Hell Has Walls

Hell Has Walls

Yupp, I took the recommendation for a story and used it :) Thank you Starry_sky for the idea! Loved it! Anyway, this is my first horror/suspense/thriller story I've ever written from my imagination. I've only written one other, but that was based off of a Fright Night thing I attended. I hope you all enjoy what plans to come, and try not to bite your fingernails too much :)

Chapter 1

Summary / Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters:
Lucian Callister - dark brown hair, hazel eyes, "leader" of the group of friends
Maddi Groves - dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, main character of the story, dating Lucian
Alex Blackwell - light brown hair, brown eyes, acts before he thinks
Sam Fox - light blonde hair, blue eyes, currently dating Brandon
Hayden Rose - dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, Lucian's cousin
Brandon Raine - light brown hair, brown eyes, very athletic
Melissa Johnson - dark brown hair, brown eyes, slightly emotionally insecure
Shawn Burkley - light brown hair, brown eyes, very humorous and funny


Eight kids. One house.
It was a regular summer vacation. They were just coming back from a week-long camp at a lake in Michigan. The bus driver decided to take a short cut through some woods in order to save the kids some time. It turned out to be the last mistake he never made. The bus broke down, and he was never seen again. Maddi and her seven friends are left to find shelter and fend for themselves in an old mansion from a brewing thunderstorm. They reach the house - but can't get out. Something doesn't want them to leave. Something wishes to keep them there. Something wishes to draw blood. The only question is.....what?
Eight kids. One house.
No escape.

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