Sei il mio incantesimo (A Marauders Story)

Sei il mio incantesimo (A Marauders Story)

The title means: "You are my enchantment" in Italian

Main Character: Olivia Bennett. Long, wavy brown hair that she sometimes magically straightens. Large gray/blue eyes. Short and curvy.

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Chapter 1


"This is good Olivia. Change is good," my mom says, kissing my forehead. I nod, but I can only think about how I shouldn't be here. I should be getting ready to start my sixth year at the Manhattan School of Witchcraft, not wandering around a train station. I should be sitting in my old New York apartment eating cereal with my dad.
My dad....
I shake my head. I can't cry. Not in front of all of these people. Not when my mom thinks I'm doing so well.
I can't help but think about him though.
It's been eight months since my father's murder and I constantly think about him. Everything reminds me of him. Even the owl I'm carrying. Especially her. She was a gift from my dad. He bought her and named her Kanya, which means "hers" in Filipino. I smile, thinking about how my dad knew I'd try to change Kanya's name so he taught her her name before he gave her to me.
"Here we are!" my mom exclaims, staring at a blank wall. "This is where the headmaster said the entrance would be. Let's see..." She examines the wall before stepping towards it and going through it. I follow closely behind.
It's much more active on this side. Witches and wizards are swarming around, saying goodbyes to loved ones until the holidays. I take in the large red train that will be taking me to Hogwarts. Everything will be so different now and I'm worried. I've been through enough changes and I don't feel like welcoming anymore.
But I don't put up a fight, I knew we'd have to move sooner or later in case my father's murderers decided to show up again. Besides, my mom knew I'd never set foot in that apartment again. Not after witnessing my dad being attacked by a werewolf there.
We had been watching the news when my dad heard a sound. He leapt up and told me to lock myself in my room. Frightened, I'd obeyed but when I heard yelling and crashes I'd rushed to help. I got out into the living room in time to see a monstrous wolf crouching over my dad's lifeless body.
"If you have another one of your nightmares send an owl, I don't care what time it is," my mom says, smoothing my hair. "I'll see you at Christmas okay?"
"I love you."
"Love you too Mom." She hugs me before I walk onto the train. I turn and wave.
There's no going back now.

The train starts to move and I head down the aisle, looking for an empty compartment. I finally reach one at the end and sink into the seat. Once I'm settled I pull out Hogwarts A History and begin reading. Might as well learn about the place I'm going to.
I don't get very far into it before shouts break my concentration. Three boys crash into my compartment, one being dragged by the other two and putting up a bit of a fight.
"There Moony!" the first one, he has black hair and glasses, says with a grin. "We saved you from boring Prefect duties."
"That wasn't a rescue it was an ambush!" the one who got dragged in exclaims. He has light brown hair and deep, brown eyes.
The one who hasn't spoken yet turns and sits down. He raises his eyebrows when he sees me. He flips his long dark hair out of his eyes and grins. "Why hello there gorgeous. Haven't seen you around before."
The other two turn and look surprised as well. I set my book down, instinctively knowing I won't be getting any more reading done for the time being. "Who are you?" the shaggy one asks me.
"Olivia Bennett. I'm a sixth year who transferred here," I answer.
"Well I'm Sirius Black."
"Nice to meet you Sirius Black."
He smirks, "Likewise."
"I'm James Potter," the one with glasses says, eyeing me up and down. "And this here's Remus Lupin." James sits down next to Sirius, leaving Remus standing awkwardly.
"Well come sit down," I say, patting the seat next to me. He smiles and takes the seat.
"Hey, where'd Peter go off to?" James asks.
Remus shrugs and Sirius says, "He'll catch up eventually."
"Who's Peter?" I ask, trying to make conversation.
"Oh this little hanger-on we just can't seem to shake off," James answers.
"Our friend," Remus corrects him with a smile. "Who just gets a bit annoying at times."
"So Olivia," Sirius says, leaning back and sticking his hands behind his head, "what house did they stick you in?"
I shrug, trying to remember what Headmaster Dumbledore had said. "I'm supposed to report to Professor... McGona... something. And she'll sort me before the first years get sorted."
"McGonagall," Remus corrects me.
"McGonagall," I say, to prove I can.
He mockingly applauds me. "Well done!"
"Well you'd better hope you're in Gryffindor with us," Sirius says. "Or else we might have a problem."
James nods and pulls a snitch from his pocket. I watch with interest as he lets it fly almost out of reach and then snatches it back.
"Showing off again Potter?" a voice asks from the door. I look up and see a skinny boy with greasy hair and a hooked nose.
"Ahhh Snivellus," James says, an almost eager look on his face.
Remus looks concerned, "James..."
James waves him away. "I won't touch him."
Sirius stands up with a smile. "Allow me. I'll show the baggage out." He strides over to the boy, grabs his collar and throws him into the aisle. Sirius brushes his hands off and walks back over to everyone else. "There. Problem solved."
"Ummm?" I glance around nervously. I don't want them to think I'm stupid, but, "Is his name really Snivellus?"
The boys roar with laughter. "Yes!" James and Sirius reply.
Remus shakes his head and I find myself smiling at his serious composure. "His name is Severus."
"Sounds kind of like your name Sirius," I say with a mischievous grin. "Maybe everyone should start calling you Snivellus."
This earns me a roaring laugh from James and Remus and a good-natured glare from Sirius. I laugh along with the others.
Maybe some changes aren't so bad after all.

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