HP story by Fayblack and Potionsmaster

HP story by Fayblack and Potionsmaster

This was the same as the last one. KK?

Chapter 1

Phynix Trinity Riddle

My name is Phynix Trinity Riddle. As you all know, my father has no 'known' daughter. His name is/was Tom Morvolo Riddle. Also known as Lord Voldemort. No one knows of my mother; not even me. I meet the most unexpected friend. Serenity Artemis Lestrange, daughter of Rabastan Lestrange. We can be different yet exactly the same at times. I can speak to snakes.
Age ten for Phynix I was lurking in the corners of Malfoy Manor, trying to be unheard. I have become noisier since my tenth B-day and frustrates me! Anyway, I crepted upstairs to listen in on conversations. I slowly opened the door of the dining room where their was a meeting of Death Eaters. I looked at my right forearm. I swallowed. I was to get the mark someday; the day I dreaded the most of my life. Seeing as my father had mysteriously disappeared I was left in command of the Death Eaters. But Lucius Malfoy snatched the power away from as soon as I gained it. But I was thankful. As I slipped in silently I heard a creek behind me. I whirl around and come face-to-face with none other than Draco Malfoy. I sneered at him before tip-toeing away. 5 seconds later I am attacked by Malfoy. I hit my head on the wall really hard; messing up my hair.

"Gettoff FERRET!!!" I scream at him. The adults ignore us. I throw punches, I kick really hard. I managed to chip one of Draco's teeth before someone yanks him off of me. My savior was......

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