A Collection Of Poems :)

These are all poems I've written in chronological order.
I'm posting new ones to this all the time too, so I hope you like them all! Please comment :)

Chapter 1

I Walk These Halls Alone

by: Cinderkit
I feel I walk these halls alone,
These loud, bustling halls alone.
Each day I am surrounded,
Yet each day I feel more alone than ever before.

I feel as if I am choking.
Suffocating as these walls,
These bland, identical walls,
Threaten to close in on me.
And it is so hard to breathe,
For the air is so full of regret,
And so full of remorse,
That I feel as if one more breath,
Just one small breath,
Would shatter me.

I fear I walk these noisy, blusterous halls alone.
But I have dreamed.
Dreamed of empty halls.
Halls that did not close in on me.
Halls that did not suffocate me,
But halls that expanded for me.
Halls that let me breathe.
Halls that were wide enough to contain the whole world.
Halls that were made just for two.
Not three.
Never three.

Three is a lucky number, some say,
But I feel as if I have no good luck now.
Luck couldn’t help me now.
And to me three is a Curse.
Three is something I never thought possible.
Something I hoped would never occur.
But it has.
And it hurts.
And I feel Cursed.
Cursed to look, and only look,
But never to touch again.
Never to feel again.
What am I to do?
When will it end?
Only time will tell they say.
But am I willing to wait?

Once I felt free.
Free from this Curse,
This Curse that seems to tie me down.
Free to do what I pleased.
Free to love,
To laugh,
To cry.
There was only one then.
Just One.
I was happy.
I was content.
But now I am alone.

I fear I walk these halls alone.
For the walls are closing in on me,
And I only have so much room to breathe.
But soon I will be free of these walls,
Free of these infected, lucid walls.
What will I do once I am free?
Free from these walls that suffocate me.
Will I continue to walk alone?
Will I continue to be Cursed to look?
To only look and never touch?
To only look and never Be touched?
The future holds the answers to my never ending questions.
But am I willing to wait?

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