My Biggest Adventure Ever

this is a dream i had but hey i hope u guys (& girls) like it.
I know I shouldn't take other stories, but i do dream of them and its different, but still. the chick in this story is pretending to be me, but I still hope you like it.
Name: Serena
Age: 15
Hobbies: saving the world and thinking of her boyfriend
Hates: study and learning or school
Likes: spending time with friends and her boyfriend or reading comics

Chapter 1

just another school day, or is it

I walked up the road like any other normal school day, a boring old school day. I crossed the main street and sat down at the park just before the school gate. I didn't want to go to school today, it was like nothing good happens.

'I wonder if my life could get any more boring?' I thought to myself while making the swing move a bit, 'nothing could go wrong and nothing exciting will ever happen here.'

I jumped up and did a fast walk to the gate and jumped over the crack to say I'm now in school, and the world out there will miss me. I just wished my parents, well my real parents, were alive. The family I live with now aren't the best of people. I sat down one day as the looked at me for adoption and they nearly freaked at the sight of me. But then I said good morning and they said she will do.

"Hey Tiff, how was your night?" A guy behind me asked as he ran up to me. I turned around to see the not-so-new-but-still-new kids. One of them and I became really good friends, only difference I know who he really is, but he doesn't really know who I am.

As the bell rang, the principal and a couple of kids walked out of the office. Not knowing who they were I was thrilled to have new students in the school, one looking very very cute. But knowing that he would have a girlfriend. After looking at them for a while, I noticed something about the hair on the child with them. It was pink, and that only meant one thing. I didn't want to make a fuss so I just went to the assembles like everyone else and wait to see if I know the students.

I waited in line like everyone else, to find out who these mystery people were. I don't know why anyone would want to move out here, to the middle of no where, nothing to do and no one to met, or no where to go. Oh well, the more the better I suppose.

As the new students walked up the steps, the child wouldn't let go of the boy. It reminded me of a little child I know, but that couldn't be them, it just couldn't. They have no reason for moving here, and they don't know who I am. But I guess we just have to find out who they are.... TBC


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