~Anime(OHSHC, FB, ATLA)~ Minutes in Heaven (Read intro AGAIN!)

~Anime(OHSHC, FB, ATLA)~ Minutes in Heaven (Read intro AGAIN!)

Told ya I would do it! Now, here's how you need to start...
If you want...
Ouran High School Host Club: start at chapter one
Avatar the Last Airbender: start at chapter two
Fruits Basket: start at chapter three
After that, you go to whatever chapter it tells you to when you pick.
Good luck ;)
~Update the school gave us laptops, right? I figure, "Yay, i can write on that!" Turns out they blocked the word "anime", so I had to change the title a bit so I could write this story on my mac.~

Chapter 1

Ouran High School Host Club (Start)

"Kara, do I have to go to this?" you asked your best friend, who was pulling you up the many stairs that led to the tower.
"Aww, just this once, ____. You never come to the Host Club," she said, her brown pixie hair bouncing with every step.
"I have a good reason too....." you muttered.
"Just this once, it'll be fun. I promise,"she said, leading you down a hall filled with light pouring from the window.
You walked to the double doors that were at the end of the hall, and Kara opened them.
"Welcome...." you heard.
You blinked. There, in the center of the abandoned music room, sat the Host Club. They were all dressed like normal American teenagers, and it was weird seeing people from here dress like you were at home. The room looked like a normal living room, which was also weird for this fancy, old castle.
"Ah, no wonder Kara made me wear this..." you thought, looking down at your jeans, t-shirt, and converse.
You looked back up at the boys, who were all smiling. Haruhi, whom everyone finally found out was a girl just two weeks ago, sat at the edge of the group. They were all seated on various couches and armchairs, and there were very few girls there.
"Hello, Miss Kara. Thank you for bringing your friend," said the blond one, Tamamki Suoh, as he kissed Kara's blushing cheek while giving you a sideways glance, then led you all in.
"Kara," you whispered to your friend, "What is this?"
"The club is having a special party just for the American girls, and since there are fewer customers, that means more boys for us!" she said as she sat down in an arm chair.
"Great," you muttered, and you sat on the floor, and you saw the twins that were in your class wink at you, and you rolled your eyes and just looked around the room.
Honey was eating some devils food cake, while Mori sat next to him, looking out the window. Kyoya was sitting in a wooden chair, looking down over a clipboard. The twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, were sitting on a love-seat together, doing god knows what, while Tamaki was sitting on the arm of Kara's chair, asking her about you as though you weren't right there.
"This is her first time here?"he asked her.
She nodded, "Yeah, she won't come any other time. She only decided to come now cause I promised I'd help her with Foreign Cultures."
"I'm right here!" you muttered loudly.
The twins stood up, and, talking together, said "Let's play 30 minutes in heaven!"
Tamaki looked fumed, "Hey! I was supposed to announce that!"
The twins shrugged, "You snooze you lose, boss."
Kyoya stood up, with a hat in his hand, "We all put something in the hat, and whoever's object you draw you have to stay locked in the closet with for half an hour, unless we hear someone screaming raip, then they'll be in there for 40 minutes."said Kyoya with an evil gleam in his eye, which seemed directed towards you.
Haruhi spoke up, "Hey, let's let __ go first, since she's new."
You shook your head, but everyone cheered "yeah!", and Kyoya helled the hat out to you.
You sighed, and reached in....
What did you get?
Dark Blue Rose: Go to chapter 4
Small Yellow Flower: Go to chapter 5
Black Cell Phone: Go to chapter 6
Harry Potter Book: Go to chapter 7
Tangled DVD: Go to chapter 8
Mirror: Go to chapter 9

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