My Dreams =)

My Dreams =)

I have really weird dreams sometimes O.o

Chapter 1


Sam, Kara, Dara, and I are all walking when we see an abandoned house. "You guys go ahead and meet up with Mrs. White, I'm going to go look around," I said while feeling a pulling of my insides toward the house. Soon enough I was inside looking around. In my hand I held a diary and in the other a picture frame with no picture.

Suddenly I hear a scream.

The dream jumps to me walking into this clearing in a forest. It was slanted slightly and looked like a shallow bowl. In the middle was a deep hole. On my left was Sam. I ran up to him and he was casually just making a fire. The fire seemed to fit the surroundings. Everything was quiet and dead. It was horrible. "Who screamed?" I asked. Sam looked up at me.

"A deer. There were these deer running and then something grabbed the hind legs of one and pulled it back into the forest. Freaked Kara and Dara out."

"Okay, I'm going to go talk to them." I turned, shoved my hands in my pockets, and walked downwards toward the twins. They were standing, arguing, with Mrs. White.

"Gabby! Thank God." Mrs. White said. Her eyes were covered in concern and fear.

"It was a girl! Long, black hair, midget Gabby...and black holes as eyes! Not a wild animal!" Dara yelled with her hands on her hips.

"Jesus! Thanks Dara!" I said. "What's up, Mrs. White?" I asked.

"Can you please help these two make a fire up on the ledge? We need as much light as we can possibly get. And it might scare away whatever took that deer."

"It was a..." Dara started but I covered her mouth and steered her towards Sam.

"Smurf. Yeah, yeah we get it." We all walked up to where Sam had just started a fire. "Sam, can you help us st..." That's when a hissing sound came from the woods next to us. I looked over just in time to see a girl pull me with incredible strength into the forest where I blacked out.

During the black out she showed me the forest. The clearing we had just been in was completely different. It had lush green trees everywhere. Animals ran around freely and birds sang sweet songs. The large hole had once been a crystal clear pond with fish swimming around. Then everything changed. Eveything was burned and chopped down. I saw the little girl. She was trying to save a bunny, but flames bit her dress and she threw herself into the pond. Unknown to her, the part that she fell in was shallow. She hit her head and died.

I woke up and found everyone I knew dead and laying in the pond hole. "You killers," I heard from behind me. I quickly turned and the girl shoved me backwards and I started falling into the hole. Before I hit the rock, I woke up.

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