A Collection Of Poems :)

These are all poems I've written in chronological order.
I'm posting new ones to this all the time too, so I hope you like them all! Please comment :)

Chapter 3

The Spirit

by: Cinderkit
I didn't write this, one of my friends did, but It was so good I wanted to put it up here, hope you like it, because I did

I stand alone
Looking at the sky
Seeing the stars
As they light the night
Everything's peaceful
Until I hear a sound
A sound that weakens me
I turn and look
What do I see?
A spirit
Sitting and crying
I approach her and now
I see her clearly
I put my hand on her
She stops crying
And looks
I see her face
Eyes of green
Lips of an angel
She's beautiful
She embraces me
Squeezing out her feelings
At that moment
I understood everything
She was confused
But now she's happy
in love...
She kisses me
And I knew
I love her
We sat together
Looking at the sky
At the same stars
Now they shined not for me
But for us
She got up
Stood for a second
And started to walk away
She looked at me as she left
With tears rolling down her face
And now I sit
With my arms out
Waiting for the return
Of the one I love
The spirit

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