all things must pass. The neutral ones where your just so incredibly bored and secluded that the lights just have to go out to be put back on and put you in shock. You were my greatest shock and every second I spent with you, you were immortalized. Every second with you I wished God to turn out the lights, no matter what it was happy, sad, or boring because everything about you and I seemed perfect no matter what was going on.
The snow was fluttering around me. I could feel the flakes kissing my skin, soft and relaxing.
"What are you doing outside you freak." You said falling next to me in the snow.
"Waiting for you." I smiled, looking over into your green sparkling eyes.
"Are we leaving now or do you need to wait longer?" You always knew where my mind was no matter what I was saying outside.
"Lets go." And we fought to get up, pushing eachother to the ground and throwing handfuls of the fluffy white substance in eachothers faces.
Your laugh... Turn out the lights.
Merseyside Liverpool, Quarrymen's first show 1958
"Well what can you play?" I asked the boy.
And he began to play, "Well Ive got a girl with a record machine, when it comes to rocking she's the queen, we love to dance on a Saturday night, all alone where I can hold her tight, well she lives on the twentieth floor up town, the elevator's broken down."
I stood shocked. He was a good few years younger than me, How could he be that good? What drove him?
"Well?" He asked, tucking the pick in his pocket and slinging the guitar over his back.
"Sorry lad, rock is for real men." I could be better if I tried.
The rest of the guys convinced me to let him in, you were exstatic. Paul McCartney... Turn out the lights.
Merseyside Liverpool 1963
"Im not falling for you again John. You cant keep doing this. Im not letting you reel me in again."
"I can and you know it." I argued.
"You can try but I swear John Winston Lennon if you accomplish it again your as good as dead."
"And you love me." I said cockily as usual.
"In your dreams." You scoffed, smirking.
"So now Im dreaming?" My question pulled a smirk wider across your face.
"You wish."
"I do."
"I knew it."
"Knew what?" I asked somewhat lost now.
"You love me." You said twirling your strawberry blonde hair around your finger.
"How'd you know that?!" I asked, shock setting in but saying it somewhat sarcastically.
"You just said it." And you'd just defeated me in one of our many battles of nerves.
I laughed and there was something about my laugh that made you laugh, although that seemed to be what happened no matter who I was around. Its just that your laugh was ten times more adorable than any other thing I'd ever heard... accept for maybe...
"You know your not the same as everyone else though." I blurted before my thoughts fell out of my mouth.
"Or so you say." You said irritated and flipped your curls over your shoulder, turning to walk away.
"Its true, just listen Emelia." I said snatching your wrist and pulling you into me maybe a little too forcefully.
"No John. Im done listening to you. Theres someone else every other week and if you really loved me you'd know how to keep other people out of our relationship." You scold, lucious strawberry blonde hair blowing slightly in the wind making your violet eyes glimmer like something else completely. Turn out the lights.
"I never meant to hurt you-"
"They why did you?"
"Can you just listen?" I ask reeling you in again. "Emelia when you go away the first thing that comes to my mind is 'Did I hurt her?' and the first thing I do is go write a song about it, about you, about us, about everything I should've done or said. Emelia they are just people that come and go, merely friends, you are everything to me and I never meant to hurt you."
"John. You say that everytime and then go and pretend Im not around only to sleep around with another girl-"
"Ive never done that! I-"
"Paul say's differently." You argue.
"Paul's not the man in the relationship. Who do you believe. Me or Paul?"
There was a long pause here which shouldnt have been.
"Emelia if you dont love me then I can move on." I said threatening but not pressuring you.
"Then do it. I'd like to see you try."
I was angry and as I went to punch you I remembered what you said the first time my temper got in the way of us, 'If you really love me, or anyone for that fact, you wouldnt hurt them because they wouldnt hurt you John. They love you for a reason.' So I let my hand down knowing that you would take the hit and run to Paul, crying and let him love you instead of me.
I walked away letting everything inside me remember you Emelia Flagg, the girl of my dreams, for the last time. The way your long strawberry blonde hair hung over your left shoulder but not your right because you write with your right hand and it would get in the way. I thought about your eyes and how sometimes they were a dark irresistable violet and others a bright spring green, which I never understood. Lastly I thought about your kiss, the way you tenderly kissed me and it always sparked the passion inside us, the flame that we never showed because there was a little bird called Paul getting in the way of you loving me.
Paul.... He always seemed to be better than me but I wasnt letting that get in the way. I could win your heart ten times more easily than he could. Sure he was more romantic, he took you for long walks on the beach, horseback riding, picnic in the night time on the lake side... What did he have that I didnt though? I was the better match for you. You were firey, feisty, passionate, intriguing.
Everytime I thought I finally knew you you changed the wall in your maze and I was lost, you venturing back to Paul who always seemed to know the right thing to say or do. That still wasnt stopping me from finding a way to the center of your heart maze. I always got close to the center only to flip a wall in my maze on you and send you spiralling back to me. I was going to win the race, or so I decided as I finally got home and the dark clouds over head opened up into terrential down pour. I couldnt help but hope you were alright. Turn out the lights... please. Im begging you.
Merseyside Liverpool, the next day
The grogginess of sleeping on the sofa was terrible. My back ached my guitar was dangling half on half off my body and my neck had a terrible crink in it.
Oh well. Too bad. I guess the good thing I get out of all this is a song.
So I got right back to the song:
"Whenever I want you around, yeah
All Ive got to do
Is call you on the phone
And youll come running home
Yeah thats all Ive got to do
And when I
I want to kiss you, yeah
All Ive got to do
Is whisper in your ear
The words you long to hear
And Ill be kissing you
And the same goes for me
Whenever you want me at all
Ill be here yes I will
Whenever you call
You just gotta call on me yeah
You just gotta call on me
And when I
I want to kiss you, yeah
All Ive got to do
Is call you on the phone and youll come running home
Yeah thats all Ive got to do
And the same goes for me
Whenever you want me at all
Ill be here yes I will
Whenever you call
You just gotta call on me yeah
You just gotta call on me
Oh you just gotta call on me."
"Ye sad sap." Paul teased from behing me.
"Short shank." I jousted back, tossing the lyrics into a pile and snatching up my guitar.
"Who's is about?"
"Not you thats for sure." I snickered ducking behind my bedroom door and rummaging for a clean shirt.
"Dont be rediculous." I scoffed.
Just because he's Paul fricken McCartney doesnt mean absolutly everyone has to give into him. I certainly wont. He can have her for all I care. But I knew that even though I told myself this nearly daily, I would never give up until you were mine.
"She told me about the fight already, John." Here he paused as if pondering for words to describe her. "She was confused. She cried for the longest time and we both know that neither of us want to see her like that."
"She's over reacting, it wasnt even a fight." Oh it most deffinately was John, dont deny yourself.
"We both know that isnt true. John you've got to control your temper." He said as I pulled my newly found and rescued shirt on, glaring at him sideways.
"It wasnt my temper, Macca. It was an arguement-"
"That's not what she said. Do you ever think before you speak John? You can really hurt someone if you dont and we both know that this is a battle for her heart. I cant have it anymore than you can. What we both know that we'll never admit is that its hurting her more than either of us." And with that Paul left.
I pondered this but knew it was true. He was right and I knew this all along. You loved me and I loved you but part of you also loved Paul which was killing you because you knew you couldnt have both of us. There was only one way to get this over with. And I scrambled for the phone.
"Mary?" I asked as the phone on the other end finally picked up.
"Yeah, John?" Your mother asked in a tired sounding tone.
"I really hate to call and bother you but I desperately need to talk with Emelia." And that was quite the underexaggeration there John. Whats the occasion?
"One second." I heard yelling and shuffling of the phone and thought the line went dead but recognized the muffled breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth.
No response.
"I know I am the last person you want to talk to right now but I really need to see you. Im really sorry about the fight we got in and Im just glad that it couldve been worse but wasnt. Emelia. I know your there and please meet me at The Feilds in an hour. Please Millie." I begged, listening to your breathing on the other line.
You hung up and I glanced to the clock, slamming the phone on the reciever and getting up. An hour from now was 1:19. I acknowledged this and got up to start the day... or after noon time really. I ate and showered and got dressed finally and after wasting time on the lyrics I snatched up my guitar and slithered down to Strawberry Feilds.
I dragged my feet and kicked empty beer cans, skipping rocks across the pavement and hopped onto the stone wall outside the gate, waiting and plucking away at my guitar knowing and believing that you'd be here any minute. And you were, but not alone.
"You gonna be alright?" Paul asked, hand grazing your arm and cheek as he spoke.
"I think so. He wouldnt hurt me if his life depended on it." You said glaring at me.
"Call me when you need to get home, alright? Ill get you home safe." He promised you, a quick peck on the lips.
"You can talk about me all you want to my face but that doesnt mean I dont feel the pain." I muttered, glaring at the two of you like the love struck idiots you were.
You nodded and leaned against the wall, arms folded under your chin and a thin smile starting to form as Paul walked away. As soon as he was out of sight I pulled my guitar up and began to play, giving you no time to decided if you wanted to hear your song or not.
When I finally finished you looked stunned and I wondered if that was a good stunned or a bad stunned. I looked back on all the times Id seen you physically stunned like this when I hardly saw any emotion eminating from you. Your eyes that I thought Id never see changed from violet to blue to green and back again as you seemed to fight your heart and mind in a battle for words. I smirked and watched as the wind tugged at your long strawberry blonde locks, hanging in a loose pony tail draped over your left shoulder and waited for God to turn out the lights. Please... But it was not right now that the lights were to be shut off because I was still on a mission for your heart, a mission I had just won.
You began by smiling. "It was beautiful John but dont think that everytime you call me Im going to jump into your arms and gaze into your chocolate eyes like nothing ever happened because your always plotting, Lennon, and I know that."
Your smiled faded into a thoughtful gaze. "I cant even remeber why we fight. I dont like fighting John, I dread every second of it and hate myself more than anything because I always feel like its my fault."
"Its never your fault Emelia. Im the one to blame." I said sliding off the wall and intertwining our fingers.
Your thoughtful gaze meandered to an angered grumble. "You are not reeling me in like that John Lennon. Im not falling into your arms again. I can take care of myself and Paul would in a heart beat-"
"But I could do it better."
"Dont go there John." And your anger fizzled to sadness. "I dont want to lose you John." And sadness fizzled to crying and crying bubbled to too many more emotions.
"Emelia. I love you." I said kissing you.
Our lips meshed perfectly for the first time. Parting your lips perfectly, I slid my tongue against yours and you were putty in my arms. Everything about you was melting for me. Wind tugged at us and sun beat down on us but nothing was breaking our kiss. Soon enough your arms were wrapped around my neck, the both of us running low on air but not wanting to stop. Breaking the kiss to give you a thousand pecks on the lips and slowly move down your neck, still holding you together against the stone wall your feet braced against mine. I felt like a teenager again as I kissed you. Turn out the lights. She's finally mine.
But the lights only faded, bringing us in and out of focus as we ran to my house. As we scrambled up the stairs. As we kissed and made love in the worst of ways. As the lights finally went to turn off. And we were gone.
Turn on the lights.

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