Hell Has Walls

Hell Has Walls

Yupp, I took the recommendation for a story and used it :) Thank you Starry_sky for the idea! Loved it! Anyway, this is my first horror/suspense/thriller story I've ever written from my imagination. I've only written one other, but that was based off of a Fright Night thing I attended. I hope you all enjoy what plans to come, and try not to bite your fingernails too much :)

Chapter 2

Prologue, 1943

Madison sat at the dinner table silently, waiting for Aunt Lillian to come downstairs and finally join them for their evening meal. She did this virtually every day, and Madison was quite sure everyone in the mansion was fed up with it.

Uncle Allen rose from his chair. "I'll go up and get her again."

"You don't have to, Allen," Lance said, rising up as if to intercept his brother. "I'll go."

"Nonsense, it doesn't matter; she's my sister, after all," Allen pointed out. Lance sat down again, and Allen disappeared out of the kitchen. Madison could hear his footsteps as he pounded up the wooden staircase to the second floor.

"Mommy, why does Aunty Lilly do this all the time?" little Samantha asked.

"Because she's a crazy old witch." Shane wiggled his fingers for emphasis.

"Shane, she's not crazy," Madison reproved him.

"Well, she's not exactly sane either," Hannah pointed out, and Brian unsuccessfully tried to suppress a smile.

Madison glanced helplessly at her husband. Lance simply shrugged and turned to chastise Miranda, who had attempted to start eating dinner before grace was said.

There was the sound of a door opening, and then suddenly slamming shut. Madison glanced at the ceiling as she heard more footsteps, now running heavily, up another set of stairs that lead to the attic. Why was Allen in such a hurry? Dinner could always wait. Lance shared her worry. He looked at her with his brow knitted and once more removed a fork from Miranda's hand, gently placing it on the table.

There was the faint sound of a door being flung open at the pinnacle of the mansion, high up in the attic, and a muffled exclamation. Suddenly the house shook, as if hit by an earthquake, and the little ones screamed. The wooden house creaked, sounding as if it was ready to give way above their heads at any given moment.

Madison was instantly on her feet. "Lance, take the children to the shelter." Without another word, she spun around and dashed up the stairs.

Hiking her skirts up so as not to trip on them, Madison hurried up the stairs, first to the second floor, and then on to the attic. She was panting heavily by the time she reached the attic door. She was too old for this kind of madness. She stopped in the open doorway, gaping at what lay before her in the attic of her own home.

There was a glowing purple circle on the floor with numerous lines and scribbles filling and connecting it in various places. Surrounding the circle at eight points were eight flickering candles. Madison stared at the witchcraft on the floor, and was about to rush forward when something caught her eye. She turned, and kneeled down next to the body of Allen. "Allen?" She gently shook his shoulder, but he didn't respond. She then rolled him over, and fell back screaming as she saw his face. Almost all of his skin had been burned off, leaving only muscle left. The eyelids were completely gone, leaving Allen's brown eyes staring at her. His lips were seared away, revealing charred teeth that could never be hidden again. Madison put a hand over her mouth, trying her best not to be sick.

"You dare interrupt the ritual?"

Madison turned to the sound of the booming voice. She saw Aunt Lillian floating above the demonic circle, arms outstretched, palms upwards, hair floating about her as if she were underwater.

And her eyes were glowing red.

"You dare interrupt the ritual?" Lillian repeated in a voice that was not hers.

My God, she must be possessed, Madison thought, terrified. "Lilly, what are you doing? Why are you practicing witchcraft in a holy household?"

"SILENCE!! This home shall be holy no more!" Lillian then cackled maniacally, and something stirred within Madison. The ritual. There had to be a way to interrupt it. If this demon was unleashed upon the world, who knows what havoc and chaos it could bring. Steeling herself with courage she herself did not know she had, Madison suddenly lunged forward, grabbed one of the candles, and snapped it in half, smudging the part of the circle where it once stood.

Lillian screamed, a blood-curdling, skin-crawling screech. "NOOOO!!! What have you done?! You do not know the consequences of your actions!"

Madison turned to run, but tripped and fell as something caught her foot. She fell to the floor, and turned to see what she had stumbled on. She let out a strangled scream as she saw the mutilated body of Allen grasping onto her foot, mouth agape in either a soundless scream or a silent laugh. Madison kicked him in the face, no longer caring if she hurt him, because he was no longer her relative to be possessed by something. He should be dead, she thought. He was burned alive, his skin seared from his bones, and yet he somehow still lives!

Madison picked herself up and ran down the stairs, adrenaline pumping through her veins, driving her onward to rescue the rest of her family. She heard Samantha's blood-chilling scream, and felt sick as she knew that something horrific had befallen her daughter. Madison headed for the stairs in the foyer of the house, and saw that the railing along the side was broken. Wondering why, she hurried down the stairs, almost tripping in her haste, but stopped at the bottom. Brian lay there, part of the railing piercing his heart where he had fallen. Silent tears poured down Madison's face.

She dashed into the kitchen to see if any of her family was still left. She found Miranda and Hannah, and began to drag them after her. Hannah let out a scream as the knives from the knife block suddenly rose out of their resting places, suspended by an invisible force, and then thrust themselves into her body. Hannah was sent flying across the room, and was ultimately pinned to the opposite wall.

"Hannah!" Miranda screeched, but Madison continued to pull her after her, despite her struggling. She had to get out of here. She wouldn't leave anyone behind whom she could still find a chance to save.

"Madison!" Lance revealed himself from the living room, looking helpless and heart broken.

"What happened to Shane?" Madison asked, thinking back. She had not seen Shane in the kitchen, nor any other part of the house as she had ran around madly trying to collect her loved ones.

"I'm sorry, he ran after you, and I had my hands full with trying to set up a shelter in the living room." He gestured towards the hallway. "It caved in and blocked us off from the shelter that we had originally planned for."

"Then where is--" She then heard his scream from somewhere in the house. Having lived in the mansion for almost two decades, Madison knew where he was. He was on the staircase to the attic. But how was that possible? She would have seen him when she had run down to round up her family.

"There's no time, we must get going!" Lance moved to the front door, and was suddenly flung away by some invisible force. Madison stared in horror as the dead body of Brian rose to its feet, a wicked grin on its face, blood trickling out of one cheek. Lance stared hard at Madison, and she knew what he was telling her. Go.

Madison ran for the door, her hand clasped around Miranda's little one to the point that both their hands were white-knuckled and sore. Madison threw open the door, and a roaring wind ripped through the house. Before either of them could even react, Miranda was suddenly flung from Madison. Madison screamed her daughter's name as she watched, helpless, as Miranda was dragged down a hallway into darkness, screaming bloody murder. Her nails left gouges in the hard wood floor, and she was dragged into the darkness, her screams echoing around the mansion.

"Go!" Lance roared, and tackled Brian to the ground. He punched him, and Brian's head snapped around so hard that his head was literally backwards. But Brian simply turned his head back around, the evil grin still placed on his face, and he removed the stake that had originally pierced his heart. With one motion, he plunged it into Lance's stomach. He doubled over, grimacing as the blood poured out. He looked, glared at Madison, silently commanding her what he had already said.

Madison turned tail and fled. She ran out the open front door and across the lawn. She was almost to the edge of the forest surrounding her house when she was knocked off her feet. "No, no, no!" she screamed as the same force that had knocked her off her feet began dragging her back to the hell she had tried to escape. She turned her head to see Brian standing there, smiling demonically, hand outstretched. He was pulling her back to her death.

Suddenly Lance was there. He brought the stake down on Brian's outstretched hand, impaling it and causing blood to fly everywhere. As Brian closed his hands around his throat, Lance let out one last "Go"” before the front door slammed.

Lightning crashed, and thunder boomed. Madison stumbled backwards, unable to believe her own eyes as she saw her house turn into that fit for the devil himself. She turned once more and ran. She told herself to keep running, to keep running and never look back, but she couldn't help herself. She looked one last time over her shoulder, and screamed as she was seared through both her heart and her soul.

Each of her children's faces showed in a window of the house, including Allen and Lance. They all just stared at her. They stared, and silent words were spoken. Why did you leave us? Why couldn't you save us? Why did you fail us?

Their gazes burned holes through Madison's heart. She would never be able to remove their faces from her mind, her conscious, anything. Those gazes would remain with her forever.

Those hating, red-eyed gazes, filled with a blood lust that would never be sated, a revenge that would, somehow or another, be achieved.

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