Chapter 1


Okay, so I want to post a contest. What kind? A fanfic contest.

I have had a couple people ask me "can I do a Caelin/Avery/Felan/Gideon love story?" The answer? YES!!

I want you guys to write me a fanfic for one of my characters. Any of them. I'm really interested to see what you guys come up with!

What I would LOVE to see:

Zara's Background- make sure you add in how she meets Caelin, and who this Tyler character is. Why does she hate him now? Is there a romantic past? (In honor of Tyler. I will miss you forever.)

A Caelin love story-It doesn't have to be Deliah!

How Avery Died- what were Avery's thoughts before his untimely death?

RULES: Please, please, PLEASE do not write "You do this, you do that" first person or narrative ONLY!
Do not claim that any of my original characters are yours.
If you lose, suck it up.

DIRECTIONS: Write the fanfic here on Quibblo, then send it out to me, or everybody if you want it public! I would like it to be relatively short, please. Dont write me a novel.

I hope people enter, and HAVE FUN!!!




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