Bring me back to life

Chapter 1

Help! I can't breath!

Walking down the halls of Berkly high I feel suffocated and scared of my ever step. With the Vampires and the werewolf's you can lose your life in just a second last year I watched Bobby claver get his head ripped off. Bobby was my steady boyfriend..So that kinda made me burst in to tears and the mutt had the nerve to laugh. He high-fived his friends and watched as I cried. But new year and new people..Freshmen hahaha I love when we get new kids. "Danny don't hurt him." Missy says pulling her Vampire boy toy away from the small freshman. I stop dead in my tracks when I see the massive blood stained locker I now call mine. I open and the smell of death and decay oozes out. I cough as the tall figure opens the locker next to mine I look up as he smiles down at me the smell of wet dog filling my noes his dark brown hair soaking wet along with the rest of him. "Hi, I'm Luke." He holds out his hand not remembering me. I had lost weight and turned scene, and dyed my hair so would he no. "Alex" I say shaking his hand. He smiles a big goofy smile that you would think was cute on a dog. "I'm guessing your human." Luke smiles shoving his books in his locker. " No Duh dumb Mutt." I turn and walk away. "Hahaha I like you." Luke begins to follow me then turns his mind taking him else wear like a dog who sees a ball.

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