What will become of us? (a Marauders Tale)

What will become of us? (a Marauders Tale)

This is another story by me about the Marauders!! I was really bored today and decided to do a short story to make people laugh!! I hope you all enjoy it and please please please comment on it because I love hearing (or reading really!) what you all think!!

please comment and rate if possible!! hope you enjoy it!!

what you still reading this for?? get on with the story!!

Chapter 1


It started out as a normal day in spring at Hogwarts. Lily and Remus were studying under the shade of the beach tree and because Lily was there, so was her best friend Guenevere. Wherever Lily went she wold drag Gwen along with her. While Lily and Remus were studying, Gwen was leaning against the tree with her hat covering her face. she was about to drift off to sleep when she was hit with a tickling curse and rolled on the ground, laughing. "BL---HAHAHA--BLACK!! HAHA-- YOUR GONNA HA PAY FOR TH HAHA THIS!" Gwen shouted as the one and only Sirius Black walked over to them. He was followed by James Potter. James had always been fairly descent to Guenevere but, his best friend Sirius was her enemy. They had hated each other since the first day in first year. They hadn't even gotten on the train yet and they were shouting at each other. When the curse wore off Gwen shot up from the ground and so quick that no one saw her move, she pulled out her wand from her boot and pointed it at Black. Seeing this Remus and Lily got up to. Lily went over to Gwen and tried to make her lower her wand but, Gwen was a lot stronger than she looked. she was the strongest girl in the school, she was even stronger than most boys, thats why she was the star beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. "c'mon Gwen! just leave him." Lily whispered in her ear. Gwen lowered her wand and sat back in her place. everyone else sat around the tree and pretty much relaxed. After a while Peter Pettigrew came running down to the tree from the castle. "there you are!!" he exclaimed as he got to them. he sat down next to James and Just flopped down onto the ground. "OW!" Shouted James. "what?" asked Gwen. "something just hit me in the back of the head." replied James and he started looking for the offensive object. "it's a book." he said holding up a black, leather book. He took another look at it and smiled. "it's a diary." he said with a devious smirk. "who's is it?" Asked Black. "says Sara Black!" James read from the inside of the cover. "there isn't a Sara in my family." said Sirius and suddenly James' eyes went wide. "it says 2003!" he shout-whispered. "read it!" I shout-whispered at him and he fumbled with the book.

"okay this is the first page...........I know the hole point of having a diary is so that no one reads it but, I don't really know what to write so I'm gonna start by introducing myself. My name is Sara Black. Obviously. I have pin straight black hair, stormy grey eyes and I'm about average height. I'm 17 years old and I'm starting my 7th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My fathers name is...." James trailed off with a smirk on his face. "is......?" everyone urged him to go on. "My fathers name is Sirius Black." he glanced at Sirius when he said this. Sirius was frozen in place and he had wide eyes with his mouth hanging open. "....everyone says I look like my dad. he has the same stormy grey eyes and I get my hair color from him too. My dad is great and I know he is always there when I need him." James stopped again to look at Sirius. "awww!" said Lily. Gwen glanced at Sirius and burst out laughing. "who in their right mind would have a kid with you?" she shouted in between laughs. After that Sirius and Gwen started arguing about how Sirius probably had the kid from a one night stand and how Gwen was just upset because she was going to end up alone with about 30 cats. "should I carry on?" James asked Remus. He glanced over at Gwen and Sirius who were still arguing and just nodded. ".......now that I've told you about my dad I'm going to move onto my mum....."
"oh I've gotta hear who this is!" said Gwen. she stopped arguing with Sirius to listen. "......my mums name is....." James had to stop because he burst out laughing. "who is it?" asked Remus. James showed Remus the book and pointed to the name. Remus then burst out laughing as well. Lily gave them both a questioning look so they showed her as well. she burst out laughing and James continued. "....my mums name is Guenevere Smith!" "WHAT?!?" shouted Sirius and Gwen at the same time. Everybody else was rolling around on the floor laughing. "Gwen and Sirius looked at each other with shocked expressions and slightly backed away from each other. "it must have been a one night thing when we were drunk!" said Gwen looking hopeful. "yeah! very very drunk!!" says Sirius. James picked the book back up and started reading again. "...my mums name is Guenevere Smith! well actually it's Black now."
"WE GOT MARRIED!?!?!" Sirius and Gwen shouted in unison. James ignored them and just carried on reading. "........I get my straight hair from her and the fact that I'm the tough girl in school. Anyone who sees my mum and dad together can tell that they're really in love...." "WHAT?!?" He ignored them again. "....I mean it's not like you see with most other couples. even though they're not teenagers anymore, they still act like it. My dad will find some sort of joke to play on mum and then she'd chase him around the house until somehow he would end up behind her and then tackle her and start tickling her or something." James and the others looked over at Gwen and Sirius who were sitting there looking stunned. Sirius then looked over at Gwen and she turned her head as well. Sirius smiled at her warmly and she returned it.


Well thats the first chapter and I hope you liked it!! please comment because it would make my day!! thanks all! hope you enjoyed!!

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