KIDS PROM!! You may only enter if you are dressed like a kid!!

Also, i wouldnt recomend a date...but its your choice! ENJOY =33

Chapter 1

Fun Factory

After reading the instructions which strictly read 4567 Fun Factory You park your scooter at a dark factory looking place. With hesitation, you walk inside and the room is immediatley illuminated by red, blue, and a bunch of other bright colors! I am trying to fix the small disco ball by the DJ's desk, but immediatley abandon the project when i see you.

"Welcome to the party! Like your outfit!" I say, checking out your outfit to make sure it looks like what a kid would wear. I'm wearing

I lead you over to the fun house which Pocky went out and rented. The food is chips, soda, fruit, theres even a white chocolate fountain!

Well, theres loads of things to do now! So knock yourself out and wecome :)) =3


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