Dance the Night Away (girls only)(a JB love sotry)(pilot)

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Chapter 1

Pilot/character info

Name:Delilah Jane Johansen
nicknames: Lilah, DeDe, D.J. , Jojo
age: 16
appearance: brunette, tall, skinny, really really pretty. sometimes really girly and sometimes like a tom boy.
no boyfriend.

Name: Adale Jalyn Kilcoyne (Nickname A.J)
age: sixteen
Appearance: blonde hair and blue eyes. tan. gorgeous.
Personality: really sporty (loves soccer the most and motocross. Surfs skateboards and snowboards. Into extreme stuff but mostly soccer.) sweet, really good at giving advice, good listener, very outgoing, lovable, very talented, loves music, plays drum set mostly and is very good at it. Has guys falling at her feet. confident, caring, and really smart.
best friends with Delilah and is dating Christian Beadles. (who is 16 in this story even though thats not true)

and of course Justin and Chritstian who are 16 in this story.

"DELILAH!!!!!" Adale screamed as she saw me. i was working at Smoothie Hut in Atlanta, Georgia. "what!? im working Ad!" i said as she got closer. "well guess what? you have to work no more! i've found us our ticket to startum!!!!!!" she screamed and started jumping around. "huh?" i asked confused as i blended a peach mango sprite smoothie. "Chris just gave me this!" she sang out. it was a purple flier that read:
DaNcErS wAnTeD!
Justin "the fever" Bieber needs new back up dancers! ages 15 - 18
who live in the georgia area! tryout are tuesday from 7 - 5
sign up when arrived.
and then the address was on the bottom of the page. "oh my gosh. i know i dont really like Justin Bieber, but to be his back up dancer could land me a spot with a different celeb or even land me my very own dancing career!!!" i said and hugged Adale.
my parents used to be movie stars. my mom was in 3 grammy winning movies before she got pregnant with me, and my dad had been her love interest in the last one before moving on to doing commercials and directing. however they both quit when i was 10 and have now, for the past 6 years, become novelists. great. i had to convinvce them to let me try out for this, this might be my only chance to make a name for myself in this business. "mom look at this flier!" i said and handed it to her. both my parents saw it and looked at eachother and looked at me. "we will discuss it. no go upstairs and get ready for dinner. we are having shrimp." she said. so i trudged upstairs and took a shower. i walked downstairs and sat at the table. after praying and peeling my shrimp, i was pushing it around in the butter when they finally told me the verdict. "we have decided.....that you can try out." my mother said to me. i freaked out. i screame dand hugged them both and called Ad while i ate my lovely buttery shrimp. this is the best day of my life. little did i know it would change my life.......

pictures in the next one!!!!


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