Twilight: Living Death

Twilight: Living Death

Endeavour Tierney Livelex was born a premature baby with a undeveloped heart; throughout her childhood she underwent several heart surgies and recieved blood transfusions until one unfortunate day when a mix up in blood infected her with an advanced stage of the AIDS virus. During her permanet admission to Forks hospital her mother died of a terminal condition leaving her a dying orphan with no family. Nearing the end of her disease Rosalie shows her death isn't always a bad thing.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Lying in the shabby narrow room in the ICU at Forks hospital, her time was running out. Alone, every day she laid in the bed never awaiting any visitors for the only family she knew of and had was her mother who passed a few years back from heart failure.

A knock on the glass door announced a visitor; Endeavour weakly turned her head towards the entrance smiling at the male who entered, her bright white smile stood out against her dull skin.

"Dr. Cullen how long until it is over?" Endeavour spoke in a weakened tone.

"Your disease is at its peak, it shouldn't be too long now."

Being born as a premature baby, Endeavour underwent several major heart surgeries throughout her young life. During a open heart surgery at age 10 she received a blood transfusion that infected her with an advanced stage of the aids virus. 3 years later at age 13 her body began shutting down vital organ by vital organ.

"Carlisle?" a lovely female voice spoke from the doorway

Turning her attention to the door Endeavour's eye's widened as she saw the beautiful young blonde that stood before them. Walking towards the bed she sat down beside her and took Endeavour's hand into her own.

Gasping lightly at her touch she forced a smile, "Excuse me but who are you?"

Looking to Carlisle she exchanged a look of confusion before giving her full attention to the stranger before her.

"My name is Rose... Rosalie Hale and I am Dr. Cullen's Daughter. I have heard so much about you, shouldn't your family be here?" she said before looking quickly to her father and back.

Shaking her head once she closed her eyes briefly; "My family was my mom, she is gone she died a few years ago in this hospital at my bed side. The doctors that examined her body told me she had been sick for a long while."

Endeavour Livelex was the only child to Tierney Anne Livelex. During the time Endeavour was permanently admitted to the hospital Tierney had been keeping a secret from her daughter, she herself was on the brink of death; her heart was near complete failure.

"Oh I'm so sorry hun I didn't know", Rosalie whispered regrettably

A long silence filled the room before Rosalie's eyes lit up

"If there was a cure to your disease would you take it, even if it meant changing your life forever as long as you got to live a healthy life?", she spoke quickly

Endeavour's facial expression grew weary and puzzled,
"Is this hypothetical?"

"Well I guess it could be, yes and no".

"Well if there was a way, any way to save my life I wouldn't hesitate. I had huge dreams and I still do but now I don't even know if I will get to look out tonight and see the moon or the stars".

Carlisle walked forward and placed his hand on Rosalie's shoulder,
"May I have a word with you in private, now".

Removing themselves from her ear range they fell into conversation, whispering in low fast voices.

"Rosalie I know where you are going with this"

"Then I don't understand why you are questioning me"

"I am not questioning you about your choices; I am simply wondering whether or not you are ready for this responsibility. This after all is a young teenage child and she will forever remain in this young preteen state physically and mentally".

Taking a deep breath she let it out impatiently
"Carlisle, please just trust me.... She deserves to live and she deserves a family. I can do this. So please can you just get me the cocktail to medically induce a coma I don't want her feeling anything at all."

Walking back into the room she smiled;

"So Carlisle and I are going to make you better, and you are going to live a long healthy life".

"Really that's wonderful but... then I'd have to go into the system, I'd rather die. I hear the things that happen to the kids in there. My mom was raised in the system".

Shaking her head quickly she sat down on the edge of Endeavour's bed and pushed her hair back lightly,
"No dear, I won't let you go into the system. You will live with us, to the rest of the world you will be my daughter, Endeavour Hale. What is your middle name love?"

"My full name is Endeavour Tierney Livelex" she said not believing the words that the woman was speaking to her about a cure. She knew little about the AIDS virus but one thing she knew for sure was that there was no cure.

Carlisle quickly walked into the room holding a giant syringe full of liquids.
"Endeavour, I am sure Rosalie has informed you on what is about to happen or the basic's at least. Well I am going to medically induce you into a coma and when you wake up you can live your life healthily"

Widening her eyes she tensed up
"Wait, what I don't understand?” she began.

"It’s okay love we are here everything is going to be okay, just close your eyes and when you wake up everything will be all better I promise".

Endeavour turned her head and watched as Carlisle injected the serum into her IV and felt as her mind detached gently from her control and slipped away from her grasp.

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