its not to kill a mocking bird its to kill a mocking jay

this is way after the mocking jay. they rebuilt disrict 12. this is in katnisses great grandaughters prov. snows great great grand children brought back the hunger games. the girls name is isis. she is 16. here is her pic.

ok i rewrote this about 8 times and annoyed.

Chapter 1

the hunger games return

by: LilMags
"the hunger games are back and next week we find out who battles for their lives"

those were the exact words last week. i might actually want to go. i hate my life. my dad is so overprotective of me i cant leave the house for anything. but he also doesnt care about me. he made me take secret private self defense classes and didnt stop the self defense teacher from kicking my butt. my teacher broke my arm and he still didnt care. her son made her stop. i didnt learn much from that teacher. i was the only child. my dad hates me because my mom died from child birth. i got dressed in the finest clothes in all of district 4. oh my dad is rich as heck.

my personal stylist totally waxed me which i was already use to. she also put my hair in a messy bun.

she gave me a warm smile and a pat on the back. its wierd i never heard her speak. or even open her mouth. {if your wondering its cause she was a avox} she left. i got up and got in the car with my dad. he drove us to the place where it all goes down. i got up and he leaves. i saw him talk to some girl at the stage. then he got on the stage.

"hello everyone welcome to the 76 hunger games im eira." then she tryed to hurry up i guess. she pulled out a name. "annar woulf you like to read the womans name." he smiled. fake.

"of course then girl is..." then the fakest sad face crossed his face. "no no this has got to be a mistake not just not my daughter." i didnt care. i pulled my saddest face and walked to the stage. a single tear fell down my face. my dad hugged me. hesitatedly. after a bunch of tears. fake i should add. the girl got annoyed.

"the boy is..." i never noticed she already drew a guys name. "osiris mcmort wait what oh hell no." i looked at this guy who had a bunch of crying kids holding on to him. i think he was popular because almost EVERYONE started crying, the kids let him go as he made his way to the stage. so maby people hugged him and patt him on the back. a couple of girls kissed his cheek. he got to the stage. i ignored what they were saying. then he put his attention on me.

"i have never seen you before or i would have remembered. where have you been." i looked at my dad.

"home i guess." then the peace makers came. they excourted us to the train. another tear fell down my cheek. osiris put his arm around me conforting.

"come on its ok." we were put into seperate rooms. at this time would be if anyone wanted to see the person they could. well i knew no one. so no one came to visit me. i knew the cams were watching so i put up a act. i started crying. i got in the fetal position and cryed and cryed and cryed. soon the train started moving. then osiris came into my room.

"what are you doing here" i said as i wiped my eyes. he came up and sat next to me.

"look i know these may be one of the last days of my life but i think we should try to make the best of this." he said with this dazzling charming smile.

"i dont think we should" i said kinda annoyed by his flirtyness.

"why not" i guess now he figured i was annoyed by it.

"why try to live through life when we most likely arent going to live at all."

"your pretty smart." i decided my turn to lead him on to no where.

"theres alot you dont know about me" i said with a half smile. he chuckled.

"well i cant wait to learn" he said getting a little closer.

"there much i can teach you" i whispered got up and left. i heard him chuckle.

at the capitol

soon we got there. i havent seen osiris since our conversation.he gave me a hand out the train. what a gentlemen. we followed the peace makers inside to a dining room. i saw the richest food ever. richer than the ones im use to. i saw caviar and gasped.

"oh dont tell me thats caviar." the cooks laughed

"yeah it is." i smiled at them

"oh i love you guys." they laughed. i started eating the caviar first. mmmm. delious

"is it really that good." osiris asked.

"oh hell yeah"

"can i have some" i pouted. "ok ok you can have it. " i smiled. nom nom nom. the only thing i ate was caviar. oh i love caviar. after dinner they showed me my room. osiris came to my room. we talked all night,

the next day.

we were going to be in a parade. walking though, uggh i hate walking. especially about 5 miles. i went to sylist. i felt uncomfortable when they had to uncloth me. the only person who has ever seen me naked was my personal stylist. then they had to wax me. i didnt even flinch. already use to waxing. they made me soak in this wierd liquid. then a man came in. probably the designer. i felt selfconcious and went lower into the thick liquid. he laughed and helped me out. as soon as that he check out my figure. i felt wierd. he mumbled something to the other people. they got me measured. he had some fabric. i couldnt look at. as soon as he got the measurements he went to work. then they worked on my body some more. made it shinier. soon they got the outfit on me. it ws a jumpsuit with cheetah patterns. kinda dull. although it was strap less it was still dull.

"you seem like no harm so your a cat but a speedy one." i nodded but secretly hated this. they made me put on cheetah high heels. osiris was already there. he looked incredible. in his cheetah print dress shirt and cheetah print pants and shoes. he smiled at me.

"you look incredible" he said with a great bright white smile.

"i should say the same for you." i said with the same flirty smile but laughed. he chuckled and held his hand out.

"shall we." we were four so we were pretty much in front. i grabbed his hand. we went to a bright and cheering crowd. i waved at a few people. all osiris had to do was smile to make a bunch of girls faint. i laughed. he pulled me closer and wrapped his arm around me. i pushed him away laughing and waved again. i really got into it. laughing with osiris and waving, then i put my 4 years of gymnastics into it. i ran did a cart wheel back hand spring back tuck. making the crowd roar. osiris catched up to me.

"you never told me you did flips"

"you never asked hold your hands out." he did as i told him then i put my foot on his hand and used it to help me do a back flip. he chuckled

"you using me to make you look better." i laughed.

"umm yeah." he chuckled.

"is there anything you can do to make both of us look good." he laughed. i smiled.

"do you think you can carry me." even thoug this was a fuill conversation we never stopped smiling walking and waving at the crowd.

"oh i know i can carry you." i smiled.

"ok keep walking but be ready im not jumping on your back its more serious." i got behind him and he kept walking and smiling. i stayed behinmd a few feet then ran and jumped. i got in a full handstand on his shoulders. he grabbed my wrists shocked but made sure i was ballanced. as soon as he thought i was he walked slowly. i smiled.

"calm down i can balance now do me a favor and lift your arms." as soon as he does i moved my hands to his hands. soon i was doing a hand stand on his hand. he looked up and smiled. the crowd was going crazy.

"should we make this more crazier."

"lets do it." he smiled

"stay still and dont hold me hand tightly." i then went down slowly. i placed my feet on his shoulder and made sure my heels werent digging in his shoulder. then i stood up. he grabbed my ankles.

"let go trust me i wont fall." he hesitatedly let go. the crowd was going hysterical. a bunch of flowers were thrown. i caught a bouquet before it hit my head. i smiled and blew a kiss in that direction.

"hey stop walking last flip." he stayed still and i double back flipped off his shoulders and onto the floor. the crowd was going crazy screaming then they started chanting.

"ISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRISISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRIS ISIS OSIRIS" over and over again. he held my hand. we went all the way walking smile accepting flowers. he always gave the flowers to me with a smile. soon i swear i had 12 dozen roses. it was HUGE.

"enough with the flowers." i told osiris.

"no i love giving you flowers." he said with his dazzling smile. i rolled my eyes but let out a liitle giggle. finally when we were at the end i blew the crowd a final kiss curtsied and left. when ever i passed someone i gave them 2 roses. i mostly gave them to the tributes. i got to talk to a few people. the girl from district 2 the boy in 3 the boy in 5 dropped the roses and stepped on them. i also talked to the girls in 5 7 10 12 and 13. the boys in 7 8 9 and 12. i learned some names.

boy in district 1: ???
girl in disrict 1: ???
boy in disrict 2: ???
girl in disrict 2: Mare
boy in disrict 3:Ramses
girl in disrict 3: ???
boy in disrict 4: Osiris
girl in disrict 4:Isis
boy in disrict 5: Elros
girl in disrict 5: Jesa
boy in disrict 6: Cento
girl in disrict 6: ???
boy in disrict 7: Aragorn
girl in disrict 7: Caralynn
boy in disrict 8:Sargon
girl in disrict 8: ???
boy in disrict 9:Ashur
girl in disrict 9: ???
boy in disrict 10: ???
girl in disrict 10: Estel
boy in disrict 11: ???
girl in disrict 11: Arminda
boy in disrict 12: ???
girl in disrict 12:Isatar
boy in disrict 13: Gamel
girl in disrict 13: Bastet

i will learn the rest later. the only person i really dont like is elros. the boy who stepped on my roses. al though he looks scary tough and i really dont think you want to get on his bad side. here is what i think of them.

boy in district 1: about 40 years old but strong
girl in disrict 1: a teenager who had surgury so they loooks like a cat with a tail too.
boy in disrict 2: a tranny {i just had to have one person}
girl in disrict 2: about 8 years old but quick
boy in disrict 3: electronics freak cant stay away from electronics
girl in disrict 3: a girl who lived in the capitol last year and has blue skin and shy
boy in disrict 4 flirty boy
girl in disrict 4: me
boy in disrict 5: tough no emotions scary hates everyone
girl in disrict 5: emo teen
boy in disrict 6: easily distracted and random
girl in disrict 6: a girl who just had cancer and no hair.
boy in disrict 7: 3 words scary as hell
girl in disrict 7: a girl with a broken arm
boy in disrict 8: some dude
girl in disrict 8: some chick
boy in disrict 9: some fat dude who was tired half way through the walk
girl in disrict 9: hyper like shes hype off of caffine
boy in disrict 10: never took off his shades but then i was told he was missing an eye
girl in disrict 10: very skillful and handy
boy in disrict 11: some random 19 year old
girl in disrict 11: seems like 12 years old but is smart
boy in disrict 12: incredabily handsome 17 year old withv flawless perfection but something about him doesnt let me trust him
girl in disrict 12: funny smiles alot polite
boy in disrict 13: smart as heck
girl in disrict 13: some blonda tramp

lots of things i learn by first impressions.soon i was led back to the dining room with osiris.

"all i want is..." i was cut off by osiris

"caviar" i smiled

"you know me so well." he laughed

"come on try the other food its so rich and delisious."

"fine al though im sure i like caviar more." he smiled. we dined and talked all night. it was nice to know that i have someone nice to help me through this way unless... is this an act.


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