A Collection Of Poems :)

These are all poems I've written in chronological order.
I'm posting new ones to this all the time too, so I hope you like them all! Please comment :)

Chapter 19

What You Have Become

by: Cinderkit
It's been so long
I thought you disappeared
But now you've reappeared
In my sleeping hours
In my own time
Why have you returned?
What is your purpose here?

The damage is done
You made sure of that
What you did to me
Was cruel indeed
My broken heart
Took years to mend

That night you caged me
Bruised and broke me
You struggled closer
And nearly stole me

I was a fool
To have believed in you
To have thought you had changed
Oh indeed you had
But not in the way I anticipated

Now you're in my dreams
What do they mean?
What can I do?
I lie awake at night
In agony
And in sorrow
These tears I cry
Are for you

But there's nothing I can do
Nothing to erase you from my mind
Nothing to change who you are

So I will simply stand back
And watch what you become.

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