Broken Bonds (wolf love story, give it a try :D)

So...first time writing a story on here but not first time attempting a story. Tell me what you think of it so far :D Requests, advice, ideas, or more love drama would be welcome :D

Chapter 1

The Introduction and Guilty Pleasure

by: Madbaber
His warmth seeped through Tinge's fur as his own coarse, black pelt pressed against her. Her ears perked slightly as the low rumbling sound of pleasure escaped from his throat, but this pleasure was not meant to be happening. The scent of an alpha wafted from his fur to her skilled nose. He was not meant to be hers...they were not meant to be in the dark depth of the forest...they were not meant to press against each other like this...they were not meant to be disloyal like this...they were not meant to break pack ranking...they were not meant to pack rules...but they were, weren't they?...their pleasure was guilty pleasure.

The black-pelted wolf looked over at the white-pelted she-wolf, Tinge, who was lost in thought. He flashed her a smile and let another rumbled of his pleasure escape. This wolf he was with should have been the true alpha female, the one leading by his side, and his mate...but she wasn't...Lyla was. The black wolf's thoughts slipped on to the pack he led unconsiously.

He, Crypt, was the alpha male of the massive and feared pack and paired unwillingly with the hot-headed, controlive female Lyla. Lyla...the once most sought after female was now the most avoided female...her flaring red pelt was still luxurious and attractive and her deep, black eyes entrancing but her temper and fangs kept every wolf at bay.

Next were the Beta's...Tinge, the warm, welcome female currently with him. Her nice, thick white-furred pelt contrasted beautifully with her intelligent golden eyes that looked soft and sweet, but the eyes and pelt were misleading...this wolfess was the Beta female for a reason: Tinge was cold, rough, and bloody when it came to the threat of her pack or rank. She was a sight to see when her pure white pelt was tinged with the deep red color of enemy wolf of all: she was mate less.

Crypt blinked; he was getting off course....there was still 9 more wolves to acknowledge.

The rest of the pack was important but took too much effort of his mind to drop them into ranks. Thyra was a proud she-wolf with a flame-colored coat and Lyla's sister. Thane, skinny, awkward-pawed, but bold, gained Crypt's respect from helping to fight off an enemy pack of wolves at an early age and sported a mud-brown coat that was mostly ungroomed. Uki, the youngest female in the pack, has a light gray colored pelt with black flecks all over her body and scrawny. Next was Rave...he knew she was Tinge's sister and although they looked similar, Rave is in possession of a darker mind and passion, she is a cold, mischievous, intimidating wolfess that is not to be messed with. Fatin was also a strong she-wolf in the pack but was tiny and an easily set-off smart aleck. Then there was the siblings of three, all starting with a 'C', all similar pelts, and all with different eye colors: Clazer, bigger than Crypt but docile, sported a white pelt and a gray back and pale green eyes; Carma was born with not ability to smell but was a skilled fighter, ambitious wolf, and had dark blue eyes; and last was Cave, a light gray wolf with darker gray specks on his back and black tipped ears and dark, brown eyes.

Last...Slit. A malevolent, demon like wolf who despised Crypt greatly. He was slightly smaller than the Alpha and is clearly lusting after Tinge...he was settles as the Omega, not because he was weak but because Crypt believed him as crazy. Slit was-

A twig snapping under a careless pawstep made Crypt jump back to the current reality. Tinge straightened and pricked her ears and relunctantly shifted away a few steps from him. The intruder went silent and then was heard again, shuffling up a tree; it had been a squirrel. Tinge blew out a nervous chuckle and nudged Crypt.

"Let us go, my alpha, the pack might be missing us and Lyla may be suspicious..." she murmured softly and turned toward the little creek that lead the way to the pack.

Crypt nodded sadly, he had been so lost in thought that the time passed by quickly without his attention. He headed after her...already plotting their next secret meeting.


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