A Collection Of Poems :)

These are all poems I've written in chronological order.
I'm posting new ones to this all the time too, so I hope you like them all! Please comment :)

Chapter 2

Hate the way you Lie

by: Cinderkit
You once said you loved me.
Is now any different?
You once said you couldn't live without me.
Is now any different?
Why do you lie?
Why do you lie when I know you are hurting?
Why do you lie when I know you care?

You act as if you do not care.
You act as if I don't matter.
And it hurts.
Why do you act like this?
This has happened once before.
Lying seems to come natural to you.
You have deceived me once before.
But I wont let it happen again.
Because I know you care.

Once you said you were done with me.
You didn't want to deal with me anymore.
With my insecurities,
With my constant confusion,
My mind always refusing to give a straight answer.
You were hurting.
So you left.

But there you were again.
Like a bird,
Reuniting with a long lost mate.
You found me again.
You told me how it was all a lie.
And I was confused.
You told me how you didn't care about the past.
And I was hurting.
You told me how you wanted me back.
And I was sad.
Because it was too late.
For I had found someone else.
And now you act like you don't care.
And I hate it.
And it hurts.

I know you care.
So why do you lie?

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