Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid Love Story)

Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid Love Story)

Hey. This is my first story. I just love criminal minds. Message me and comment.

Chapter 1

What just happened?!? (Cain POV)

"OUCH!" I yelled. One minute, I was walking down the street. The next, I'm on my butt with hot coffee all over my shirt. "What the hell! Watch where your going would you!" I told the guy on the ground as I got up and started gathering my things. "I'm sorry, it was completely my fault. I wasn't paying attention." he said, "My name is Dr. Spencer Reid. What's your name?" "Cain. Dr. Cain Hargreaves." I replied. I looked at my watch and saw it was five-till-eleven. "Crap." I exclaimed. "What?" Spencer asked. "I have a lecture at eleven-o-five. And I still have to get changed." I exclaimed again, "Got to go. See you later?" "Maybe." he replied with a smile. "BYE!" I yelled as I ran towards the University. All I could think about was how Spencer looked. Shaggy, shoulder-length brown hair. Deep brown eyes. And a tall lanky body. Then, I smacked myself in the face for not his number. So, I got changed into something more appropriate, shall I say. Then, I walked out onto the stage and began my lecture on criminology.

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