The Muggle Mix-Up.

The Muggle Mix-Up.

Ever wish YOU were a wizard? Well, maybe you are. This is the interesting story of a muggle mix-up.

Chapter 1

Mysterious Circumstances

I waited for my Pre-Algerbra test to be passed out. the desk was cold, and hard. My brain was aching from hours of studying. HOURS. I cupped my face in my palms. When would the rest of my school days END?! Ms.Barney finally dropped a paper on my desk. "Sit up straight," she commented in a monotone voice, contributing to my boredom. I sat up and read the first question. GROANN!!! I'd NEVER been good at logic!!! I could almost scream. But Ms. Barney wouldn't have that. Oh, no, SHE knew how to punish a guy. I shifted my position. Re-reading the question. IMPOSSIBLE!!! And so that was that. I wrote in just that, and moved on. MORE LOGIC!!! I groaned audibly, and eX-ed it out. Suddenly the speakers blared "Miss Emily Williams to the front desk, please!!!" sighing with relief, I stood, leaving my mathematical problems behind in the room.


I arrived at the front desk, wearing a confused smile. the front desk lady had explained my situation. "Excuse me, but my parent, are, well, MY PARENTS!" I said, as polite as I could. She smiled in the same, politely amused way. "Oh, no. You're birth certificate says 'Williams' nowhere on it." I paused. "There's-legal proof?" Her smile faded, replaced by a firm, but polite expression. "Your real last name is Dumbledore." I smiled broadly. "No Way." She decreased her polite expression to a nervous smile. "It's true," she replied, nervously looking away. I paled. Had someone presented her with false birth certificates, and identification? A crazy someone? The front desk lady stood. "I know this may be hard to process, but THIS, is your REAL dad." she stood, leading me to the principal's office. through the faded glass window, I could make out two silhouettes. The Principal, and someone wearing a tall, pointed hat. The front desk lady opened the door, and I gasped. "Emily, this is Albus Dumbledore, your father," introduced Mr.Jones, the principal. The man's eyes twinkled kindly. "I...I...I..." stuttered I. The man gripped my hand, and stepped outside. "MOBILICORPUS!!!" He almost shouted. An unconscious young boy floated into his hands. "Ah, Frederick. I wish it could have gone differently," he whispered. Then he shouted "MEDIC!!! THE WILLIAMS'S BOY NEEDS HELP!!!" My jaw dropped. HE SWITCHED US?? Me and that boy--- WHAT WAS GOING ON?!?!

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