The Forgotten Truth (Harry Potter meets Twilight and more!)

Ok, so me and a couple of friends started writing this months ago. I re-wrote a little, too.

So in this story, there's a war against multiple worlds and Amber and Kianna are seemingly normal girls until they get pulled into this world that they thought was fictional. Now the faith of all the worlds lies in their hands. But there's some forgotten truths underneath this war. Can the girls handle the truths though?

Chapter 1

Driving Too Fast.

My day was starting off like any other.School was out for the summer so I was going to be home alone.My father and step mother had to work.My step mother was out of town for a while.I was going to go to a friends house and we were gonna go out for a bit.My mother went missing when I was a baby so my father married that witch he's married to now.He says he married her so I would have a woman figure in my life.I've never hated anyone with such a passion.It was like I was born to hate her.I didn't believe she was human but I kept that thought to myself.I noticed as I walked down the street that numbers were popping up.480284914 popped up on the passing cars.I tried to shake it off but more appeared.3056978 showed up on the stop sign.

Great,I was a nut job now.I was hoping it would stop by the time I got to Kiki's house.9684229 popped up on the bus that passed by.I was going insane.Kianna's house was just around the corner and I started running to her house before the numbers appeared again.I got up to the door and knocked."Coming!"I heard her yell.Soon after she opened the door."I am going nuts!"I said shutting the door behind me."What do you mean your going nuts?"She asked fighting a laugh."I'm seeing numbers everywhere!"I exclaimed."Have you watched any horror movies lately?"She asked."No!I swear I'm not making this up!"I replied."Ok.Well let's go before you go anymore insane.Just forget about it."She said getting her purse."Ok.Maybe your right.Maybe I need to just forget about it."I said as we walked out.

~After Shopping/Kianna's house~
We walked up the stairs to Kianna's room.She walked in first.She dropped her stuff."What is it?"I asked walking in behind her.There was two guys standing there by her window."Who are you?"We asked."I'm Jasper and this is Emmett.We're here to..collect you."The guy with honey colored hair and eyes answered."Collect us?What the crap?For what?"I asked."Evening ladies.Look,I know this is kind of out of the blue but we're running out of time so we'll explain on the way."Emmett said."But we don't know you and we need to pack."Kianna said."Well start packing.Chop,chop.We don't have forever!"He said clapping his hands at us like kids."Look,one:we don't know you.Two:what am I gonna tell my dad?And three:I don't live here!I live on the other street."I said."Come on.I'll drive you over to get your stuff.

Don't worry about your parents.We have that covered."He replied."I'll go with you to get her stuff!"Kianna told Emmett."Uhm,I'm not sure about that.You need to pack your stuff."I said."Dam."She muttered.
(Kiannas pov)
I walked into my room giggling with Amber but stopped in my steps when I saw two boys standing impatiently. Amber looked forward and her face fell as well. My body had gone numb as a stared into the eyes of the muscular one. The darkened topaz eyes had captivated me. Amber started asking a series of questions but I couldn't hear them cleary, this man had stolen my heart. All the signs were there, butterflies, pounding heart, cloudy head, and I could even feel sparks tingeling in my body. He glanced at me and said something along the lines of explaining on the way.

"but we don't know you and we need to pack" I blurted out.
"well then start packing! Chop, chop, we don't have forever" he clapped. I blushed and amber started complaining. When I heard she was leaving I snapped to attention asking to go with her
"I'll go with you to get her stuff" I told Emmett, the muscular one. He shook his head.
"uhm I'm not sure about that, you need to pack your stuff" he said hesitantly.
"damn" I muttered, shyly looking at him.
~Normal POV~
"Why are we being 'collected'?"I asked as Jasper drove."There's a...war.We were sent out to gather 'gifted' humans for the war.When we get there,you will discover the mystical creature you are within."Jasper answered."A war?What kind of war?Wait,mystical creature?What kind of freak show do you have going on?"I asked."Voldemort is out to get Harry Potter.But in the midst of it all,he's trying to take over any world he can get."Jasper replied."Who's Harry Potter?"Kiki asked."He's like the 'chosen one'.

He's a wizard and Voldemort is the worlds most evil wizard and blah blah blah.We'll let him explain when we get there."Emmett said.Clearly he had told the story so many times he was sick of it."What exactly are you guys then?"Kiki asked.Emmett and Jasper looked at each other."Vampires."Emmett nearly muttered."What?Let me the h3ll out of here!There's no war going on!You got us for supper!Stop this car now!"I demanded trying to open the car door.It was locked."No!Amberly,you have to understand,we're vegatarian vampires."Jasper explained."Yeah right!You've got a soup bowl waiting to put our blood in!"I replied."No!Just calm down.Your going to Hogwarts.I promise neither of us will eat you."He said."How can I calm down when I know I'm going to be dinner?!"I noticed Kianna wasn't as freaked out about it as I was.I think she like the thought of Emmett eating her.I wasn't sure."Ok.I'm calming down.I'm not going to think about you guys eating me."I said.Kianna hit me in the ribs lightly.

I looked at her."I told you was going insane.Now we're being kidnapped by vampires.This is not real!"I told her."It kinda is."She replied."Vampires and wizards and wars between worlds just don't exist!It didn't this morning!"I exclaimed."It can all change in a flash."Jasper replied."How long is it going to take to get where we're going?"I asked.Trying to calm down."A few hours.We should be there be tonight."Emmett replied.I looked around Jasper and the speed meter was all the way over."Do you realize how fast your going?!Your gonna get stopped!"I said."Nah.I drive like this everyday."He half smiled.I fell back into the seat.

~Rose Millie's POV Before We Got There~
I walked up to the gigantic door that lead to the great hall of my new school, Hogwarts. I was transferred here from Beauxbatons. I was born in England, but my mother disapeared when I was a child. I don't remember her, all I know is that I was seperated from her and put in a magical adoption agency. I was adopted by a french couple the day I turned 6. I sighed as I remembered everything. I hated them. Not because they were'nt my real parents,but I'm sure that they were actually evil! Anyway, I opened the doors to hear a ton of chatter. Then it stopped as everyone turned to look at me. I ignored it and walked straight up to the headmaster, Professor Dumbledore. "I believe my old headmaster alerted you that I would be transferring here." I said. "Ah Yes! Miss Mille. What a joy to have you here with us. I'll just be a moment."

he said as he got up and walked out. I waited for a second. He came back with the sorting hat. He pulled upa stool and I sat down. He placed the sorting hat on my head. I waited. "Ah...How remarkable. A wonder to have in any house. You would fit well anywhere. But I believe you would achieve great things in...Gryfindor!Yes. That is my decision. Good luck." it said in it's scratchy voice. I smiled. I had always liked Gryfindor. I got up and thanked the headmaster. Up till now, everyone had been silent. I sat down to a girl with a kindhearted face. "Hello. I'm Rose Mille. Nice to meet you." I said. She smiled and said, "My name is Hermione Granger. It is nice to meet someone outside of Hogwarts." I smiled. "Beauxbatons was very boring. But I did learn a great amount of French!" I laughed.

I noticed the chatter was picking up again. Most of the boys were staring at me though. I wasn't really a plain girl, its true. I have blonde hair and blue/violet eyes. It was getting a bit

uncomfortable. "I have a question, do the guys staring at you every stop?" I asked Hermione. "Not realy. But you get used to it." she smiled. "How would you know mudblood?" asked a cold voice. "Malfoy." she said. "Malfoy?" I turned to see a handsome boy with blonde hair. "And who are you?" I asked angrily. "I'm Draco. You know, I don't normally waste my time with Gryffindor, but you look like a nice time waster." he smiled. What was his problem. "Oh? I'm so happy! Being flattered by the world's jerk has always been one of my dreams! Now, would you go away before I lose my appetite?" I said sarcastically. He looked...POed. I laughed. "Hello." said a guys voice. I looked over to the most handsome guy I have ever laid my eyes on. "Hello." I said. He kind of blushed. "I'm..." "Harry Potter." I finished. I knew who he was. Not from the scar, but because my friend Fleur had brought back a picture of him after he saved her sister's life. And I told him that. He blushed some more.

"That-that wasn't much..." he said. "Are you kidding? You are the sweetest!" I said. He blushed even more, if that was possible.

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